On BLINK with Harper

Charlie Harper is an American artist known for his unique use of geometrics in his wildlife drawings. Because he is regarded as a local treasure, ArtWorks honored him featuring his work on a mural (seen below). Readers may recall my post featuring the two bluebirds titled Homecoming.


For BLINK, We Have Become Vikings (a local multimedia company) transformed this mural into their own tribute to Charlie Harper by projecting other Harper creations onto the mural. Enjoy Our Own Homecoming.

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35 thoughts on “On BLINK with Harper

  1. Okay, thanks for fixing it Frank! It’s so very well done isn’t it. I especially like the flock appearance somewhere about half way through I think. His use of shape and form is beautiful! This light show is so special – I hope it catches on internationally πŸ™‚

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    • Pauline,
      John Ruthven is well-known nationally, so his a local treasure. I loved this mural the first time I saw it … and the BLINK version was one of my favorites at the event. Thanks again for letting me know about the link not working.

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