On Trumpian Nostradamus

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I’m not a regular on the prediction circuit, but I could resist gazing into a crystal ball on this topic. I’m going out on a limb with a baker’s dozen of predictions for 2018 about President Trump.

President Trump will exaggerate a fact.

President Trump will use Crooked Hillary as a defense.

President Trump will proclaim a report as fake news.

President Trump will forget and deny he made a previous statement.

President Trump will deflect an issue.

President Trump will do something that he will describe as incredible, the best, biggest, and greatest.

President Trump will ignore polls because they are biased.

President Trump will mock someone.

President Trump will contradict himself.

President Trump will criticize mainstream media outlets as the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

President Trump will deny any collusion with anything.

President Trump will tweet something stupid, disrespectful, false, and boastful.

President Trump will blame the Obama Administration for something.

45 thoughts on “On Trumpian Nostradamus

  1. Yep! He’s just the treat that keeps on giving! My educational background and training provides me with the reasonable observation that the compilation of these particular character traits typically warns of a serious psychological problem. Amazingly, many people aren’t particularly bothered by his behavior. I don’t get it. But recreational pot just became legal in California–I didn’t think I was interested, but by the end of the Trumpian Era I may be singing a different tune!

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  2. What you’re seeing in your crystal ball aren’t predictions – they’re what Trump normally does EACH DAY of his presidency! One prediction I’ll add is that Trump in 2018 will eclipse the 85 days he played golf in 2017 (Obama played golf 333 times during his eight years as president which averages out to 41.625 rounds per year).

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  3. You’ve cherry-picked the easy ones, Frank. Here are some harder ones. In 2018, will president Trump:

    Nuke North Korea?
    Invade Iran?
    Be impeached?
    Read a book? (never mind this one)
    Apologize for something?
    Issue a consistent policy for something?

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  4. Given your history with Trump predictions (won’t win the nomination, won’t win the election) I am astonished at these astute predictions, Frank. Because he doesn’t change his spots and has done all of these already!

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  5. Dear all,
    Donald Trump’s speaking style is Bombastic. That style of speaking almost necessitates doing many of the things you predicted. Teddy Roosevelt’s style was also Bombastic. Remember one of his quotes. “Walk Softly, but carry a big stick.” …… I think you may be surprised at his effectiveness. There are bound to be some sticky places. He has a lot of cleaning house to do…. both within and without his own circle. Maybe you should just be patient and not leap to quickly to judgement on this man. He is a human being after all, just like you and me.

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    • Marie,
      To set the stage, I’m one of the best independent, most moderate people in this country. Following the election, I even wrote on these pages that I was willing to give him a chance. I say that because I’m a loyal Democrat or Republican who either automatically attack or defend their preference.

      Justifying his actions and words with rhetoric doesn’t work with me … nor does the predictable rhetoric from the other side. I’ll leave it at that.


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