On Leadership

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Leaders treat people the way they want to be treated

Leaders build themselves up by building up others

Leaders surround themselves with the best people

Leaders give the team credit for success, and place failure on themselves

Leaders are not afraid to take risks and make mistakes

Leaders are aware of their leadership style and learn how their style comes across to their team

Leaders are effective communicators

Leaders respect others

Leaders care about the people involved

Leaders are honest and demonstrate integrity

Leaders are able to get people engaged and leverage the strength of others

Leaders empower people

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Leaders building competencies and focus on the right things

Leaders are able to tolerate frustration and stress

Leaders deliver results

Leaders are active, expressive, optimistic, and energetic

Leaders have a sense of duty and carry a high standard of excellence

Leaders are thick-skinned

Leaders are practical, logical, and to-the-point, yet flexible and open to change

Leaders are secure – no need to seek approval

Leaders are socially aware and careful in their social interactions

Leaders envision the future and convince others and lead them in a new direction

Leaders are alert and focused

This man is not a leader

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48 thoughts on “On Leadership

  1. Because of Trump I try my best to avoid superlatives, but that said, your post is truly remarkable and should be shared with state and national news media outlets. The public needs to hear your words and face up to how Trump’s incompetent and abusive leadership style compares to what they expect from management in their places of employment.

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  2. I probably have shared this with you before, but I am a registered Republican. And I love to play devil’s advocate on most things political. But as much as I love to marinate on politics, I have been effectively neutered since November. I got nothing.

    Me? No likee this guy.

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    • Janee,
      Welcome first-time commenter … and sorry for the delay. No, I have not heard of the Platinum Rule, so thanks for the introduction. I can’t figure out the intent of you comment as a positive or negative to neither President Trump or this post.

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