On Christmas 2017

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For much of the world, December is the season. A season of joy and light. A season of warmth and kindness. A season of spirit and belief. A season of renewal and hope. As those thoughts are with Christians and Jews around the celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah, I contend this is the season not just for these two religions, but this is the season for all of humanity.

Santa Claus is the leading spirit of the season. He’s is the one of binds joy, light, warmth, kindness, spirit and believe not just to Christians, but for all of humanity. Santa is a positive spirit for all humans across the globe to embrace. Santa is the one that reaches into everyone’s childlike heart to touch an anticipated goodness. It is in this spirit that Santa crosses the barriers of culture, gender, skin color, religion, language, sexual orientation, nationality, and politics.

Santa carries the spirit unlimited goodness to all humans for them to embrace. No – embracing Santa does not carry an automatic endorsement of Christianity. I know those proclaiming “Put the Christ back in Christmas” shutter at my thoughts and banish me to the fires of Hell, but Santa is powerful spirit and symbol that allows humanity to pass goodness among itself – to pass goodness across cultures.

Yes, I am a Christian – and I understand why some believe the over-commercialization of Christmas is too secular – thus less religious. Yes, it is important for me to remember the religious aspect of Christmas. However, Christmas has also evolved into a secular holiday – and the Spirit of Santa leads the way by transcending all people in all cultures regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs.

Merry Christmas to those who accept Santa as the spirit of Goodness. Happy Holiday to those preferring that greeting. To those embracing the Winter Solstice and Yule, may the quiet, fire, and calm of the night lead you to a positive returning sun that will bring peace, joy, and love in the days ahead. To my Jewish friends, my the blessings of your light bring you happiness. To my Christian friends, a blessed Christmas wish to you.

My season gift to you is for you to enjoy at least one of the music selections below. Which did you enjoy?

Enya’s And Winter Came celebrates the winter solstice

The Piano Guys playing a song of the season

Manheim Steamroller’s Silent Night with glories skies is a personal favorite

52 thoughts on “On Christmas 2017

  1. Merry Christmas, Frank.
    I used to love my daughters’ high school Winter Choral Concerts, especially the Madrigal singers. (Both girls were in the group and had Renaissance style gowns.) I was just thinking about that the other day. The choir concert always ended with Carol of the Bells

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  2. Wonderful post, Frank. Bring on Santa and Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Right Angle!
    Excellent musical selections, all. But the Piano Guys – hello? No piano? is absolutely fabulous!

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    • LB,
      Many thanks for the best wishes … and a toast to happy travels in 2018! Oh yes … can’t forget the southern hemisphere – which is one of the things blogging has been a great reminder!


  3. We in the Southern Hemisphere experience a whole different Christmas Season Frank and of course we celebrate the Summer Solstice too. We now have many refugee immigrants for whom this holiday is a brand new experience as it is unknown in their countries. That has been interesting to realise- as well as getting to grips with daily life, the vagaries of climate and weather differences, language and housing the poor souls also have to get to grips with Christmas madness!! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you and Right!

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    • Pauline,
      Cheers to you in the southern hemisphere. Shame on me for only mentioning the Winter Solstice, so I appreciate the reminder. Even through all the trial and tribulations in today’s world, the spirit of Santa is strong. πŸ˜€ … Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  4. I hope that the spirit of Santa stays with you and all of us through this holiday season and throughout 2018. Now, that would be a nice Christmas miracle wouldn’t it? Loved all the music videos Frank–you have great taste. :). Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. See you next year.

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    • Brigitte,
      Many thanks for remembering to drop by … and I knew you would embrace the Spirit of Santa. Many tough nuts to crack in the world, but I’m still convinced that the majority embrace goodness. Merry Christmas to you!


  5. Merry Christmas! I so agree with you about the spirit of Santa helping to spread joy and goodwill around the world, whether one is a Christian or not. How can that be anything but good? You musical selections are all great, but I especially enjoyed Silent Night. Have a great holiday and happy new year.

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  6. As you might expect, Frank, I embrace the spirit of Santa Claus – that archetypal embodiment of generosity, overflowing fecundity, jollity, and good will. Wonderful post, my friend. As to the musical offerings, I love the Mannheim Steamroller version of Silent Night – tender, sweet, and a true reinterpretation of a classic song. Merry Christmas, my friend!

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    • Lynn,
      Oh yes – I had no doubt that you embrace the spirit of Santa! … and your adjectives for that spirit are also perfect, so add them to the list! I too love Manheim’s version of Silent Night … but put it with images of the Aurora, I’m sold! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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    • Kerry,
      Yes – 2017 has been a challenge – but I also add another aspect – 2017 is also about trust and patience … trust and patience that time will be on the side of good. Happy Holidays to you … and enter 2018 with a smile, hope, and patience.


  7. The Piano Guys are usually my favorite but I was mesmerized (played it 3 times) by the Winter Solstice video. It is captivating. As a music lover, I loved your gift to your followers. Thank you …
    I mirror all of your thoughts in this post. What a peaceful heart we would all have if we could all just be. No labels, no issues, no hostility, just wonderful love for all.
    Blessings for a New Year to you and your lovely wife … May all of your dreams be joyous ones.
    Isadora 😎
    ps – the Enya video didn’t show but I went to You Tube and enjoyed it.
    pps – may I post the Winter Solstice on my blog?

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  8. Ellington,
    I greatly moved by your words. For me, your comment verifies what I was trying to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Thanks for the link about your post about Yule. I especially liked the fact that your research started with a question – and then not only did you act on it, you then shared with others. Well done!


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