On Trumpian Nostradamus 2

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Being that enough readers understood my first set of predictions about the Trump Administration for 2018, I went back to the crystal ball to see if I could find 10 more prognostications. Here’s the scoop.

1) President Trump negotiates a peace and economic agreement with North Korea; therefore avoid nuclear war. At the joint signing session, he embraces Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un while eating a taco bowl from the Trump Tower Grill and proclaims this agreement to be the greatest deal in the history of human existence. Kim Jong-un also announces an agreement to bring a Trump Tower Grill to Pyongyang.

2) President Trump unites the United States and China by building the greatest bridge in recorded history that joins Seattle and Shanghai. Because everyone knows he can build things, he will call it the Trump Bridge for Humanity, then proclaim it as the greatest architectural and engineering feat in human history that will never be outdone.

3) President Trump supports the final report issued by Special Counsel Investigation led by Robert Mueller. After lauding Mueller and his team, President Trump pardons everyone involved including himself, and invites all pardonees to enjoy celebratory taco bowl from the Trump Tower Grill.

4) President Trump ends Russia-US tensions by negotiating the most unbelievable deal in modern history as he becomes the first person ever to lead two independent countries at the same time. Known in Russia as Czar Genius, he proclaims Vladimir Putin to be the head of all oligarchs in Russia, primary advisory, and Global Ambassador.

5) President Trump negotiates an agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The deal – a really big fantastic deal for both sides – something no US president has ever been able to do – actually the best deal ever for not only the Middle East, but for the world.

6) President Trump buys 3 failing media outlets: CNN, Washington Post, and New York Times – and vows to turn them into the biggest and greatest news organizations that will only reports real news.

7) President Trump scraps the Iran Nuclear deal because it was Obama’s fault – but then renegotiates a much better, more fair deal – actually an unbelievable deal – the best deal that Iran has ever seen – a deal that also includes building a Trump Tower in Tehran – and yes, it includes the Trump Tower Grill so Iranians can eat the world-renown Taco Bowl.

8) After taking credit for no deaths from commercial plane crashes in 2017, President Trump blames President Obama for a recent plane crash.

9) President Trump announces that he will build a wall along the southern US border that Mexico will pay for. The wall – a big, beautiful wall – one more beautiful than anyone imagined. The top of the wall includes a running lane, a fishing pier allowing fisherman to cast lines from the top of the wall into the Rio Grande River, and food venues serving tacos from the Trump Tower Grill.

10) President Trump describes himself as humbled, honored, and as the greatest humanitarian in human history after being awarded multiple Nobel Prizes.

43 thoughts on “On Trumpian Nostradamus 2

  1. Oh this is just perfect for my reading tonight, Frank! I feel so much lighter knowing how many things “dear leader” will turn around! Whew! I love a good taco bowl, so there’s something to look forward to! I suppose that the bridge to Shanghai, although a joint venture, will undoubtedly be paid for by China, don’t you think? Your prognostications are very reassuring. My Time magazine arrived this week and also put a smile on my face. Trump finally made the cover! Of course it was a drawing and his hair was on fire, but the cover nonetheless! 🙂

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    • Debra,
      I can’t believe the crystal ball didn’t mention that China will pay for the bridge. Then again, maybe it did and I missed it! No excuses, but full concentration on the ball was exhausting!


  2. This is the most beautiful and great post…greater and more beautiful than anything else I’ve ever seen and/or read. Ever. Ever ever. That’s a lot. A lot Bigger and greater than anything. The sheer humility and non-apparent nobility mentioned over and over reminded me of something going around…something familiar yet great…like a genius plague…or something. But it was, most likely still is, great and beautiful. All this great and beautiful thinking has depreciated my energy. A lot. There’s a great rumour slinking and slithering through our hallowed White halls…a taco a day keeps the bowls away. How great and beautiful is that?

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    • Raye,
      To be able to write the greatest, most beautiful post ever is beyond anyone’s imagination or dream … so great and so beautiful that no words can describe something that one other blogger has ever done in recorded history … and will probably never be surpassed in anyone’s lifetime. I’m simply overwhelmed.

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  3. And those Nobel prizes were for the greatest peace efforts the world has ever seen. Seriously the greatest peace efforts in the world. As a celebration gesture, Trump will offer a taco bowl to every man, woman, and child on the planet. All they have to do is travel to the Trump Tower and place their order which will carry a 20% discount making the Taco bowl the best buy in the universe.

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