On a Blog-Break Reflection

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The previous post announced the start of a blog break. That was April 5, and I was thinking 2-3 weeks … not 2-3 months. Although I did some visiting and wrote very little, my little corner of the world occupied my mind. After all, it’s been part of me since late August 2008.

I built my little corner of the world the old fashioned way – hard work. I responded to comments, and visited and commented on the blogs of those who visited me. Who knows how many blogs I visited without establishing a relationship. After all, this place was about honesty, respect, and kindness – not trash-talking brashness and without a even a small dose of shock and awe. I was simply being myself. Here is a snippet from my first post.

To readers I promise insight, yet will respect comments from others. I will be respectful to all as bashing is not my style, thus hope others are the same. Disagreement and criticism are fine, but it should be done with class. Other times I will simply provide information for readers to use.

I not only achieved that, I stayed true to the initial course!

During the break I thought about the many WordPress regulars that no longer post – people like Virginia, Guapo, Mags, Starla, and many others. Some have died, such as Third Stone, Larry, and Cynthia. Many others have cut-back – and I understand that perspective now more than ever. Some of us as Elyse, Debra, and Marina have a long history together. Were we all together during the Golden Era of Blogging? Maybe … but maybe not. After all, maybe our time has passed and a new generation is carrying the torch forward.

Some of us have been together a short time. Nonetheless, the power of the relationships built from blogging is one of the biggest surprises that I didn’t anticipate when I started … and that is what I cherish the most.

Conversations in 2008 with a good friend (Tim, who comments here) planted the seeds for this place. Did you know AFA started as a sports and politics blog? After several months, I knew I needed more. The “Categories” in the sidebar now displays a long list of topics. As I like to think – there is something here for everyone!

My topics grew as a response to my audience and my interests. Eventually I saw myself as a weekly magazine with Monday Morning Entertainment, Tuesday’s a specialized topic, Wednesday Satire Bits, on open topic on Thursday, Friday’s Opinion in the Shorts, and the Saturday Morning Cartoons series was absolutely one of my personal treasure …. and to think 6 blog musicals covering 62 acts found a way into that schedule. Whew … that was a lot of work … but I loved it … and I was also visiting many blogs during at the same time

Over time, the weekly magazine slowly changed as I stopped various sections for a variety of reasons. After all, I couldn’t keep up the pace I had established for myself.

OK – that was the past, but what about today? What does all this mean? Is A Frank Angle over?

Nope – it’s just a reflective post looking back at eight-plus years and over 1,900 posts with almost 73,000 comments from over 281,000 visits. I still have more to say and more to share – and as they always have, the friendships built here still touch me. On the other hand, I know I can’t rebuild this community as I did in the past because I realize that level of energy is missing.

I have my eye on one statistical goal because I like milestones: 2,000 posts, but my aim is without a timetable – without a regular posting schedule. It will simply happen when it happens.

As the opening image indicates, I’ve engaged the Play button. Yes, I’m slowing down – but I’m not done yet. There are more beach walks to take, more Opinions in the Shorts to share thoughts (but maybe not every Friday – maybe even a different day). Maybe a challenge or two are in the works, and who knows, possibly even another blog musical. Time will tell.

I close this reflective drivel with a musical video that I find to be amazing, amusing, and entertaining. Have a good week. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

117 thoughts on “On a Blog-Break Reflection

  1. Nice to see your post, Frank! Yes, I would say that throughout the years of blogging, your vigor as a blogger could be equated to the Energizer Bunny! And those of us who have followed, read and participated in your many wonderful adventures so appreciate you. I have slowed down with my blogging, partly because WP changed the Weekly Photo Challenge to Wednesdays instead of Fridays and Wednesday is not a good blogging day for me. Alas, things do change over time, don’t they? I’m looking forward to your continued adventures.


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    • Cathy!
      How’s my favorite in Fort Collins doing? Thanks for the long-time support and kind words. You have also been blogging a long time and I imagine have also gone through ups and downs … so I know you understand. Cheers to the new days ahead!


      • Looked at the tango video you “gave” me on my MEYERED MARBLE post. Shame on you. Spent way too much time looking at that one and more!!!!! One day, aFa, one day…..
        Funny you should mention El Guapo…he and I continue to correspond via email…albeit sporadically but we drop a line or two a couple of times a year. I think it is my turn to check in with him and his MWGINU….will thank you for “us” and pass along your hellos! You are a wonderment, aFa…..a true wonderment! (Roses taking a beating….it is STILL raining here…mid-June…enough is enough for us Portlanders.) OXRRR

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        • I had a feeling your would enjoy that tango video. On the other hand, Missy D may be jealous.

          Bummer that the rain is making life tough for the roses. But I know you are out there giving the TLC the roses need.


  2. So very glad I did find you… thanks to RRR! Breaks are good (whether forced or deliberate) and in your case, I am so very glad you are back, at whatever speed suits you. I could never keep the rhythm you did. I have trouble, especially in this golf season of work, with posting once per week!
    I love Jimmy’s crazy random games – his guests are all so very talented as is he…

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    • Chris … oh my my my my … one of the people I label as one of my Pioneers in the sidebar. Still in PA?

      Can you recall a time when Reds starting pitching was worse than it is now? And to think the rotation of Cueto, Latos, Arroyo, Bailey, Leake was such a short time ago.

      Thanks for a visit that I think of as extra special!

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  3. Yep, still in PA (and proud to be one of your Pioneers)! I miss the old TSN days for sure. As for the Reds, the pitching is painful for sure. It reminds me of the days of great offense (with Dunn, etc.) but terrible pitching (Dessens comes to mind). Not a good way to try and win.

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  4. It’s good to see you back, Frank, and at your own “Frank Angle.” I’m glad you’re enjoying life–there’s definitely more to it than blogging, but I agree with you that it is fun and rewarding to make friendship in bloggerland.

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  5. So glad you’re back, Frank! Yours is the first blog I followed on WordPress and still one of my top 5 favorites. Halfway through your post, I got worried – is he saying goodbye? Fortunately, a few lines later, I realized that you were back to stay for the foreseeable future – whew! Yes, you have always been both entertaining and respectful, and I look forward to visiting here often.

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    • Lynn,
      Greetings to the owner of western Pennsylvania’s fabulous gardens! 🙂 As I was writing this post, I noticed that I may be giving the impression of my final post … so that is why I answered the question as a transition. Meanwhile, I thought the thoughts before the transition were important to share.

      We have longevity, and I appreciate our connection! 🙂 A toast to us!

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    • Tom,
      Hooray … another response from the UK, which makes me smile. I recall you 2,000th … and you attacked the goal. Good for you.

      Meanwhile, I know I’ll get there because I don’t plan to quit before then … but I’m not going to push myself there. Stats and milestones are less important to me today than they were in the past. … but I still recognize milestones. 🙂 A toast to your creativity, drive, and love for writing!

      Given the recent turmoil in the UK, I hope all is well with you.


  6. I was thinking of you dear Frank. Always silence makes me worried. When I started blogging world in this community, I didn’t have any idea what would be… I always enjoyed reading visiting your posts. At the beginning made me worried your words, but I can understand now. Just looking back… you know it is same for us too. This is really amazing connection. Thank you dear Frank, I wish you more hitting posts and readers, Love, nia

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    • Nia … may favorite Turk! 🙂

      Thanks for thinking of me and for stopping by. I think of the main traits we have in common: kindness, being genuine, and belief in the goodness held by the majority of the world. That’s a strong connection!

      Your English is very good … and so much better than my Turkish! 😉 Blessings to you. Keep smiling and dancing!!!

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  7. I think out of all the bloggers I visit, you’ve been at it the longest. Don’t blame you for needing to slow down though. You’ve left quite a legacy behind! Glad to hear you’ll continue adding to it.

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    • Carrie,
      We go back a long way … I recall our connection through Starla (who suddenly vanished). Meanwhile, we’ve been around long enough to see many people come and go.

      I sure miss your posts with your inner extrovert explaining your introvert nature …. but also understand your need to concentrate on your writing career.

      How’s condo living? Working on your next book?


      • We’re enjoying the new townhome/condo, but it’s been a bit of an adjustment for me. A bit more crowded with college son home for the summer, but we can certainly make do. It’s wonderful to be in the heart of downtown. So convenient.

        Writing’s going well. My third book is ready to go–just weighing some options–and I’ve finished the first draft of book four. Thanks for asking.

        Hope all is well for you too. Still ballroom dancing? We never did start, and now our summer is too busy. Sigh.

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        • Great that you are enjoying condo living. I can imagine that it will be a bit more crowded at times until the boys are officially on their own. Then you can consider a wall bed (Murphy bed) as a space saver!

          Glad to see that stepping away from blogging was important for your writing. A toast for that!

          Yep – still on the ballroom as it is an important social activity for us. It’s simply very much part of our routine. Who knows – maybe it will work into your life in the future. 🙂


  8. Good morning from me Frank – lovely to see you back! Do you know, you popped into my thoughts last night when I was blog checking and I wondered how you were doing …… And here you are! Hurrah!!

    I hope you got to do lots of interesting and fun things with all the extra hours your day held while on that blogging break. I think you know that I’m a fan of posting when you feel like it rather than following a schedule – which can become a bit of a bind – so I shall look forward to seeing what comes, when it comes 🙂 I have to admit it’s just the comments section on my blog that keeps me going – there’s a whole lovely community that builds up around our posts isn’t there and that is what is so special!

    I really enjoyed that video – a grand start to the day!

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    • Pauline,
      Good morning to you … Ok … it’s my late afternoon the next day, so you could be getting up soon for your Friday … so I’m hoping the Good Morning ends up being timely.

      Cheers to your serendipitous sync! ,,, and the fact that you thought of me caused a smile at this end. 😀

      My routine during my blogging break was actually normal, but I simply didn’t feel my blogging mojo. I forced myself into this post, but it felt right – so glad I did.

      To me (as well to you) returning comments is vitally important role of the host. I recall years ago when someone told me that if someone takes the time to comment, return your time beyond a mere “thank you.” … and I still believe that! … so stay the course!

      Glad you enjoyed the video (which I thought was a hoot)! To my favorite Kiwi, I say keep smiling!


  9. Dear Dear Frank,
    I knew you were on a blog break and wondered when you’d return. I must admit I’ve been a bit lax in my commenting and visits to many of my blog followers. Life seems to do that at times.

    Yes, I love blogging, seeing my fellow bloggers visit and, of course, comments. But, more than all of that there’s a familiarity that dveleops because of shared interests – ie: dance, music, travel. I enjoyed all of those when I visited here.

    I’ve lost many, many blog friends who’ve discontinued blogging. It saddens me when it happens; yet, I’ve never seen any in person.
    What creates those feelings of loss? I can’t say but it’s very real for me. I’ve had doubts about continuing my blog but always seem to come up with something to post even if it’s a photograph.

    Do I post as much as I did in the beginning – no. But, I’m not sure what direction I want to go.
    That said … I suppose it’s a bit like school. You can’t wait to finish but – then, what???
    I must say I do hope you continue. Make sure you are still having FUN and ENJOYING it.
    I would love for you to do another musical. You were so very good at it. Perhaps, by the fall when Dancing with the Stars is back on tv you will work your way back to your blog.
    Many Good Wishes … in whatever way you choose to go.
    Thank you for having been apart of my blogger friends.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Isadora … all the way from Florida! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing the perspective of another seasoned veteran of the blogging world. 🙂 I too still enjoy my role very much.

      Blogging connections are special for a variety of reasons – and that various with the encounters and with different hosts. We look forward to their visits … and then notice and miss them when they aren’t present … just as what happens in in-person friendships.

      Meanwhile, as bloggers step away for whatever reason … and although we wonder why … it is still important to embrace those that are still in our community. … Cheers to that … clink!

      I hope for another musical, but time will tell … and I can say that timing will be an important factor for me. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

      Best wishes to you and thanks for your kindness!

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    • Patti,
      Cheers to the California nature lover! I remember when we first connected, and then you followed with a long absence … and then you returned! Hooray for your resilience!


  10. Hello old friend. We did share the Golden age — or maybe OUR golden age of blogging! It has been fun.

    I highly recommend the sporadic blogging schedule. While it fits with my style (completely haphazard) than yours, I think it will work for you.

    I plan to keep blogging but need to find the humor in politics again!

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    • Elyse,
      My northern VA friend & I have been together a long time …. unofficially, you may be my longest-running commenter (which I greatly appreciate).

      Yes, it’s been fun and a great run. There are more social media outlets today than when we started blogging … so hey – the our peaks may have been the Golden Age of Blogging!

      Meanwhile, I’m confident in finding a comfort zone within sporadic posting. For me, I simply had to work toward that point myself. Cheers to our longevity!

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  11. Sports and politics huh? I definitely feel it, seeing as how your analysis is sharp, witty and natural. You’re quite the well rounded blogger, Frank. You’re a great read on a great many subjects. And I’m glad you’re back.

    Best of luck with your goal! You got this . . .

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    • Cayman … the one who brings Pennsylvania to the house … and maybe the only Quaker State resident who is a Dolphins fan.

      Yep – sports and politics was the initial ticket. Reasons were simple – 1) it was an election year (August 2008) and 2) the blogs at The Sporting News closed. So a good number of the Pioneers I interacted with at TSN.

      I initially did my share of posts about the Reds and other sports. I used to do the “They Earned It” top 10 in college football based on who did you play and who did you beat. You’ll love my preseason top 10 (here’s 2010). https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/on-college-football-2010-preseason-poll/

      Thanks for the kind words and for the support. Good luck to your Yankees and Fins.

      Researching to support my points is something I enjoy doing, thus fulfills my analytical side – so thanks for noticing.

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  12. Nice to have you back! 2012 seemed to be the biggest year for my blog. The number of visits each day had dropped since then despite the number of followers growing by a lot. I have given up thinking about the numbers and just do what I want.
    I think other things, like Facebook and Instagram, have taken over from blogging as they require less effort. Anyway, I will continue while I enjoy it.

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    • Debra,
      Cheers to my favorite Aussie who loves Bagni di Lucca! One of these days we will connect in that beautiful valley!

      For me, growing stats served as a motivator. I also agree with you that the growing number of other social media outlets helped the downward slide in our numbers. But I admit that it took a bit for me to accept. Now … it is what it is.

      Cheers to our bond!


    • Theodora,
      Woo hoo … Paris has arrived. 🙂 … one of the great cities of the world that I have not visited.
      😦 … but hope to some day!

      In terms of the next music, I have a theme in mind, but it’s not a color … after all, the colors were their own musical. I have a lot of options, but one is standing out at the moment. … but that’s all I can say. 😉

      In terms of the beach walks, I foresee that one will be the next post … maybe this weekend.

      All well with you?


  13. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, Frank. I don’t always say something but I have enjoyed reading them. There comes a point in our lives when we slow down on some things. Never giving it up, just slowing down and savoring. 🙂 Have a glorious summer.

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    • Jackie … one of Manitoba’s finest is here. 🙂 Glad to see you.

      This post was easy to write because I just started writing about the thoughts that I’ve been thinking about – thus a blog reflection. It’s post like these that contains different nuggets for different people.

      Hey hey hey ,…. I’ve got an idea for a short story challenge (150 words) …. so I hope to keep you in the loop when I announce it.

      Still writing a lot?

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  14. Good to see you back, Frank. Hope you enjoyed your time away. I’m glad you are still making goals. 2,000. Wow. I’ve been blogging 4 years now, and I occasionally think that over. But I’m still here. Having fun. The interactions are the best part. People like you…

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  15. I am so glad to see you’ve returned, and I completely relate to the questions you’ve asked of yourself and other bloggers. I simply struggle with time. When I was blogging the most my husband and I were still working. Somehow with us both retired I have a very difficult time finding the time I need to sit at the computer. I haven’t yet given up, however. Each week I think I will magically find some additional time! 🙂 I miss the many bloggers who have stopped posting and I suppose at some point I will be one of them, but not quite yet. You are missed when you aren’t posting, Frank. I’m glad to read your thoughts on the subject.

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    • Debra,
      Glad you stopped by because we’ve been together on this pages a long time … plus we have a range of common connections. 🙂

      Yes … time has a way of being demanding no matter if during retirement or working times. After all, personal priorities also change over time.

      Yes, we’ve seen our share of people come and go, and I like you, haven’t given up yet. We may be slowing down, but we aren’t done! 🙂 Cheers to our longevity and commitment. … Clink!


  16. Welcome back Frank.. And I feel many of us have altered our blogging habits from when we first started.. And I have cut back a lot too, even though sometimes I wonder where.. 🙂
    What I always love when I come here Frank is your sense of Humour and your dash of music which often is my era..
    Keep Swinging those hips as you dance Frank as well as your golf club this Summer..
    For the most important thing is to LIVE each moment in joy..
    You will always find me less visiting in the summer months as I will be more outdoors than behind the PC screen . 🙂
    Loved having you visit Frank.. And lovely that you are back ..
    Good luck with your goal..
    Love and Blessings your way xx 🙂 Sue

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    • Sue … Woo hoo … UK’s premier gardener is here!

      I know you have been blogging for some time, thus have also gone through your share of ups and downs. Besides, I also know you are very reflective … so I appreciate your insight.

      We are still dancing … as a matter of fact, actually had a private and a group lesson today. We enjoy ballroom dance, and to think we do it for fun!

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      • So pleased to know you are actively still so enjoying ballroom..
        Our Granddaughter had her presentation night on Sunday, and she gained two silver medals one for Ballroom and the other the Latin… I filmed her doing her presentation dances.. Its amazing how the little ones remember so many different dance steps.. She has been going to dance classes since the age of 3 and half.. and is now 6 and a half… Can’t forget the half .. lol.. 🙂 Keep Dancing……. 🙂

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  17. Yeah! It’s whatever you feel when you feel it! Blogging is not my job. I do it for enjoyment.
    So, welcome back! Posting street art or murals is fun, because I don’t have to write a lot of words. The art speaks.

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  18. Wait. Wait. There’s confetti. Frank’s slipped in. Your magazine style is always entertaining (but must be demanding)
    I’ve also found so many bloggers are MIA now. WP has changed a lot and life calls – and should be answered with the attention it deserves. Balance is necessary. Write when you feel like it.
    Always enjoy seeing you around the neighborhood.
    Enjoy your summer!

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    • Mouse,
      Thanks for the confetti. 🙂 Yes, balance is important. I have posts ready, but refuse to publish until I respond to all the comments (which I hope is soon).

      The magazine format was a lot of work – but hey – I must admit that it was also a lot of fun … and I did 5-6 posts a week for a long stretch … but I’m over that (at least on a regular basis).

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        • Replying to comments has always been a priority for me … so hey – one way to not get too far behind is to finish commenting before posting again. … BTW … I think I’ve caught up, so a post may be coming very soon. 🙂 … Get ready for a beach walk.

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    • CC,
      Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for the kind words. I’m trying to settle in, but refuse to post again until I catch-up with comments. 🙂 … and yes, I have posts ready to go.


  19. Welcome back, Frank. 🙂 Blogging has a way of evolving, doesn’t it? I’ve seen it change quite a bit in my 17+ years of blogging, and yet some aspects (the friendships and sense of community) remain the same. I think we evolve with it, too, weaving in and out between breaks, cutting back, moving forward, etc.

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    • Robin,
      Thank you … and welcome back to you as well. You are the longest-running blogger I know … 17+ years is impressive! … Yet, I agree, we’ve evolved and learned to bob and weave toward relative longevity. Cheers to us!


  20. There’s something about blogging that opens our world. We ‘meet’ others, admire their work, their words, and they listen/read/comment on ours. No expectations. But we keep it simple and clean and respectful back and forth. I love that. I love reading what others are thinking throughout our world. I love finding out that yes, we are all connected in some wonderful universal way. I took my first blogging break in early August. Two weeks. I needed it – because as you say, reading and commenting and answering comments is a lot of work. The two weeks was a relief, and a renewal. Hope you felt the same.


    • Pam,
      Sorry for the delay in my response. I’m well aware of the positives of blog breaks. As a matter of fact, I’ve written multiple posts about it. The first one actually spawned a series of posts based on comments from readers. So yes, relief and renewal are essential … as well as accepting that sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. 😉

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