On an Awesome Journey

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I interrupt previously announced posting because of important news. Iceland posts will be delayed. The post about Reykjavik will publish Sunday evening (Eastern US), then the post about travel tips for Iceland will be Tuesday evening (Eastern US).

Long-time visitors know my fascination with images of deep space – such as those from the Hubble Telescope. After all, I use them as headers here. (Click here for past headers or click the Past Headers tab for my page dedicated to past headers.)

The magical and mystical nature of deep space image give me a special sense of the grand nature of creation – the universe we live in.

The Friday morning news featured a clip of a video from the Hubble Telescope team. I immediately knew I had to use it here. It is an animated fly-through of the Orion Nebula – a place featured in multiple headers. The video is a worthy 3 minutes and I recommend viewing it on full screen. Enjoy.

Addition (10:15 AM): For some, the video promotes reflection. If so, please share in your comment.

30 thoughts on “On an Awesome Journey

  1. Very nice. As I watched, I was thinking about how knowledge of astronomy has changed in such a short period. Edwin Hubble sparked understanding of the nature of space around 1924, showing that it was expanding and that our galaxy was but one of countless others. Now we know the age of the universe, that many galaxies (perhaps all) have a massive black hole at their centers, and that the very nature of space is understandable and predictable, even its inevitable end.

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    • Jim,
      Very good addition about Edwin Hubble and knowledge. This video is a good one for reflection, which would be different for everyone. Wish I would have added that point in the text – heck, I still may. 🙂

      BTW – The other day I was working on a post on something you requested (I’ll guess) 3 years ago. Will try to give you the heads-up before it is published.

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  2. Very beautiful. Lovely music as well. While watching it, I couldn’t help thinking about livable planets. What would it be like to live on a planet in that area. When you rotated you would sometimes have the cloud as sky scenery…….. What would that be like…. growing up with that, and taking it for granted. You might use it as a time indicator of some type…… “We will meet during the hours of the sky valley….”

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    • Emarie,
      Glad you enjoyed the video … and many thanks for your reflection. Thinking of other livable planets in the universe can be overwhelming, but I tend to think those places exist.


  3. Lovely time to reflect, Frank. I could not help thinking about the vastness of the universe and the probabilities that life on Earth is the only life in that vastness are small indeed. Makes one wonder even more of the meaning of all of this. If Earth is the only life then what a spectacular stage on which to live. Thanks, Frank.

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    • Patti,
      Given that I don’t like to overwhelm a reader with too many images, it was important that I find a video to help with my message. Glad it worked … and thanks for taking the time to watch it!


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