Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 353

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I enjoy watching the Winter Olympics. My favorite events are speed skating (especially short track), downhill skiing, ice dancing, and snowboarding (halfpipe is unbelievable). But why isn’t there a competition of doing aerials off the ski-jump hill? Why doesn’t the sled track have a corkscrew or 360 loop? Shouldn’t there be a winter pentathlon competition involving ski jumping, luge, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and speed skating?

I shake my head when I see Russian athletes participating. Their hockey team even where’s the team colors and jerseys except for the name on the front. The IOC should be ashamed of themselves.

The possibility of the US Men’s Hockey Team going winless is very likely.

This past Monday marked the 209th birthday of two influential figures born on opposite sides of the Atlantic: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. The occasion serves as 9th anniversary of me diving deep into a personal study of the interchange between science and religion – yes – it was reading various reactions to the 200th anniversary that started my journey.

Although more BLINK posts will come in time, none this weekend because I have other posts scheduled around a special event.

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Another mass shooting in the US is followed by more Republicans offering prayers and talking about mental health while failing to back their talk with any action.

Months ago I contacted my Republican Representative and Senator asking them a question about mental health. I just received a response from Senator Portman (R-OH), to which replied with the following: “Senator Portman. Thank you for the gracious form letter that didn’t come close to answering my question.”

It’s so interesting that Republicans are now less concerned with fiscal responsibility – which also means that such a future stance is actually an excuse to say No.

For the fall midterm elections, Republicans have the following problems on their plate: President Trump, ignoring President Trump’s continual misplays, and force feeding party policy down the public throat. On the other hand, Democrats are having a problem finding their voice other than anti-Trumpian.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) promising a fair and open debate on immigration also serves as an admission that he hasn’t been doing that. Besides, anyone thinking he doesn’t have something up his sleeve is wishful thinking.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides suggestions about climbing the corporate ladder.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Poignant dying words wasted on dumbshit nephew
Queen Bun gives birth to thousands of tiny rolls
Detective refuses to pry into circumstances of murder out of respect for deceased
Study finds cats only meow when they want to alert owner of neighbor’s murder they witnessed through window
Italian grandmother doesn’t have the heart to tell family any dipshit can make lasagna

Interesting Reads
History and future of the plastic bag
Volcanoes making lightning
Looking back at a fight to vote
Lincoln’s secret visits to slaves
Limits of technology: Paper jams
(Pictures) Nature’s gardens

To send you into the weekend, enjoy this classic. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

43 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 353

    • Holly,
      Competition is exciting. Every 4 years I like watching events as cross country skiing, luge, and others … then wait for another 4. The athletes work so hard .. so hard … therefore magnifying the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. I also like the way most are very supportive of others.

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  1. The only thing I’ve been watching in the Olympics is the figure skating. I tape the evening events and just fast forward to the skating. Just not enough time to watch more. But they put the skaters on so late that I usually end up having to watch it the next day. I’ve got last night’s men’s short program to look forward to tonight. Should go well with my Friday night Stella. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carrie,
      Ah ha … you enjoy Stella … Not surprising because I recall you telling me your beer preferences. Good choice! In terms of watching the Olympics, I don’t like them when they are in the Far East. … and I don’t like the way NBC plays with events to show certain ones during prime time. Fortunately, I tune into their sports channel for live viewing. Enjoy tonight!


  2. I noticed that the article on the ubiquitous plastic bag made no mention of alternatives. A short search reveals that a “compostable” bag exists. Seems to me that governments would do well to promote such. The plastic bags are too versatile, cheap and handy to disappear on their own. Kinda like climate change I think.

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  3. A winter pentathlon competition involving the sports you mentioned is an interesting idea. The key would be to downsize the severity of each event to insure the participants come out alive!

    So, what’s behind the GOP’s wholesale dismissal of fiscal responsibility? You’re on the right track with it being a future stance to say No, but I’d like to know the details.

    The world would be a better place if everybody read today’s Interesting Reads.

    A splat from “Italian grandmother doesn’t have the heart to tell family any dipshit can make lasagna.”

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    • TIm,
      My idea for a winter pentathlon would be continuous … a race from one event to the next …. not over a certain number of days. I may come up with a sequence.

      The GOP losing sight of fiscal responsibility is simple …. get what you can when you can … that’s what majorities do … and a reason why I’ve been an advocate for divided government during this toxic period of our history.

      Meanwhile, glad to know I delivered a splat.


  4. IT is so strange that I get into curling only during the Olympics. Of course, Canadians rule at curling 😉
    That said. I have no words for yet another mass shooting.
    And, strangely, or ironically, you are the second blogger I follow who shared Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” this week….

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  5. Ha! Your senator and one of mine (Cory Gardner) must subscribe to the same list service that churns out non-sensical form letters that do not answer legitimate questions to constituents. And because of gerrymandering in the House, there is little incentive for any of them to respond to anyone not in their tribe. Our country devolves a little lower each day. *Sigh* {Exhibit A: Lindsey Vonn having to defend her recent run without reaching the medal stands from Trump supporting hateful trolls. Egad people, WTH is wrong with us?}

    Liked by 1 person

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