On a Fresh Harvest

The table is a plenty ….


… a bounty of freshness …


… filled with nature’s nutrition …


… delivered with vivid colors

Classic 17th century European painters influenced artist Jonathan Queen to display the products of farming through vibrant colors and dense composition. Interestingly, this mural is about the fresh produce that makes it to our tables. Interestingly, the mural is located on the side of the Kroger headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. FYI: Kroger is the largest grocery store chain in the USA.

Light sets up a visual hierarchy emphasizing area of contrast with objects in shadow become subdued. I want to give the illusion of real life or even a heightened realism. I work like a pendulum, back and forth between areas of the painting refining the image as I go. I explore how the use of visual elements can drive meaning, and I want to start a visual dialogue that viewers can further develop through their own viewing experience.” (Jonathan Queen, artist)

ArtWorks is a non-profit organization employing local youth to create over 125 through the Greater Cincinnati area.

Mural Facts
Fresh Harvest Mural
Artist: Jonathan Queen
Location: 1014 Vine Street, downtown Cincinnati
Surface: 48 ft by 90 ft (14.6 m by 27.4 m )

To see more of my posts about the murals of Cincinnati, click here.

Thanks to Resa (Toronto’s leading lady) whose posts about street art in Toronto and Winnipeg, got me interested in outdoor art in my area. I invite readers to visit Resa’s blog (but tell her I sent you.)

27 thoughts on “On a Fresh Harvest

  1. Wow, what a delicious mural! As a veggie, I appreciate this, a lot. Even if one is not a veggie, but eats well, this mural is inspiring. There is definitely more than an element of the Old Masters still life art in this piece. Johnathan Queen is a New Master!!!!
    Thank you, Frank, I adore this. I also appreciate the shout out! Sweetness to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Resa,
      Glad you enjoy this culinary touch of freshness and thanks for also seeing the touch of the Old Masters. Interesting that it’s linked to the company in the building. Meanwhile, more murals to come!


  2. I’m on to you now, Frank! As soon as I saw that first photo and the beautiful tomato I was just sure this was going to be another fabulous ArtWorks post. I am familiar with Kroger’s and this bountiful mural must surely be a favorite. As always, I’m really impressed with the colors and scale of these beautiful murals!

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    • Kerry,
      Never thought about the grid marks until you mentioned it … interesting how bricks give that impression. The murals here have been a project for at least 10 years … some more than …. but they continue to explode here. The current post (OITS v338) has an article about murals from the New York Times … I invite you to see it.

      Good luck to your Nitney Lions this weekend!


  3. Exquisitely done – can’t decide if it reminds me more of paintings by the Old Masters or those old produce pictures that used to be on wooden crates. Very cool (Kroger is in this area, too, but not as big a player as some of the others. But many are a big fan since their corp office offered the use of an empty store after the hurricane to use as a distribution center and store house for donated goods and relief supplies which were divided up and sent to the shelters. Our little city/area greatly appreciated all their help without any red tape. )

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mouse,
      Glad you enjoyed this … but I greatly appreciate the story about Kroger’s action after the hurricane. That’s a story that didn’t make the news in the city of it’s corporate headquarters! Thanks for sharing!!!


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