On Beach Walk No. 16

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

We started 2017 with 4 weeks on the Alabama coast where I started this series. After returning home last year, friends asked if we would do it again next year – to which I always said “No” in a serious, disappointing tone. After they grabbed the hook, I added, “Nope, not 4 weeks – next year will be 6 weeks.”

Instead of all of January, snowbirding 2018 went from mid-January through February. Yes – I was blogging from there – and started my recent blog break from there before returning home. This walk combines thoughts on my first and last walk – plus several after thoughts.

The fine, whitish sand squeaks as I find my way to the water’s edge. As I walk the beach I noticed similarities from a year ago.

Shells still collect on the sand. The heron still patiently stares across the water waiting for the next meal. Pelicans still glide near the water’s surface and dive from many feet above.

The seagulls still squawk. Lanky sandpipers still carefully stroll the water’s edge while the sanderlings continue to amuse me with their frantic ways. Multiple dolphins still occasionally pass by. Sand crabs still appear to move sideways as the scurry down their hole on the beach when hearing approaching footsteps.

I note differences as I walk. Although an ongoing process, the sand has noticeably shifted in some areas. On the other hand, that’s what sand does.

Our daily patterns are still the same as we are relaxed being away from any sense of normalcy. Sort of an alter ego from daily life at home – an alter ego worthy of its own walk.

Last year we collected shells displaying a variety of variations on a theme – but this year it was about uniqueness.


Last year we arrived knowing nobody here. This year we quickly connected with a couple from then. Last year we didn’t have any visitors, but this year we hosted my sister-in-law for a week. Friends from Ohio rented a short distance away for a week. We had lunch with friends from our street at home. We even saw the best man in our wedding (now in Oklahoma) who happened to be passing through on a week-long mountain biking journey.

I walked a lot while on this coast during the six weeks. The goal of many people is 10,000 (10K) steps per day. I typically got that by noon and easily exceeded 20K on most days. As my time ends, the soles of my feet are smooth – but a persistent warm glow of tenderness serves as a reminder of the many steps during my 45 days. Life as an alter ego is grand.

A year ago my mind was extraordinarily free to think – but this year, personal thoughts preoccupy my mind. Good news is that more beach walks are on the way – more walks than last year.

I took a blog break because blog breaks are good. I’ve resurfaced with a beach walk because walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.


49 thoughts on “On Beach Walk No. 16

  1. The beach is always a nice play to be. It’s like an escape almost. If you want to pass the time, than what better way than to read great material. Come check out my blog at gastradamus when you have the chance. It’s what they call Sandy fresh

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  2. Wonderful, Frank. I am so glad you had this time, and it’s great you have made friends and connections there, as well as inviting your sister-in-law. You know that I, too, love the beach and beach walking is absolutely a lifesaver. I am returning this weekend to San Diego, and although we expect rain, I will still figure in some walking. I enjoy seeing the shells. Every beach has a different pattern of shell distribution! And I do love sea birds! 🙂 I’m glad you had such a wonderful time!

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  3. I live 5 minutes from the beach Frank and find it a wonderful way to refresh, regenerate and ponder – though I doubt I could organise my ponderings into coherent facts as you so often do, I do know I often return home with solutions to problems, or creative ideas and that proves the efficacy of a beach walk to me 🙂 Of course Siddy also enjoys a beach run and the many people he can greet along the way………. as well as smoother paw pads at the end.

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    • Pauline,
      Oh my … 5 minutes away … what a joy that must be! … and an absolute wonderland for Siddy! I tried to record my thoughts fairly quickly – therefore I’m confident that some of the best thoughts were lost – but hey – that’s the way it is. Beach walking definitely opens the mind, so I can see how it helps your creativity!

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  4. I am so glad to hear you dear Frank, and you did great time at the beach… Do you know, Aristotle liked to walk at the beach too… during night and day…. He made his big thoughts at the beach while he was walking… In Assos, (Behramkale, Turkey) at the Aegean Sea coast…

    Welcome, have a nice day, Thank you, Love, nia

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    • Nia,
      Glad you enjoy the beach walks in my little corner of the world. I didn’t know that Aristotle was a beach walker – and in Turkey, too! Using his name and mine in the same reference is quite the honor – so thank you!

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    • Indigo,
      Seems we are on the same page with the ocean and blog breaks. The ocean is far for us – so we don’t fulfill our need as much as we would like …. but the wintertime respite is a good thing! Glad you enjoyed this walk … and more to come!

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  5. Carrie,
    This winter has been a tough one. It started here in November … NOT normal …. then much of December … NOT normal. Then the normal thing January and February (the reason we got out of town) … but the first part of March has been cold … NOT normal. … Even with that, I know you had it worse! My sister-in-law is probably about 30 minutes from you, so we hear about it. Hang in there … and enjoy another Lager to help ease the troubles.

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  6. Walkom back, Frank! This was a wonderful Beach Walk and “Cheers” 🍷 to you for many more. With enough beach walks your feet might end up being as smooth as ___________.
    The weather is letting up a tad here, and I went on my first 20+ mile walk of the season last Sunday. My feet aren’t smooth, but I have a whole lot of graf pics! Now, that’s smooth. 😎Sending my warmest regards to you, and to Mrs. Frank!
    Hoping for a new theater production! Just saying. 😀 🍷 clink 🍷 & clink, clink🍷

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    • Resa,
      Thanks for the welcome back clinks. Speaking of wine, I’ve been fighting a cough and stuffiness, probably due to not enough wine!

      An over 20 mile walk? Wow … you are a machine! … and I can’t imagine how many pics you took .. and the length of time it took to do the walk with all the stops for pics!

      The idea of the next musical is strong in my head. All I have to do is prepare the image for the playbill. Thanks for the nudge!

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  7. Ah… welcome back, Frank. Batteries all charged up now huh?! As you know, I also find this type of charging the best ever! 😉 If only we could walk beaches every day of our lives [I’d even settle with 2/3!!!! 😉 ] Yamas! 🍷🍷🍷🍷

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    • Kerry,
      There is a mellowness in my beach walk posts – and that’s because of the mellowness of the time period. I will later describe it as life as an alter ego. More to come!


  8. If you’re going to walk way over 20,000 steps a day, you might consider walking to the beach from your house in Cincinnati. 🙂 It might take you a few weeks, but with more changes in scenery than a regular beach walk could provide. 🙂

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  9. There is something highly therapeutic about water and beach walking. It’s the only thing missing from making Colorado perfect. Well that and eliminating half the new traffic from everyone moving here for our beautiful mountains and blue skies (oh and probably because of the outstanding economy thanks in great measure to the nemesis of Jeff Sessions-legalized pot). 😁

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