Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 355

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“My week” is about to end. My Week? Yep – this is the week my wife went cruising with a group of ladies. They have a great time. Besides, she won’t miss the cold and snow! Meanwhile, I danced a lot!

After holding such high hopes for two local college basketball teams, the world crashed on Cincinnati last Sunday when both teams losing after having double-digit leads with ten minutes to go. That day may be the worst single day in Cincinnati sports history.

CBS News created a wonderful series called Note to Self – a reflection by famous people writing a letter to a younger version of themselves. Here’s the official website. Many are also on YouTube, so they are worth searching and taking a few minutes to listen. The book version is coming soon.

Given my interest in the relationship between science and theology, my wife urged me to read Dan Brown’s latest book – Origins – which I am now doing. It is interesting … and long.

Here’s a great video that celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. It’s worth the few minutes.

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Talk and policies favoring US isolation and protectionism while trying to be cognizant of a resurgent Russia, a continual growing China, and numerous global hotspots has lessened (and will continue to lessen) the US standing in the world.

Does anyone remember the day of the talk of the Tillerson-Mattis-Kelly pact of if one of them goes, they all go? Well, one week ago Mr. Tillerson lost his job as Secretary of State, but the other two are still in their respective positions. So much for that rumor.

Trumpians like to complain that the Mueller investigation will delegitimize the election. Nope – to me, President Trump won fair and square. However, the investigation is necessary on other grounds.

I recently described (to a friend) the 2016 Presidential Election as the Democrats missing a layup. Because I foresee Democrats gaining in the 2018 midterms, that also sets them up for missing another layup in 2020.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion lists benefits of being a risk-taker.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Dozens of other countries that interfered in 2016 election annoyed Russia getting all the credit
Swans in committed relationship barely even arch necks into heart shape anymore
World’s oldest message in bottle found on Australian beach
Kinky couple has mirror in bathroom
Only 40% of mice have welcome mat, doorway leading into tiny house inside wall

Interesting Reads
A cliff special to geology
Heredity beyond genes
The numbers and gun violence
Seven explorers who vanished
Studying drawings of scientists by kids
Europe’s last pagan nation
(Interactive & article) Global migration since 1990
A view of miracles and science

To send you into the weekend (and as work toward Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction), here’s one of my favorite Moody Blues songs that you may not know. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

40 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 355

  1. Yes, I’m mourning because the Zags lost to NC last night. Oh wellll, at least they made it to the Sweet 16 (our daughter attended Gonzaga, a fabulous place). I think I may have mentioned Dan Brown’s Origin to you also. My favorite by this author. Leads to great dinner time conversations. I think it’s fun to write to our younger selves, but perhaps we should write to our future selves, also! ;-0

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    • Pam,
      Oh yes – the Zags seemed to be fighting from behind the entire game. … Now I remember you recommending Origins because I recall you mentioning the dinner discussion. It’s a fun read – and Brown’s style is easy to read.

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  2. Y’all need to get used to hoop disappointment. Now you know how the rest of us feel. A pact among politicians?????? Ha ha ha. The stock market gave a hint yesterday of what isolationism is going to mean. Not a pretty picture. My opinion is world opinion of the US has never been good since the days of Teddy Roosevelt. We Americans always want to be liked and it just isn’t possible when we continually are called upon to either supply aid ( which generates ill feelings) or police bad guys.

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  3. I might check out Dan Brown’s book, Frank. I have been working my way through quite a pile of non-fiction, and could benefit from something different right now. I have settled into a “wait and see” quiet with the Trump circus. I think I’ve really tapped into how naive I am. That I could be disappointed in the lack of moral character blanketing almost all of the Washington players (in my opinion) speaks more to my deficiencies than theirs. I’ve always been keenly optimistic in life and I’m afraid that bubble has significantly deflated. However–Keep on dancing!

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    • Debra,
      I’m a bit more than half way through the book and I still like it and the twist and turns it provides. In terms of the “Trump Circus”, you know that I’ve been patiently watching. After all, I think my patience can outlast his idiocy. ,,, and yes, dancing helps keep the sanity!


  4. What a difference a day makes — This was published yesterday 3/22 — now there is talk in the news that Kelly will be next to go, with nobody likely to replace him — Trump to act as his own CEO (not to mention attorney) What a world we’re living in.

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  5. I just checked out Note to Self and watched the letter of the man with ALS–so now I’m wiping the tears from my face. I’ll have to check out some of the others. Thanks.
    Agree with Elyse–every day there are more changes and craziness with dt as president. Wonder what crazy stuff he’ll be tweeting this weekend?
    There’s a show I’ve heard on the radio–The Pulse–that has done some segments exploring science and religion. I may have already shared that with you. (I’m not a Dan Brown fan.) 🙂

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      • I’ve only read one book–The DaVinci Code, I think? It was years ago–but I remember thinking that his writing was really not very good–just full of clichés and badly written prose. It was fast reading, and if you didn’t stop to think much about it, it was fine. 🙂 He’s certainly popular, so most people must not agree with me–but it’s great we have choices.


  6. True that the timing was off with Mattis and Kelly after Tillerson.

    No question that Fox News is making layups more difficult.

    What if the maps and charts on gun violence don’t lie?

    I swore off Dan Brown after The Da Vinci Code didn’t deliver the answer I wanted.

    “Dozens of other countries that interfered in 2016 election annoyed Russia getting all the credit” gets a splat only because I heard a person on talk radio say the exact same words.

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      • For the sake of the country I hope you’re right on both counts, especially related to Mattis staying Sec. of Defense as a force of reason against John Bolton. Also, I concede that an even slightly better Democratic candidate than Hillary Clinton could have converted the layup in 2016 in spite of Fox News (and the Russians). Thanks also to AFA for influencing me to reconsider and put Origins on my library hold list.

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  7. Sorry about your college basketball teams, but I’m happy because the Toronto Raptors are hanging in. Great Moody Blues tune. Did you dance to it? I hope your wife has a wonderful trip, and while she’s gone dance the time away!

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    • Resa,
      My wife returned yesterday, and she had a wonderful trip. To my surprise, she didn’t miss the two days of snow that I witnessed! Meanwhile, I did dance the time away. The ladies enjoyed having an extra guy in the mix!

      Glad you enjoyed this Moody Blues song. Did you know it or was it new to you? Yes … it is danceable …. West Coast Swing.


  8. Dan Brown’s book is on my list as I have read all of his other books. I think the Russians had an impact on the election by dividing us and flaming our differences, but Trump fears that it will take away from his legitimacy somehow. Underneath he seems to have little confidence in his elections.

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    • Jo,
      Trump and his minions are blaming the Russian probe as a Democratic plot to delegitimize the election … which is the reason I made my statement. Meanwhile, I continue to plug away on the Brown book. I enjoy it so far. I’m still unsure on the ending!


  9. Sorry about your teams. It’s been a crazy tourney, and I guess I have to root for Loyola at this point seeing as how the rest of ’em are chalkish picks. It’s time for a real Cinderella to crash this thing, the whole thing.
    As for the US policy of playing keep away? It runs counter to the current state of the world, where we actually need to be MORE accessible and involved, not less. But whatevs.
    2016 was indeed a layup. Missed. And really . . after 2018, Imma scared.

    Moody Blues! Always and forevah . . .

    Peace and baseball


    • Marc,
      The Loyola story is a good one …. and hey … love a 96 year old nun being front and center. What a story!

      Can’t believe Opening Day is later this week. MLB has once again thrown a Cincy tradition for a loop. The annual Opening Day parade will be next week. Therefore, there will be less excitement on Opening Day downtown … so I won’t go.

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      • The MLB just doesn’t get it.
        I was reading about these steps they want to implement to improve the pace of play, but the problem is it doesn’t take into account the way the game is played now, what with all the specialized pitching situations that managers have fallen in love with.
        And let’s not forget commercials, which are a non-starter. I guess it will take a renegade league like this new football league to show the traditional sports how to integrate commercials into the broadcast while moving it along.

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  10. Okay, so get this. Trump is coming to my Ohio hometown this Thursday. My tiny Ohio hometown, my mom informed me. So weird! Also, I wish I could remember what it was now, but something, like my blanket got tangled up, and I thought, This is Obama’s fault. 😉


  11. That was a dark day for Cincinnati college baskets, wasn’t it? I suspect Nashville will not be a favored destination for folks of the Queen City for at least awhile. Dan Brown’s “Origin” is on our shelf, Frank, Waiting patiently to be read. My wife is a big fan of his. I like your analogy of the recent Prez Election…missed a layup? No doubt about it.

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    • Bruce,
      The city was so excited to have 2 teams playing so close to home. … and then POW – 3 hours apart – both were gone. One local writer wondered if it was the worst day ever in Cincinnati sports history.

      I’m nearing the end of Origins. I like it … and hope to review it here. It is easy reading and has held my attention.

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