On the Scottish Highlands

Beautiful mountains, valleys, and rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands sets the stage for this post. After a day in Greenock, Scotland (on the west coast), we had a cruise day – and oh what beauty Scotland provided as we cruised.

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The following day we docked in Invergordon. Months before going we discovered that Invergordon itself doesn’t provide much, so we booked a tour with Gavin at Invergordon Tours –  and he provided a wonderful day that included quite a variety. He’s also quite the personality – and a very tall bald guy wearing a kilt.

Millionaire’s View provided our first scenic view of the area.

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The Falls of Shin was a scenic stop, but we didn’t see any Atlantic Salmon leaking the falls on their spawning journey. The water does drop again below where we took this picture.

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Dunrobin Castle is a 189-room castle overlooking Dornoch Firth with beautiful gardens below the castle on the way to the water.

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The castle tour was OK, but we loved the falconry demonstration.

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We spent lunch time in Dornoch, a quaint town. Dornoch Cathedral (Church of Scotland but originally Roman Catholic) is part of the town square.

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Scots are serious about their whiskey – so the tour included a stop at Glenmorangie distillery – famous for their single-malt whiskey, which stays barreled for 10 years. They also produce long-aged whiskies, plus other varieties that included 2 years in a different type of barrel – such as sherry, port, and sauterne. Good stuff!

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A video of images from the land to the strains of Scotland the Brave done by pipes and drums is a fitting way to end this post.

We recommend Invergordon Tours – so a shout-out to Gavin for a wonderful day.

Next Stop: An evening in Edinburgh

For other posts about our time in the British Isles, click here.


32 thoughts on “On the Scottish Highlands

  1. Janice and I were in Scotland this April for a week. Stayed in Fort Augustus on Loch Ness Bay and visited castles in Urquhart and Eileen Donan. We saw Stokesay Castle on the trip from Cornwall. Scotland is a beautiful place to visit and tour. A week was not nearly long enough

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    • Gary,
      That sounds like a wonderful trip … thanks for sharing … and you’ve given me reason to return because there is more to see. We heard from several that by appearance, Scotland is similar to New Zealand.


  2. Glad to hear you’re considering a return trip to the Scottish Highlands. My favorite castles there are the Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness and the Cawdor Castle (called the Macbeth Castle) mid-way between Inverness and Nairn. On the way up there from Edinburgh be sure to stop off at Boat of Garten for a round of golf at the town’s historic golf course where the locals claim it’s possible to experience the weather from all four seasons of the year during 18 holes of play. Be sure also to have a hearty lunch at their clubhouse of haggis, nips and tatties, and a cup of Cullen skink soup.

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    • Tim,
      This trip was loaded with places potential for return. One of the downsides of cruising is that one gets to only a sampling of the area – on the other hand, one sees a lot of places. Nonetheless, if I return, I doubt if it would be with my golf clubs.

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