On Introducing BLINK

I was probably like many Cincinnatians who unknowingly wondered about the BLINK event when it was announced and eventually promoted. I was also one of the many Cincinnatians who attended the 4-day event in mid-October that left enthusiastic and in awe. Officials estimate 1 million people attended BLINK.

2017 was the first year for BLINK in Cincinnati. I recall reading that this was the first event of its kind, but I couldn’t confirm it. Nonetheless, BLINK unquestionably shined a light on the city and I’m confident the future will bring BLINK-like lights to other locations.

BLINK was a light and art festival spanning 20-city blocks from near the river through city center into a rejuvenated downtown neighborhood. Because it was a festival of lights, the event didn’t start until dusk.

BLINK was a free event – no admission charge – all people needed were good shoes for walking and a wandering nature to find the featured displays of projection mapping (22), lighted displays (5), light art (35), new murals (10), and music. Interestingly, artists from all over the world provided the displays. Over time, I will do have several posts about BLINK, but wanted to introduce it first.

Here are two short videos delivering snippets of the great show – and I hope you watch both. The first is a 3-minute video posted by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Because I couldn’t embed it, click here. The video below is worth the 2 minutes. Enjoy the glimpses of BLINK.

41 thoughts on “On Introducing BLINK

  1. A modern early winter Festival of Light done with technology – in’t it wonderful! I like that it isn’t a crowd gathering in one place, but that you walk at your own pace, can deviate from the path at your will and dawdle where you wish. It must have been a lovely way to spend those first cool evenings of winter Frank. I hope the idea spreads far and wide.

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    • Pauline,
      A spectacular event. We went on a Saturday, and would have returned Sunday it wasn’t for the drastic change in weather … I know we didn’t see everything.

      This event will catch on … I saw that London had something. Initially, ours was a one-time event, but given it’s success, time will tell if it returns.

      More posts to come showing specifics!


  2. Wonderful. Good thing they did it before it got too cold too, though I don’t think you guys get quite as chilly as we do up here in the northern part of the state. I spent a year in Cincinnati and I don’t remember it getting too cold.

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    • Carrie,
      The mid-October weather was excellent … well, at least until the Sunday rain … and yep … our seasons are a bit different than yours. Yes, not as cold here (as often) as you get, but your summers are much nicer!

      Nonetheless, this was a great event that I think you would enjoyed. Stay tuned for more specifics.

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  3. How did they come up with the name BLINK since an event lasting 4 days does not occur in a blink?

    People have now started using motion lasers to light up their houses during the holidays (bleah!). If they had a light motion show like the ones in BLINK, now that would be worth watching.

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    • Debra,
      I know you would have loved BLINK … and will enjoy the future posts about it. I have no doubt that it will catch on – after all, Dale pointed out that Montreal has something similar.


  4. Wow Frank.. What a beautiful concept of lighting up your City with beauty.. A wonder those cars do not crash looking at the buildings as they drive past.. Loved watching the videos and I just watched a little of the link video.. Wonderful Festival of Light! 🙂 and I can see why it was called BLINK. 🙂

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