On BLINK with Rosemary

George Clooney is one of Cincinnati’s beloved native sons – but he wasn’t the first famous Clooney in the area. Locals know George’s dad (Nick) from his many years in local news, but before that, it was George’s aunt who made a name for herself here and on the national stage – Rosemary Clooney  -who ArtWorks featured on the Swing Around Rosie mural. (My past post about it.)


For BLINK, Agar (a social intelligence company) transformed the Swing Around Rosie mural into a projection display of song and dance called Swing & Sway. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a full video with good song quality – so I recommend following the suggestions associated with each of the videos below.

This one has the best audio, but excludes the beginning and ends too soon. If you get bored, forward to 1:40.


Audio isn’t very good, but it shows more. Start at 0:40 so it overlaps with the previous video.


Here’s the full clip, but the sound isn’t very good. At least you can see the beginning (the first minute).


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43 thoughts on “On BLINK with Rosemary

  1. Good looks obviously run in the Clooney family! I don’t remember Rosemary Clooney but have heard the name and I love the song ‘Sway’. I have a 45 record of ‘Sway’ (inherited from my parents) and I think (from memory) that version is by Bobby Rydell. I don’t think anyone who sees the BLINK display will forget Rosemary!

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    • Joanne,
      Welcome back! 😀 … Do you recall two Bing Crosby holiday movie classics … Holiday Inn & White Christmas? Rosemary Clooney was in both of those. Actually, this mural and the projection are based on one of those movies. Meanwhile, oh yes … Clooney are blessed with good genes.

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  2. This is just so cool, Frank. I love Rosemary Clooney and it’s wonderful to see her given such a high profile. I am sure that BLINK introduces her to a whole new generation that perhaps wouldn’t otherwise know of her talents!

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