On Two Forms of Energy and Grace

Hmmmm …. I wonder what these represent?


I still can’t tell what’s going on, but this is whimsical to me.


Even though it is difficult for me to apply meaning, I like this abstract design


Is this representing a bug or a fish?


But it connected to something.


Yet it all comes together forming Energy and Grace – after all, energy and momentum are connected.


When I first saw the ArtWorks mural, the abstract side of me liked it, but it doesn’t deliver the boldness that I also enjoy. I see fun, but it also bores me relatively quick. Yet, it served as ArtWorks first abstract mural.

Three reasons exist for Energy and Grace:

  1. Saluting the resurgence of the downtown neighborhood known as Over the Rhine (OTR)
  2. Celebrating the Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC), which moved to OTR in 2005
  3. Honoring an internationally acclaimed local artist who is also a faculty member at AAC

ArtWorks and AAC collaborated in 2013 to transform one of Kim Krause’s paintings into this mural located at 16 E. 12th Street in downtown Cincinnati. Energy and Grace’s design displays energy and momentum in a fun and whimsical way.

Not long ago I introduced BLINK Cincinnati to readers. For BLINK, Brace Berlin (a production services company) transformed this mural with projection mapping into their version of Energy and Grace – and it is featured below in this 30-second promo for BLINK. Enjoy.


To see more of my posts about the murals of Cincinnati, click here.

To learn more about artist Kim Krause, click here to visit his site.

Thanks to Resa (Toronto’s leading lady) whose posts about street art in Toronto and Winnipeg, got me interested in outdoor art in my area. I invite readers to visit Resa’s blog (but tell her I sent you).

34 thoughts on “On Two Forms of Energy and Grace

  1. The first one seemed to me like a rendering of a parallax view. I saw eyes, mirroring and yet moving separately. Your favorite abstract design was my favorite as well. I got earth, wind, fire and air out of it. The “bug or fish”, to me, represented nothing and everything. Nothing because black is the absence of light and white contains all light.

    No idea, really . . lol.

    But that’s why I love art. You can immerse yourself in the wonderful mystery of it. There are worlds inside of the endeavor.

    Great stuff, Frank.

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  2. “it all comes together forming Energy and Grace – after all, energy and momentum are connected.” – and there it is. Lovely piece. I enjoy large scale outdoor artwork that is shared with the public. (They just finished the annual “awards” for the downtown Houston scene’s – but I’ve been searching for videos of them. Many not in safe walkable areas there)
    Open ended is fabulous – makes people think. Although somethings just exist to be exactly what they are and no more…hard for humans not to assign meanings/objectives for stuff. Realistically for the “older abstract art works” if the viewer doesn’t know the intention/purpose of the piece, then it is totally confusing. As you have shown, getting to close to things or getting stuck on detail obscures the whole.
    It’s a daily piece – different from the boldness of most – but as another commenter said – whimsical.
    Cool post(s), Frank

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    • Mouse,
      Glad you enjoyed this whimsical look. Hope you watched the video!

      Amazing how murals are playing a part in cities … and in many places, helping to transform areas.

      BTW – I encourage you to see the post before this one.


  3. Lovely post, Frank! The piece moves, and how very interesting that it was ArtWorks first abstract. Loved seeing it BLINK!
    As always, thank you for the shout out! It’s so great that you found joy in street art and murals. Makes me happy.

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    • Isadora,
      BLINK was an overload on the senses for art lovers! Amazing that my choice of whimsical for this mural has been affirmed by multiple commenters. Thanks for the link to hubby’s art … yes … definitely whimsical … but I many see fun and well done!

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  4. It is amazing what they can project onto buildings these days. And I loved the way you introduced us to that mural art . And yes Like energy pulsating, Its vibrant and exciting.. But for me personally lacks life.. 🙂 Yet I have painted abstract before now 🙂 :-)So pleased you included the video Frank.. 🙂

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  5. Thanks for introducing me to Kim Krause’s art, who’s website I just visited. Great stuff! My favorites were Pandora #4, Study for the Nymphs, and The Nature of Things (N.O.T.).

    And by the way, for abstract (and all art) you really hit the nail on the head with your reply “Never ask an artist what they painted because the artist wants to know what you see.”


  6. I very much appreciate abstract art, and I love this offering! It does remind me of exhibits at the marine aquarium, except I’m thrown off a bit with the sky blue. But it’s definitely a ‘feel good” expression!

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