On Respect

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On 2nd October I did a post On Respect, one that I featured a 5-minute speech by a USAF Lt. General. Reactions to the post were positive in many ways with several comments mentioning that respect starts at the top.

Yes – respect starts at the top of each family teaching others the meaning of respect while modeling respectful behaviors.

Yes – respect starts at the top in every school classroom with its teacher leading the way.

Yes – respect starts at the top in every school building with its principal dealing with the staff and students.

Yes – respect starts at the top in every school district with top leadership in their dealing with the district staff and the community it serves.

Yes – respect starts at the top of every group, department, section, division, and headquarter of every corporation across the world.

Yes – respect starts at the top of every customer service organization as it deals with the public it serves.

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Yes – respect starts at the top of every local, state, and national government entity on how it deals with its constituents and opponents.

Yes – respects at the top, and President Trump displays more disrespect than any American leader in my lifetime. He’s a pathetic role model, but he is not a reason to disrespect nor he is the cause of disrespect.

Yes – respect starts at the top for individuals in every human encounter regardless of background, position, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, skin color, and more.

Yes – respect starts at the top when one says Respect your elders – but that doesn’t give the elders the right to disrespect – nor does elder status command automatic respect.

Yes – respect starts at the top of every human encounter – but “the customer is always right” doesn’t mean the customer can be disrespectful to customer service employees.

Yes – respect starts at the top – but there are many tops, and each of us are top in many situations.

Yes – respect starts at the top – and each of us are at the top – Respect starts with yourself, then one can respect others.

Yes – respect start at the top of each individual – in the head containing a brain – the center of all choices each person makes in personal and cyber encounters.

A person is a person – no matter how small. (Dr. Seuss)

23 thoughts on “On Respect

  1. Your outstanding post today forces me to go back to the drawing board on the problem I’ve got with my new refrigerator. Otherwise no argument from me on any of your points, including the one about President Trump not being a reason to disrespect and that he is not the (only) cause of disrespect. The prime candidates for that are the GOP congressional leaders and members for 18 months ago not stopping the Trump candidacy in its tracks, and now throwing their support (back) to Roy Moore in the upcoming Alabama Senate election. I still hold out hope that if Moore is elected, SML Mitch McConnell will show respect to the nation, and carry forth on his (previous) promise to work to have Moore expelled from his Senate seat.

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  2. Respect is earned through kindness, empathy and treating others as you wish to be treated. As the saying goes, “it comes from the top down.” I so love that Dr. Seuss quote and this post is very nice, Frank. I respect you for it. :).

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    • Brigette,
      Thanks for the kind words. I tend to think as respect being something not earned, but actually a natural inherency – thus respect is a given, not earned. (As in the Dr. Seuss quote) .. However, it is also something that one can lose because of how they treat others.


  3. Excellent–and very provocative! I appreciate you clarifying that respect should be a given in all exchanges, and how sad it is when disrespect is demonstrated by those in power. Such blatant disregard for human kindness at all times just gives permission to let the worst behavior be demonstrated. You even ended with my favorite Lennon song! Thanks for being a “dreamer” too.

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    • Patti,
      Thank you for the kind words about this post. The top politically for us is a sad state of affairs, but that does not take the rest of us off the hook … nor does it sanction the rest of us to follow the behavior (although some sadly see it that way). Problem solving involves respect, dialogue, listening, and a willingness to find a solution.

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  4. Imagine gives me shivers. I can’t even remember my original thought for a comment.
    Certainly many had no respect for John Lenon’s ideas. I had/have ultimate respect for him. In the end, no respect killed him.


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