On Iceland – Day 1: Golden Circle

On our first full day in Iceland, we chose to tour the Golden Circle, which is one of the most popular tours. Icelandic landscape is fascinating, so the senses are constantly entertained. We used Extreme Iceland for two days.

Admiring the landscape.


Walking along the fault line where tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia meet in Thingvellir National Park.


Standing in awe of the view.


Witnessing the fury of Gullfoss, a spectacular and very large waterfall.

Notice the people on the left side


Patiently waiting for Strokkur Geysir to do its thing.


Relaxing to Faxiโ€™s roar.


Enjoying a dip in a thermal pool known as Fludir: the Secret Lagoon.

Find the lifeguard


Hiking up to and around Keridโ€™s rim, an extinct volcano.


Seeing more wonderful landscape.


All in one day … so our first full day in Iceland was wonderful. Hereโ€™s a 2-minute video featuring some of the Golden Circle sights.


90 thoughts on “On Iceland – Day 1: Golden Circle

    • Carrie,
      Glad you enjoyed the quick tour – and to think that was all in one day! I have two more posts about Iceland, plus one on tips. BTW – I think Icelandair starts service in your city in May!


    • Valentina,
      Welcome first-time commenter. The volcano was our last stop of the day. I recall to other cones covered with grass adjacent to this one. Thanks for your post as it was good to see another perspective.

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    • Kerry,
      Iceland is a fantastic place to visit. I describe it as a visual wonderland – and we actually saw very little. Taking to friends who have seen more, they speak very highly about it.

      Get this – it’s about the size of Ohio with much fewer people – about a third of a million …. and one third of them are in Reykjavik.

      I will have 4 posts about Iceland, the last featuring tips about visiting.


      • Brilliant! I’m going “home” in September to hangout with Besties for two plus weeks in Newcastle/Leeds/London….but the week before will be in Meiringen, Suisse to visit relatives. Travelling with my brother-in-law (born in Meiringen and taking as many of our kids who want and can go! A reunion of Rieders!!!! Super fun. Yes….2019 is going to find me in Sienna for a couple of weeks….can’t wait! See?….GOALS ARE GOOD!!

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  1. A stark & lush place at the same time, Iceland has retained much prehistoric beauty. Bravo to you for going there. It’s a long way to Iceland’s shore, but there are obvious rewards and you have found them.

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    • Karen,
      Stunning is a great descriptor โ€ฆ and so is โ€œdifferentโ€ because it seems like a different world. Just think โ€“ this was just in one day โ€“ and Day 2 was also spectacular because it was very different. Hope you saw that post (immediately after this one).

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