On Iceland: Reykjavik

We spent bits of four different days in Reykjavik. It is an easy city to walk, and there is enough to keep us busy. Interestingly, about a third of Iceland’s population is in Reykjavik.

Admiring the architectural pattern of basalt rocks of the Lutheran Cathedral


Smiling at the Sun Voyager metal sculpture saluting the Viking heritage


Engaging in the quaint building architecture


Strolling the main shopping street.


Loving the modern feel of the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center


Marveling at the view across the water


Knowing how much Resa would enjoy the many murals (more in a future dedicated post).


Standing in amazement at the 10:45 pm sky


Enjoying the fireworks thanking us for visiting before leaving the next day


Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland, but not expect the grandness of New York, Chicago, London, or Paris. It’s not even close to Cincinnati. However, at 110,000 people, it’s large enough to offer a wide variety of activities, yet quaint enough to be manageable and make one feel comfortable. Bottom line: we enjoyed it – Thumbs up!

21 thoughts on “On Iceland: Reykjavik

    • Kerry,
      I’m right with you on both points. As loved the Viking sculpture as soon as I saw it. Probably should have looked for a replica in a gift shop! In terms of the architecture, the buildings also captured by attention with their quaint look and feel.


  1. The Lutheran Cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland, just vaulted to the top of my list of church architecture I most admire, followed by (in order) the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium, the Cathedral Church of St. Michael (commonly known as Coventry Cathedral) in Coventry, England, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and the Old North Church in Boston, Mass.

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    • Tim,
      Compared to the others, this cathedral is very new – I think completed in the late 1950s. Very clean look inside … which also means very Lutheran – although not as simplistic as the one in Helsinki. We also went into the old cathedral in Reykjavik’s Old Town. Quite a difference. Glad the image got you thinking of other churches that have impressed you. … I will have to ponder my favorites.

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  2. Reykjavik looks amazing! I’ve been enjoying all of your Iceland posts, Frank. However, I’m sure they won’t all add up to how much I will enjoy the murals of Reykjavik post! After all you’ve posted, the one mural you show in this post, is the most enticing lure. I can hardly wait!!!

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