On Blog-Break Time

Odds and Ends
Thanks for birthday greetings. Receiving birthday greetings from around the world makes the day extra special! A Saturday birthday was a good time to celebrate the entire weekend. Besides, my variation of on-this-day-in-history was different for me.

We in the US just celebrated a holiday. Which is correct: Presidents Day, President’s Day, or Presidents’ Day? The answer is simple: 1) It depends on who you ask because style manuals differ – and 2) it depends on how the law is written in each state. That’s crazy! In this case I favor Presidents Day.

A salute to high school students becoming activists regarding gun violence.

I missed my prediction about the US hockey team. Fortunately they played Slovakia twice – but that team beat the Russians.

Time for a blog break. I’ve been going strong since September, so I’m ready for some time off. I’m guessing 2-4 weeks of no posting. Nothing urgent at this end, but I know the time is right. Besides, blog breaks are good!

That doesn’t mean I won’t be preparing future posts, but I will reduce my online presence – but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop by. In other words, time will tell. I imagine returning sometime in March – preferably in the first half of the month – but one never knows.

In the spirit of Opinions in the Shorts, I conclude with some Onion Headlines, Interesting Reads, and a song.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Teddy Bear feels terrible for sparking “What are We? Conversation
Area ladder never thought it would end up as bookcase
Pet turtle going hog-wild on terrarium’s new stick
Man hates it when trailer gives away entire premise of movie
Archeologists unearth ivory trumpet dating back to prehistoric jazz age
Cute new dog helping single man pick up tons of hot shit
Raytheon unveils military robot capable of composing poignant poems about horrors of war

Interesting Reads
Birth of the Academy Awards
An international comparison of health care systems
Is tech dividing America?
A changing Saudi Arabia
(Blogger) Toilets for the half-assed … (a must see)
(Video) Now this is a tough commute
(Photos) 2018 World Press Photo Contest nominees

Until we meet again and as Garrison Keillor says, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

68 thoughts on “On Blog-Break Time

    • Ray,
      Your Webster’s reference is a perfect example of it depends on the source. Heck, I may turn this into a post that would only be suitable for next year. … Great take on Precedence Day! 🙂 … and my plan is to enjoy my blog break – after all, blog breaks are good.

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  1. Van Morrison on a Wednesday!
    Well really, Van Morrison every day is a good thing. But this is a clever selection for riding out on a blog break. Perhaps I read too much into things, lol.
    We are on the same wavelength this morning. I’ve been reading about these Parkland kids. Their determination to affect change made me think back to the heroes of Flight 93. There comes a point when people just will not accept what is going to happen. Even if it happens, they will make certain they leave their mark. Those Flight 93 passengers were faced with an impossible situation, but they became the reality for anyone who finds themselves in that situation going forward. We’re not going to just sit here and take it. God bless those Parkland kids. I’m rooting for them.

    …..Archaeologists unearth entire premise of movie . . .

    Meh, I couldn’t think of anything clever, lol.

    I wish you peace and recharged batteries on your blog break and anxiously await your return, good sir.


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    • Marc,
      I recently heard a local musician do an interesting rendition of Moondance, so that’s how it got in my head. Plus I enjoy Michael Buble’s version!

      Interesting thoughts about relating the Flight 93 passengers and Parkland students. Definitely worth pondering!!!

      In terms of the archeologists, the premise of some movies might not be discovered for years … so this is applicable!

      Cheers to blog breaks for they are good.

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    • Raye,
      Glad you are keeping those dancing shoes polished … and I hope you saw the video I left you in a comment on the previous post (or was it the one before that.) … oh well, it was one of the birthday posts.


    • Charlie,
      Thanks for the encouragement. Years ago I wrote a post about blog breaks, and wow … the comments were so good, I turned them into a multi-part series (about 5 posts). That’s why I say blog breaks are good. 🙂


  2. The read “An international comparison of health care systems” in Exhibit 3 – Health System Performance Scores – shows the U.S. a dismal last place among the 11 industrialized high-income countries studied. Not surprisingly, the U.S. is the only one of the 11 countries lacking universal health insurance coverage.

    Amazing! The combination of the high school students becoming activists regarding gun violence, and a besieged President Trump desperately needing somebody to love him, just might result in the NRA standing aside and allowing common-sense gun control legislation capable of keeping 30-100 round clip semi-automatic AR-15 assault weapons from being sold to those under 21, to pass.

    Here’s hoping you enjoy your well-deserved blogging break! May you return rested and full of the vinegar needed to produce Op. Shorts which entertain, educate, and point out clear and present dangers.

    No splats.

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    • Tim,
      And to think I selected a winner with the archeologists finding the trumpet. Oh well …. but I was also confident that you would read the health care article – so a split decision for me. Thanks for the encouragement of future posts.


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