Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 356

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Congratulations to blogger, author, and long-time visitor here, Carrie Rubin, on the release of her latest book (The Bone Curse). Click here for the Amazon link.

This Sunday is Eastern for Western Christianity. That also means the handbells will be involved with music on multiple occasions. This Joyful Eastertide is our featured song. For those listening, 1) we will be without the trumpets, and 2) you will easily hear the difference between playing handbells and chimes as we switch from one to the other several times during the piece. Click here to listen.

Cincinnatians treat Opening Day (for baseball) as a festive holiday event. Major League Baseball (MLB) is starting the season earlier than normal, and this year, it happens to be in front of Easter weekend – which conflicts with the businesses that sponsor the Opening Day parade. In other words, the first game and the parade will not be on the same day. Thanks you MLB.

I’m a life-love Cincinnati Reds fan. Given the teams lack of success over the past 25 years, apathy would be a good word to describe my outlook for the season. I wish them well. I will root for them. I will remain loyal – but I don’t expect much.

Sears is a struggling company. How can the Sears Board of Directors in good conscience give their CEO are bonus ?

Do you remember the term tattletails? Even though I haven’t heard in many years, this local editorial focused on the term while relating it to various local and national events. I think this is a worthy read. 

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A few days ago I received a one-side survey for supporting President Trump and Republican Party. Filling it out was worth the time and stamp. In the extra comments box I wondered why the committee would keep sending me these surveys – especially considering my answers and other comments.

I like this question asked by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press: (I paraphrase) Which event will have greater impact six months from now: the gun control rallies or Stormy Daniels?

Because the extremes have a way of digging in, I still find it difficult to believe that America can have a true discussion about gun control. Then again, surprises can happen.

As a whole, I believe most Americans strongly dislike negative campaigns. However, this statement on Politico caught him attention. In preparing to go toe-to-toe with Trump, Democrats will have to take some sparring practice, and not all the punches are going to land. But to insist that candidates shouldn’t treat the campaign like a schoolyard brawl is to deny the reality that one of the candidates is going to make sure that it is one.

The US Supreme Court has their hands full with dealing with gerrymandering.

Thank you Stephen Colbert for continuing to make me laugh as a way of dealing with the current White House occupant and his administration.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides a timeline for 20 years of Netflix.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Man assumed celebrity sighting would do much for his career
Classically trained actor can talk on cue
Dead medieval woman gave birth to baby in coffin
Handwriting expert confirms killer used cursive
Man calls trust fund his savings

Interesting Reads
Resilient life in an Indian coastal town
Is the Democratic Big-Tent shrinking?
Science and social media
World maps with literal names for countries
Censoring in Egypt
Places on Earth that seem to be from another world

To send you into the weekend (and as move toward their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction), here’s another Moody Blues classic. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

48 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 356

  1. The political arena ain’t sunshine and rainbows . . indeed. There WILL be mud . . sorry, I had to.
    And the Reds just need to suck for a while like the Astros did. It worked wonders for Houston in the long run. I don’t know why they didn’t trade Votto for a slew of youngsters.
    And here’s my take. . .”Classically trained actor confirms trust fund would do much for his career”

    Go Moody Blues (surprise . . .:)

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  2. I love your music choices, Frank. Moody Blues is a sure winner! I also think I will have to make time to read your interesting reads. I’m bookmarking them as each holds appeal to me for different reason. I love the music at Easter service. I know your handbells choir will be particularly welcome this Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Debra,
      Glad you enjoyed the findings on this post. As you well know, I (long ago) criticized the R&R Hall’s lack of Moody Blues recognition. Now that it is about to happen, I feel I need to continue until the day comes. More Moody Blues coming next week!

      The handbell piece isn’t a backbreaker (not sure how many more of those I can take). The switching between bells and chimes is interesting. We’ve done many pieces that do that, but this does it in short intervals.

      Enjoy your weekend … did all go well last weekend in SD?


  3. Thank you so much for the mention, Frank! Very nice if you to plug my book. I appreciate it.

    As for the political climate, thank heavens for the late-night talk shows. They give us the comic relief we need. I record Seth Myers and The Daily Show and just watch the openings. No time for more. I should watch Colbert though. I’ve heard he’s hilarious.

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  4. A lot of very interesting opinions here… Just wanted to say that after watching the US change many of its attitudes and conventions… sometimes radical changes… I wouldn’tdespair about gun laws. It’s an issue that can unite people, and when there is a visible majority, they will bring change.

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    • Shimon,
      First of all – Happy Passover to you!

      Glad you enjoyed my laundry list of short thoughts. Time answers so many questions, so it will be interesting to see how (or even if) time answers the gun question. I’m not confidence a national discussion is even possible.


  5. Your post had me busy this morning plotting how I can get to Pingualuit crater from Montreal the next time I visit Québec Province, Canada.

    Being a man of science, your takeaways from The Pew Research Center’s “The Science People See on Social Media” are eagerly awaited.

    Regardless of the Politico statement, and considering the results from recent special elections, I believe that given the choice between two negative campaigns the American electorate has learned its lesson and will choose the more positive.

    Jason Krug’s “This Joyful Eastertide” is a worthy addition to Easter Sunday music literature. I’m sure it will be appreciated by your congregation this Sunday.

    No splats.

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    • Tim,
      It seems you found a plethora of information in the Interesting Reads. Regarding the No Splats, I’m not sure any on that list were clear-cut winners for me. Have a joyous Easter weekend.


  6. Excellent post, Frank. I enjoyed the article on tattletales. The sad thing is our society has lost the individuality spirit that would render any joke no matter how base to the scrapheap. We have become a society of pernicious finger pointers following the example of our leaders. It is sad to see, but trust in one another is at an all-time low.

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    • John,
      Thanks for reading the tattletails piece. “Pernicious finger pointers” … wow … that’s good – and accurate. … I’ll throw in a nation of people focusing self at the expense of tearing down others.


  7. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Frank! I listened to most of the hand bells, and read the piece on Tattletales. Both were interesting for completely different reasons. GO BLUE JAYS!!!

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  8. Top billing for Carrie! I’ve seen her book on several blogs now. That’s so wonderful. I still need to read. :/ Mean to, though, definitely. (Are you reading this, Carrie?) 😉
    That top image cracks me up so much. Not quite sure what to make of the last one!
    My mom said that she will never wash the hand that waved to the motorcade and the shadow in the back of a limo that may or may not have been Trump’s shadow. Haha. She’s goofy. So, that was the extent of their ability to see him in their hometown.

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    • Betsy,
      Oh yes … that last image is a bit off the wall … which is good reason for me to use it. I imagine your mom would wave to the car in the first image if it passed her.

      Oh yes – President Trump came to Ohio – and hearing some of the audio clips is always a special treat.

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  9. Middle child went to the Blue Jays game, I’m not a fan which I find humorous since I grew up playing baseball and was not that bad at all. As for the term tattletales, my parents used it all the time, and I will admit, I may have used it a few times when the kids were small. Though I have always told my kids if they have an issue/problem etc with someone, go to that person first.
    Thanks for the memory with the Moody Blues.

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