On Iceland – Day 2: The South Coast Tour

We continued with Extreme Iceland for Day 2, but this time for a trip along the south coast. It was simply another day of the beauty providing sensory overloaded.

Wondering about the numerous lava field I expected, but observing ecological succession with lava field covered with moss was a surprise


Seeing wonderful scenery


Walking behind the waterfall (Seljalandsfoss)


Strolling black beach (Reynisfjara)


Marveling at rock formations


Enjoying the view from Dyrholaey of the black beach we just visited


Reflecting about the setting of a farm with its fertile land and the glacier above


Hearing the roar of Skogafoss in its gorge


Standing on the glacier (Solheimajokull)


Never tiring of the landscape and the views


Continually admiring the landscape


…. after all, how could anyone get bored with seeing places like this.


Hope you enjoyed the brief highlights of Icelandโ€™s south coast. Hereโ€™s a 2+-minute video showing the sights in motion.


66 thoughts on “On Iceland – Day 2: The South Coast Tour

    • Ostend,
      Welcome first-time commenter. I see that you are a photographer – so I say Iceland will be a paradise for your lens. Simply so much visual that is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I invite you to also see the previous post which is about our first full day in Iceland.

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    • Merril,
      Beautiful it is. We were told that the tourism boom occurred after the volcanic eruption of (I think) 2010, which brought Iceland into the news …. which also means that tourism is a major industry – but we didn’t feel overwhelmed with tourists and services.

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    • Tim,
      On this day, high waterfalls seemed to be the norm – and frequently seen. For me, the one in the last image has stuck with me. Not spectacular, but having that so close to the house is amazing. What a backyard!


  1. Wonderful again Frank. Amazing the height of the land (and waterfalls) then straight down to the sea with those amazing rock formations. This was a real treat seeing it through your eyes. I too noticed the moss on the lava rocks, not seen that before, but doesn’t surprise me because of the temperature variations and winds. Really beautiful country.

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  2. You made a great journey, Frank, and it will be exciting to see the rest of your Iceland posts.
    I’ve watched both travel videos, and if one is a globe trotter, they will definitely be lured to magnificent Iceland.
    Myself, well, I’m off to an alley in NW Toronto tomorrow, provided the rain is not to heavy. I got a tip about a mural in an alley up there.

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    • Resa,
      I know you live for travel through your heart (over actual journeys) … and that’s OK. After all, I’m also confident you would enjoy the videos. Nonetheless, Iceland is a spectacular place to visit.

      Enjoy the alley! … hope your journey is fruitful.


    • Theodora,
      Thanks for the kind words. The life guard was in the heavy green coat. We didn’t do any spa treatments, but saw their availability. In terms of food, a) expensive, b) a variety of restaurants are available in Reykjavik – but outside the city much more limited. … I have 4 posts in the Iceland bin … this is #2 …. #4 will be about travel tips people should keep in mind. I should go up next week or the following week. … and it should be easy to get there from Paris!

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    • Robin,
      When you make it to Iceland, your camera will be working overtime. Simply constant visual stimulation! As you could tell from the Day 1 post, very different from what we saw the previous day …. but with some similarity.


    • Nisha,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Our short stay gave us tremendous variety of landscapes. Simply spectacular – and like no other place I’ve seen. This was our second full day … Yes – all this in one day …. The previous post was our first day, so I invite you to see it. Sunday/Monday I will post about Reykjavik.

      The waterfalls on Day 2 were tall and narrow … beautiful … but I liked the grand nature of the falls we saw on Day 1 – especially Gullfoss.


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    • JM,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Cheers to you visiting Iceland … and yes … I recommend the South Coast tour for your return visit. We were on the Golden Circle the day before, and the two regions are different. Then again, there is only so much one can do with limited time. We had 2 full days and 2 partial ones – therefore using the 2 partials for Reykjavik. We look forward to returning.

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