On a Beach Walk: No. 9

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I like walking the beach as it is good for the body, mind, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

The water is vast as far as the eyes can see. From the shallowest depths where the waters begin their retreat from the shore to the deepest of the deep – the depths of those vast waters are not uniform.

These waters contain much information about things we know – the living creatures and their interactions with each other and with the materials comprising the floor and the waters above. The shipwrecks tell stories about human life of days gone by.

The vast water is also the home to tales and fables. Those encounters with serpents and mermaids – a home of the gods and more – all spun from human imagination or ancient beliefs, some which live on today.

That vast water is an analogy for another seemingly endless landscape – the sea of information and connection of our daily lives known the Web – the internet. Just as the waters brings information to the shores for us to see, the internet brings knowledge to our fingertips for quick retrieval.

Just like the vast water of the seas, the internet hold tales and fables in the form of inaccuracies and half-truths that should be shifted and when found. We should not be like an unassuming fish grabbing any fisherman’s hook in their quest for food. That would be foolish – but many people do.

As I walk my mind suddenly shifts back to the vastness of the sea with its waves rolling ashore and across my feet. Unlike the internet, these waters remain a source for the unknown – the yet to be discovered life forms – the yet to be found treasures – the unknown that will be tomorrow’s known so it can have a place on the sea of information.

As I walk on the sand, the waters to my side are vast with information. At least for me, this is an interesting analogy as I walk the beach while refreshing my feet.

28 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 9

  1. You probably have very good feet by now – all that sand and water exfoliation! Beach walks and beach thoughts, this post makes me long for the sea. You paint a lovely picture, with some deep thoughts to go with it, Frank.

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    • Lenora,
      The foot were smooth during the time of these walks … Also had a weird feeling – not hot, not raw, and I can’t think of the right words to describe it. But walking on the sand most days is a cleansing method. On the other hand, I wrote this in January as we were on the sand that month – and only that month. The thoughts were fun to write, but also challenging because I had to remember as much as possible after walking!


  2. Your mind visits many spheres while on those beach walks Frank – it is a wonderful sojourn isn’t it. It has been too cold for us to take our walks along the shore recently, but as soon as the days warm up a few more degrees we will be back, enjoying the sights and sounds and smells of the ocean and gaining all the unsung benefits of walking that special space between land and sea. The music was a lovely accompaniment to reading your post and writing this response.

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    • Pauline,
      A few more months then the temperatures will turn in your favor for walks. Be patient. Nonetheless, glad to remind you of what is on the way.

      The thoughts while walking were rewarding, then transforming them into writing later in the day was the challenge! I wonder how many good thoughts I had that didn’t get recorded.

      By the way, how close are you to the beach?

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  3. Not sure if the human race can survive the free flow of information on the web, but my mood and my feet both feel better from reading your post. Also hoping the “How To Get Out Of Wet Sand” instruction which was tagged at the end of your water video works.

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  4. What? Frank, I have completely planned to come back as a mermaid. I thought I have the right hair and would look cute in a tail. I would love to visit Atlantis. However, according to this post, I might just be coming back as a fable. 😀
    Nice walk, with a fab analogy. THANK YOU!

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