Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 333

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The aFa Short Story Challenge (Footprints in the Sand) is on final approach. Thanks to those who reblogged the challenge in their blog. I will publish my story on July 10th at 12:15 am (Eastern US). Participants will link to that post (NOT the Challenge post). For those who didn’t see the challenge, click here.

Cheers to the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra for another wonderful Fourth of July concert. Interestingly, a three-quarters moon was displaying itself directly behind the fireworks.

We are watching the latest season of House of Cards. Through episode 9 was slow – very slow! … but the pace is starting to pick up as the house seems to the ready to tumble.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of the Seychelles Islands (in the Indian Ocean), and I don’t think I’ve encountered a Seychellian blogger … but I know two people who are currently here. From the views from this video, it appears to be a paradise.

So far, I’m comfortable with my random posting schedule.

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I wished I would have saved it, but last week I read an article that mentioned the Democrats top two strategies, which caused me to shake my head.

The previous I displayed the letter I sent to my representative (an R) regarding the health care & insurance issue in the U.S. Last week I wrote the following to one of my senators, Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH).

Senator Portman,
On Twitter you stated. “Let me know what you think.” about the recently proposed Senate health care. Your dilemma lies in this predicament. If you are representing your party, you should vote YES because partisanship and political gain is of utmost important. If you are representing the best interest of the people, you should vote NO because health care and health care insurance is a very serious issue that demands more than a frivolous attempt based on partisanship and political gain. Because of the importance of health care and health care insurance, doing what is best for the people requires a bipartisan effort. That is the challenge.”

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Woman rearranging condiments in refrigerator door like puzzle in ancient tomb
Queen Elizabeth kicks off Wimbledon by serving ceremonial first ace of tournament
Man on internet almost falls into world of DIY mustard enthusiasts
Housefly drops everything to go stand on watermelon slice
Dolphin spends amazing vacation swimming with stockbroker
This stool shall pass

Interesting Reads
Understanding the latest fossils of human origins
50 things about the US Founding Fathers
Humans aren’t nutritious eating
3-D printed ovaries fight infertility
(Photo Gallery) Empty railways in America

For your weekend entertainment, here’s a fun song that you may not know that comes from my cousins. It’s an Italian classic from 1972. Although not in Italian, it’s meant to sound like English, but actually the lyrics are pure gibberish – except for two words. Enjoy! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

41 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 333

  1. When I was at my first year at university I studied Accounting with a woman from the Seychelles. She loved her country to pieces and would always recount lovely stories of the perpetual summer and the crowds of red crabs that made their way through the streets during some season or other. I had always wanted to watch House of Cards but didn’t want to commit just in case I never liked it – would you recommend?

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    • Lenora,
      Thanks for sharing your Seychelles connection. Sounds like a wonderful place.

      Regarding House of Cards …. are you considering the British or the American version. I haven’t seen the British version (which was first), but I understand the story lines are similar. We started watching several years ago, then eventually caught up. The characters are ruthless.

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      • Oh I didn’t even know there was a British version! Would you recommend the American version? I watched both versions of The Office and I have to say I enjoyed the American one better; I can’t stomach the sometimes depressing British sense of humour, too much of it right here at home lol.


    • Carrie.
      Even though I don’t always agree with him, overall, Portman is a good guy and good senator. I’ve voted for him in the past, although I didn’t the last time because of his Supreme Court stance. Next on my list is a letter to Senator Brown, but that happen until the GOP senators do something.

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  2. That video was hilarious…
    Looking forward to seeing all the stories for the challenge!
    Seychelles, another place on my “To-Go” list. I can’t ever die. My list is way too long.

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    • Susie,
      I know this manufacturing tidbit about 3-D printing. If a mechanical component is currently had with 150 pieces, 3-D printing can reduce the pieces to 12-15. Now that’s a game changer in manufacturing —– let alone other aspects of it. Enjoy re-arranging the refrigerator’s contents. 😉


  3. I have never met a Seychellian blogger either but I have heard of the islands. The week has been busy with the holiday and guests but I may see what I can do by Monday to come up with 150 words in the sand. Cheers for the weekend! Will come back later and read some of your headlines.

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  4. I loved your comments to your senator. Too bad I do not think most senators–both sides–ever really listed to the people anymore. It all seems to be about one side winning, and the people are just collateral damage. Thanks for the odd video!

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    • Patti,
      No question that “one side winning” seems to be the utmost priority these days. I don’t see my comments to my rep and senator as doing anything – but at least I said something that wasn’t from a party line.

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      • To be honest, no. I don’t really watch Netflix, the options are very limited. We do have an android box, and I tend to watch a lot of shows from the UK, Danish shows, and even a Russian one. Subtitles don’t bother us at all. I like shows with a good storyline, and limited violence. Broadchurch is a good one, I believe it is on Netflix, though your Netflix options are completely different than ours.

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  5. I very much liked the statement in the read: ‘On the Origin of Our Species: Understanding the Newest Discoveries’ by Christian biologist Darrel Falk – “Just as God did not literally “knit” our parts together in the womb, but rather formed the “knitting” process itself, so also our species was “made” by a process, not an event.”

    Your letter to Sen. Rob Portman explains why the article I sent you outlining the three essential changes needed to bring centrism back into American politics was DOA.

    A splat from “Dolphin spends amazing vacation swimming with stockbroker.”

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  6. Is that good mud or bad mud that woman is running through? If it’s good mud, her skin was amazing after a shower! Strange song, like an Italian R&B precursor to Rap.
    I did write something for the challenge. better go and read what I wrote. I’m posting it on my writing blog. Have a fab Sunday!

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    • Resa,
      Cheers to you being ready for the writing challenge. As you know, I seldom do fiction, so this is a fun one for me … and I look forward to reading everyone’s story.

      My song video here is a combination of strange and fun. Gibberish lyrics in both languages is amazing. The lyrics sound English but look Italian.

      Your comment about the mud had me laughing.


  7. The best part of holiday fireworks is the music. (The visuals are so complex and striking now, it’s almost excessive overload.)
    Great letter. Please elected officials, for once read it all, think of all the consequences for all sorts and of everyone, pay attention, and do what is right for individuals not hospital corporations, drug companies, and insurance companies….Sit down and work together for the good of all. (OK sitting down now)
    Random works! (noun and verb)

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