On a Word Challenge

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When recently commenting on a blog, a past post came to mind – one from 16 December 2013. I’m sure you remember it, but for those who don’t, I’ll briefly explain.

The post, On Palaver, is about words (and my 15th most viewed post). I recall how much I put into writing it. It was one of those posts that kept evolving. The biggest surprise came when I was notified that WordPress editors selected it to be Freshly Pressed. That was the second (and last) time I received that honor (16 December 2013).

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Read the post (On Palaver).
  2. Make a comment (preferably on this post) that includes a word (in English) that has never appeared on this blog.


Before making a comment, check your word in two places;

  1. With your Find function on the On Palaver page for your word
  2. Enter your word in the Search box, located in the right panel just below the Freshly Pressed graphic.

Have fun … and good luck!

35 thoughts on “On a Word Challenge

  1. Hello Frank… and Happy New Year to you!
    The word I am presenting is ‘Bumfuzzle’! I haven’t found it on your blog, although in my bumfuzzled state I could have seen it and not noticed. It’s a word I discovered that fits me very well – it means to confuse!

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  2. Good morning, Frank, and happy weekend! I did a search and couldn’t find “quintessential” so that’s my word for today. I suppose I ought to use it in a sentence but I am the quintessential blank mind when it comes to challenges of that sort. I wonder how I ever managed to pass my English classes when I was in school. 😉

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  3. Language is essential to abstract thought. Of this I am certain. The evidence includes some instances of a few people who were feral, having lived apart from other humans while growing up. They were like animals, acting only through instinct.

    Another central aspect of the human condition I’ve often thought about may be found in the word, catharsis, or cathartic. That’s my nomination. It’s a great word, and under-used in my opinion. Catharsis may be explicative (my second choice) of both the mental and physical aspects of human activity and behavior.

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  4. Sounds fun. I probably won’t have time to participate as I’m in a bit of an upheaval right now, but I at least wanted to stop in and say ‘hi.’ Had to drive to New Hampshire unexpectedly as my lovely stepfather passed. Luckily I made it just before the blizzard—by maybe three hours! Phew.

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  5. This was fun, Frank! I didn’t find the word “congealed.” Your reference to regional differences brought that word to me. I have family in the south, and I remember eating at a family table and hearing a cousin refer to “congealed salad,” and I’d never heard of that before! I only knew Jello, or maybe gelatin, but never congealed salad! 🙂

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