On a Vacation Primer

For those wanting some background music for the post, here’s some music from the land.

On to the post.

The image shows are 12-days of cruising. Keep in mind that we had 4 days in London before cruising, plus 3 days in Reykjavik, Iceland after the cruise. Both of these stops were independent of the cruise and done on our own.

I was struck by the fact that each of the major cities in the British Isles were quite different from one another.

  • The most grand: London, England
  • The most captivating: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • The most walkable: Dublin, Ireland
  • The most unexpectedly different: Liverpool, England
  • The most gut wrenching: Belfast, Northern Ireland

… and we didn’t just visit cities on the trip:

  • The most scenic countryside: Northern Scotland
  • The most solemn: American military cemetery at Normandy (Omaha Beach)
  • The most quaint: St. Peter Port, Guernsey
  • The most geologic diverse: Iceland

We walked a lot – averaging about 13,500 steps per day with over 25,000 being the most. When walking, my eyes are busy. For those who remember, when in Florence, Italy – I say β€œLook up!” Whether walking or passing by in a touring bus, these business signs on the trip caught my eye. Other than the obvious, any thoughts on what they sell?


47 thoughts on “On a Vacation Primer

  1. Fortified by “Get Back” and a second cup of coffee – my day is off to a great start! Looking forward later today to hearing the reason(s) behind each on your ‘the most . . ‘ list.

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  2. Most of what we wanted to see in Dublin was within a reasonable walk. There were well-placed parks (good for public naps).

    Galway has an excellent pedestrian main street. We visited it several times in the 6 days we stayed.

    I agree about Edinburgh. So much has happened there and so much to learn.

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  3. Jim,
    I was surprised to learn that the main park in Dublin is so big, both London’s Hyde Park + NYC’s Central Park can fit within it with room to spare! You had a great advantage of having 6 days in one location (a disadvantage of cruising) … but we get the advantage of being able to sample more. Nonetheless, our day in Dublin was wonderful.

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    • Patti,
      Glad you enjoyed these. I’m not sure where I saw Slug & Lettuce or what type of store it was … but definitely a unique name. You’ve provided the perfect explanation for the pirate. I think the name of the store was Peg-Legs R Us.

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  4. Frank, good to know you stepped on good old Blighty’s soil and I have to agree with you Scotland takes some beating for the scenery, but then you did not visit Derbyshire Dales,, my close second.. πŸ™‚ Edinburgh a wonderful City, .. And so pleased you went to Liverpool .. And yes Belfast, lots of history of the conflicts there.Gut wrenching describes the troubles there well which are even to this day raw for many there..

    Glad you had such a fantastic time.. and great phtoto’s
    And thank you Frank for your visit today Lovely to have you xxx

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  5. Your trips are very rewarding, and that’s just for me, sitting at the computer.
    You, and others make it all sound so fabulous, so I’m working on a trip to Spain in the spring. Will I over come my fear of flying over water? We’ll see!

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