On Displaying Elegance

It’s an elegant lady ….


… wearing white glove at the end of her bare arms.


She catches one’s eye other ways …


Her voices captures your attention as she sings …


She displays elegance, beauty, and charm as she sings with confidence


Greetings Rosemary Clooney (1928-2002)

Through Swing Around Rosie, ArtWorks honors a local legend who went onto become an entertainment star – Rosemary Clooney. From a small town about an hour from Cincinnati, she came to the city and made a name for herself, then moved on to be a film and recording star in the 1950s and 60s. Yes, George is her nephew.

ArtWorks is a unique non-profit organization that employs and trains local youth to create art in the community. To date, ArtWorks is responsible for over 125 murals throughout Cincinnati – which many are in the main part of the city.

Basic Information
Swing Around Rosie
Location: 1606 Pleasant Street 1606 Pleasant St., facing West Liberty Street near Findlay Market
Surface: 3283 sq ft (305 sq meters)
A local story about this mural and its honoree

Thanks to Resa (Toronto’s leading lady) whose posts about street art in Toronto and Winnipeg, got me interested in outdoor arr in my area. I invite readers to visit Resa’s blog (but tell her I sent you.)

To see past posts on other murals in Cincinnati, click here.

I close with a song from White Christmas, in which the dress will look familiar.

58 thoughts on “On Displaying Elegance

  1. Hi Frank! Lovely. I really like projects that engage young people in art. I don’t know what it’s like over there, but over here art and creative subjects in general are being squeezed out of the curriculum in schools to give a bigger focus on more academic subjects, and I think it’s a huge mistake for many reasons that I won’t get started on here! We have a project over here with a similar name, Artswork, that works to increase young people’s participation in arts and culture.

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    • Vanessa,
      The ArtWorks working model is definitely interesting. Agree with you about the value of the arts in education. Unfortunately, the US is seeing similar trend as in the UK. Meanwhile, at least we see the value through the output ArtWorks creates … and I will be showing more.

      Meanwhile, how have you been?


  2. Kudos to Artworks for the great ‘job’ their doing and kudos to the author of this post for sharing it! Excellent work! As a huge Resa follower, I too invite people to visit her page! Yamas, Frank [oh, it’s been a long time since I said that! ;-)] and happy weekend! 🙂

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  3. ArtWorks is a Cincinnati treasure and the read “Rosemary Clooney mural ready for its close-up” is a treasure trove of information about the famous singer along with other famous women connected to Cincinnati’s past. I just added “Great Ladies Of Jazz: Rosemary Clooney” to my Netflix DVD queue.

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  4. Oh! So very glad you took a page out of Resa’s book! Thanks for sharing the lovely artwork and that video… Man… that was elegance in its purest form. Those dresses on those ladies flattered them so much… I say we bring them back!

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  5. Love it!! What a beautiful mural, Frank. The art’s presentation is marvelous, and the follow up post is terrific! Much gratitude to you for the shout out. I look forward to see what else you’ve captured in Cincinnati. ⭐

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    • Resa,
      For some odd reason, I thought you would appreciate the gown. I’ve done (I think) 9 or 10 posts featuring the murals here … of course, some of the post have multiple murals. …. but hey, ArtWorks has done about 125 … which means I have a lot more work to do! Thanks for getting me interested in these. 🙂


  6. I love the civic pride when a local kid makes it big! When I lived in Buffalo, we heard a lot about Lucille Ball, who was from Jamestown, NY–and the good people of Jamestown were never going to let anyone forget it!

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  7. Unforgettable lady, forgettable song. So many memories passing slowly into oblivion! Chunks of culture becoming smaller and smaller, their unifying power diminishing with time. Who are we now?

    Nice post, Frank.

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    • Jim,
      I find it interesting to observe a constantly evolving culture – which means everyone does through a time when cultural change is positive (in their eyes) early in life …. then a sadness when it fades away. Oh how perspective changes the view of change. … and what better place is it seen than in entertainment … I at same time I understand what you are saying and also feel the pain.


  8. Who doesn’t love Rosemary Clooney? What an honor to be the subject of one of these marvelous murals, and I would think anytime I’d pass by I would smile in fond remembrance! I didn’t know she was a local girl. 🙂

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    • Debra,
      Although not with every mural, ArtWorks has tried to honor local personalities – some of whom I’ve featured here. Interestingly, viewers may not know that the mural is honoring a local unless they are told or do research. Oh well … Nonetheless, I know you remember Rosemary Clooney and may recall the scene in the video. Although you didn’t know her Cincinnati connection, I imagine you knew she’s George’s aunt.


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    • Christy,
      Glad you saw this one via Resa … plus, “divine” is another good adjective for this mural.

      Yep – I credit Resa to get me posting the murals here. I have several others in the queue! …. and the main organization here is making them faster than I’m posting them. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this one!

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    • Cincy!
      Welcome first-time commenter … and a cheers to a local visitor!

      Glad you enjoyed this one. I’m not sure which of the ArtWorks murals is my favorite … maybe one that I haven’t posted here … the one featuring Charlie Harper collection on a building near the zoo. Nonetheless, we are lucky to have such a great collection in our midst!

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