On a Beach Walk: No. 10

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I like walking the beach as it is good for the body, mind, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

I prefer walking close to the water where the sand is smooth and tightly packed. Moving is much easier here than in the loose, dry sand away from the water or in the quicksand like sludge near the water where each step is a forceful slog.

While I walk the grains of sands cleanse my soles of loose skin. I see all that sand ahead and for who knows how far down and out to sea. All that sand here on this coast – and along many coast around this gulf – but also along the waters across the globe … and the sands of the deserts, too – oh my my – so much sand.

All those grains of sand moving through the hourglass of time that serves as a metaphor for the constantly changing beach. Each wave washing ashore slightly alters the landscape. So does the water through its moving tides. So do the winds of the day or a storm. Let alone the wind and water of hurricanes and typhoons that alter the land. The sand I see is it’s own great hourglass of time.

All that sand – those abrasive grains of silicon dioxide from many years of erosion. The gains that differ in size from beach to beach. The grains containing bits of shells, corals, and different rocks joining together to form its own palate of colors. Not only from white to grays to browns but also reds, blacks, greens, pinks, and oranges. These are the sands that refresh the feet of the world.

All that sand – the sand that is also the hardened material of sandstone – a rock found in the hills of the town of my youth. A town along the outside bend of a river with rocks along its banks as the sand collected on the opposite shore along the inner banks of the river’s big bend.

All that sand – sand as the foundation of concrete, mortar, and glass. Sand, the preference of plants desiring dryness delivered by sand’s porosity. Sand for cleaning, polishing, and filtering in both natural and human processes. The same sand that cleanse my soles as I walk.

All that sand – the constantly moving grains of time that scrub my soul as my mind thinks to make connections of a great creation – which are thoughts that cleanse my soul as the water refreshes my feet.

‘]After many days of walking the beach, my feet have a sense of renewal along with a sight tenderness resembling a light fire – but those soles are not red for they are refreshed – yet my mind and soul are also fresh and relaxed – which is why I like walking on the beach for it is good for the mind and soul while refreshing on my feet.

41 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 10

  1. All that sand, and its pervasiveness, manifesting as particle diaspora in the atmosphere, causing light to disperse into riots of colours to enhance the beauty of sunrises and sundowns. Those grains of sand in eternal partnership with time to lump into rocks and mountains, and constantly staring at one and all in its grainy minutiae, as if to remind everyone and everything of constituents into which all things, animate and inanimate, are eventually destined to break down. All that sand, apparently pooh-poohing the specious claim of some god having created living beings by breathing into it. I enjoyed your walk on the beach and sandy reflections with Diego’s musical accompaniment. Keep walking, Frank….

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      • It is only by way of a tribute to your creativity, Frank. Sand is a powerful subject with scientific and philosophical moorings. You broached it with thoughtful walks on the beach, providing the springboard. And I just stood on it and dived deep in, probably plumbing a few more depths. But it is all yours. I only hope it also inspires common friend Marina to hit the canvas and create some visuals….🤗


    • Lenora,
      I imagine this post started with me seeing the amount of sand I could see while on who spot … and all that sand got me wondering … thus the post. Hope you read Raja’s comment above because he’s added more philosophical nuggets.


  2. Wonderful thoughts again Frank! I so often stand in that space between land and sea – and think profoundish thoughts! They say there, where land and ocean meet lies magic. The healing effects of ozone and salt water and sea air are taken in with every breath and the soul is renewed and the spirit enlivened. Tomorrow I shall walk to the sea!

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    • Pauline,
      I’m with you on that boundary being magical .. and with all borders, so many things can happen … besides, boundaries also serve as excellent metaphors. Happy walking tomorrow … well actually today! 🙂


  3. Although the sand I walk on is far …pebblier than the one you describe, the feelings are the same. I’ve missed these walks of yours, Frank and I may just be the greatest fan of those! 😉 Yamas once again! 🙂


  4. Marina,
    Pebbly beaches are not as good for walking without shoes …. but those walking those beaches can also be good for the mind. Hope you listened to the music in this post because it is very unique. In the beach walks that you missed, I tried to find a video that fit my theme.


  5. In recent years I’ve become fascinated with sand dunes, Frank. I feel like I don’t know as much about them as I might eventually research, but I’m enthralled with the way sand accumulates in windy areas and creates what looks like a vast moonscape. I have friends who don’t like the beach because they don’t like the sand! I haven’t told them to their faces, but I think there’s something wrong with them. 🙂

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    • Debra,
      Oh yes … sand dunes and the stories they can probably tell. I’ll have to keep that one in mind for the next time I beach walk … (Good luck with that as that is at least months away … 😉 ) Just so you know, there are some interesting sand dunes in this part of the country – especially Indiana and Michigan (along Lake Michigan). Regarding your friends who dislike the sand, it’s time for them to take my beach walks!


  6. There is a beautifully rhythmic pattern to your words that is reminiscent, I daresay, of a nice walk along the beach. And with the same payoff in the end, because I feel refreshed.

    Great video, as per usual.

    Peace and thank God for the Reds 😉


    • Cayman,
      Thanks for the kind words. I too like the rhythm of these posts. I enjoyed getting them together, but many times I felt the both the words and the rhythm were better while I was walking. After all, these are re-creation of those thoughts – most likely drafted that day.

      For this series, I worked hard at trying to find a video that matched the theme/s post. I especially liked this one.

      Meanwhile, we Reds fans need peace of mind to get us through the season. The pitching is horrible. But there is a silver lining … at the current pace, the Reds we slip from the #2 pick in the draft to the 4th or 5th.

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      • It’s funny you should say that because I encounter that very same thing when I run. My mind will get to thinking on a particular idea and man, it will be magnificent! But then when I jot down the idea later, something gets lost in the exchange. Which is why I try and keep my writers thoughts to a minimum when I’m not in front of a keyboard or notepad. I give myself bullet points, that’s the general rule.

        Alas, it’s not a perfect system.

        The video is perfect. 🙂

        And yes, Cincy has to load up on those picks. They’ll get there. And I do so wish they went back to having the first game of the season in the Queen City like they used to. They might appease the baseball Gods as well . . .

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  7. I just like the beach. Sand is good but even pebbles – which are just very, very young sand 😉 – are good as long as you’ve got the rest of the elements refreshing you. Although obviously the pebbles aren’t as good for your soles as a beach is for your soul.

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    • Bryntin,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Thanks for sharing an aspect of walking along the beach. Sand, shells, and rocks ate important components, … and yes … they feel different on the feet! 🙂 … but still all good for the soul! 😀

      If you enjoyed this post, here’s a link at the other beach walks!

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  8. This post made me think of my recently departed aunt. She had a cottage on Lake Erie and spent hours walking the beach. Said her feet had never been so smooth in all her life.
    Lovely sand music too!

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