On Time Before Me

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The day before I was born, baseball great Ted Williams safely landed his damaged jet – for which he earned an Air Medal

One month before I was born, Tito became the first president of Yugoslavia – a position he held for 27 years

One year before I was born, a nor’easter blanketed New England

4 years before I was born, Chaim Weitzman elected first president of Israel

6 years before I was born, Voice of America began broadcasting to the Soviet Union

10 years before I was born, Sergei Rachmaninoff performed his last concert

15 years before I was born, first public experimental demonstration of Baird color TV occurred in London

20 years before I was born, the US Senate passes the Blaine Act to end Prohibition and first issue of Newsweek magazine appeared on newsstands

30 years before I was born, British Egyptologist Howard Carter found the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun (King Tut)

40 years before I was born, New York Armory Show introduced Picasso to American public

42 years before I was born, General Motors installed the first electric starter for a car into a Cadillac

49 years before I was born, opera Madame Butterfly debuted in Milan

52 years before I was born composer Gustav Mahler conducted the premiere of his Second Symphony

70 years before I was born, A. Ashwell patented the free-toilet in London

75 years before I was born, first telephone exchange in San Francisco opened with 18 phones

77 years before I was born sardines were first canned in Eastport, Maine

86 years before I was born, chocolate manufacturer William Cadbury was born and the first ship passed through Suez Canal

88 years before I was born, Union forces regained Fort Sumter (US Civil War)

117 years before I was born, the HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin left Tasmania

277 years before I was born, Kings Charles II (England) and Louis XIV (France) signed a secret treaty

355 years before I was born, Boris Godunov chosen tsar of Russia

1,589 years before I was born, Roman Emperor Jovian died

The day I was born was 17 February 1953

65 years after I was born, I celebrate another birthday with a historical look at February 17th – so the number salute to 65 will be soon.

Happy 65th Birthday from Mini-Me


135 thoughts on “On Time Before Me

  1. And weren’t you the little cutie! ❀ Happy Birthday Frank – I hope your 66th year will be filled with many events worth celebrating and blogging about. I was kind of hoping you were working towards a big event exactly 100 years before you were you, but it just didn't work out that way…. But I'll happily take Mr Cadbury,'s birth, Mr Carter's momentous discovery and that first performance of Madame Butterfly as being great prescient announcements of your imminent arrival!

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    • Pauline,
      Greetings from New Zealand make my day even better. πŸ™‚ Thank you. In terms of stopping at 100, I initial hoped to do something more even (such as 5, 10, 15, 20, etc) – but finding good information wasn’t easy. So I selected some of the more interesting factoids about this day in history. This was a fun post for me to do.

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  2. Happy 65th and what a great age to be!

    I read the other day a retirement planner say: “There are three stages of retirement: from 65 to 75 it’s GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, from 75 to 85 it’s GOLF, GOLF, and from 85 and afterward it’s GOLF.

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  3. In my best Leonard Elmore . . .

    “On the day Frank was born, Vegas started sweating up aces to the comped big shots while sweating bullets at the thought of what Arizona felt like in springtime . . .”

    Best to you, good man.


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    • Kerry,
      Oh yes … I normally do the number tributes – which I still did on the next post – but this idea come to me so I went with it knowing that it still fit my style. Thanks for the birthday greeting and glad you enjoy my pic.


  4. Dang it. Talk about being late to the party. I had a crazy weekend and didn’t check my emails. OR this one slipped by me. My bad.
    So three days late, I wish you a most happy and belated birthday, mi amico!
    You are the best and we love you for who you are! xoxo

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    • Debra,
      “Speck of time” is a great way to describe our life. Sometimes at the grocery store I continually pass someone who is on their phone aisle after aisle – and even through the checkout lane. I want to tell them, “You aren’t that important.” Meanwhile, why am I not surprised you have that Pink Floyd CD in the car!


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