On Thanksgiving 2017

Today (Thursday 23 November 2017) we in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving – a day of fun, feast, family, and fellowship. Bountiful Thanksgiving wishes to all.

On this day, I want to give thanks for a few things … OK … just a dozen.

I’m thankful for WordPress providing a platform for linking me to others across the world.

I’m thankful for encountering so many bloggers from across the globe who reinforce my belief that the majority of humanity is good. After all, goodness does not have boundaries.

I’m thankful for YouTube as a platform for everything and anything video, which allows me to share so much with others.

I’m thankful for first responders, caretakers, volunteers, and support staff who are there for the marginalized in any way: the disabled, the disenfranchised, the downtrodden, the abused, the poor, the suffering, the oppressed, and more.

I’m thankful for the good people I’ve encountered in life through work, neighborhood, church, community, school, events, and more because being around positive people is essential for a good life.

I’m thankful for my senses that allow me to experience the grand nature of creation.

I’m thankful for the ability to learn because the byproduct of learning differentiates stupidity, ignorance, and knowing.

I’m thankful for getting older because I am wiser than ever – therefore I don’t believe in going backwards.

I’m thankful for my Italian roots – and the attraction it gives me to a land afar.

I’m thankful for my wife – for her love, trust, support, companionship, and more for 42+ years of courtship and marriage.

I’m thankful for the existence of joy, happiness, and smiles – along with the many ways they can be attained.

I’m thankful that I don’t get tired of this video because it speaks volume to me about my belief in people.

35 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving 2017

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I agree with your list of the many things of which we can be grateful. Include in that pets of all kinds, hope that tomorrow will always be better, the video you provided and your blog. You lifted my spirits with this post. Thank you.

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    • Patti,
      A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Many thanks for the kind words from California. I’m with you about pets as they are special. Very interesting how each of them have their own personality!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your list of gratitudes Frank – it was lovely to be able to share that with you. I also very much enjoy seeing Matt at his work – he sure got around and spread a lot of joy!! Enjoy your uniquely American holiday. ❤

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    • Pauline,
      Many thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes all the way from New Zealand. Matt is a good example of spoken language isn’t the only way to spread joy. For whatever reason, the version here gets to me. BTW – Thanksgiving may be uniquely North American because Canadians celebrate their version in October.


  3. Every time, aFa, every time I watch this I’m smiling and tapping, moving and grooving…and then the tears start to flow. The wonder of how alike we are. Distance holds no measure to friendship near or far. I am thankful, Frank, for….
    Xoxo Raye

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    • Raye,
      I’m the same way with that video. Like many, the first few times I focus on the places … but over time, a much bigger message comes to light.

      I am amazed how bloggers come together in like community around different themes. For me, it’s been about the cyber-interaction of kindness … and distance hasn’t mattered. A toast to the Rose City Queen who always makes me smile – for which I’m thankful.


  4. Frank, thanks to Raye for introducing me to you and to you for so many wonderful things you have shared with us and all the times you’ve gotten us to work together… kinda like Matt – I can’t get sick of that video either.
    Lotsa love to you and yours xoxo

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  5. An abundant list of blessings here, Frank. Well done! And a special video as well. We enjoyed a full Thanksgiving table, both in people and in food, and it was a very special day. Today has been about recovery. LOL!

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  6. All wonderful things to be thankful for, a great list!
    Thinking of you often recently! I have a very dear friend in the hospital for a month now. I try to go every other day. Reminds me how you were helping with an aunt. I’m thankful I get to help!

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