On Beach Walk: No. 21

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Although the waves are constant, each wave is different – but patterns of similarities exist – yet waves differ from day-to-day.

Waves have a force – sometime powerful and other times not so much – but they still carry a force – a force washing the water ashore where it meets the beach’s resistant slope while refreshing my feet.

Most of the time the beach’s slope causes the water to retreat to the sea – but without following the same path. Sometimes the water successfully climbs the sand’s crest – occasionally collecting as a mini-lake away from the water’s edge only to swept away at high tide or simply percolate through the sand.

Sometimes the water climbs the crest, but then follows a natural trench – sometimes to the left – other times to the right – but always in the same direction. As the water flows left or right it may meet other naturally moving water on its return to the sea – joining as two rivers into one – but always in the same direction.

Because of these miniature streams, I think of the world’s major rivers as they are all flowing in the same direction. The Nile River going north, and the Mississippi River going south – but in the same direction. Whether the Danube River to the southeast, the Rhine to the northwest, the St. Lawrence River to the northeast, and the mighty Amazon to the east – their directions are all the same … just like the waters on the beach … because water always flows downhill.

Even with a truth through a touch of snark, walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

26 thoughts on “On Beach Walk: No. 21

  1. The flow of water, is mesmerising isn’t it Frank. I still love to stand ankle deep and feel the strength of the tug and watch the way the water moves about me. A while ago – maybe last year – I was reading about a river beneath the ice in Antarctica that scientists believe flows uphill. Here’s the link if you are interested https://www.livescience.com/58416-can-water-naturally-flow-uphill.html The physics is always fascinating and often over my head!

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    • Pauline,
      Thanks for walking along. Fortunately for you, the beach is nearby, so unless it is too cold, you get many opportunities … sometime I envy!

      But oh no … uphill flow? I will read this later! Thanks.

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  2. Water plays the full musical range from light trills to dramatic roars. Always in command of the stage of attention. Flowing naturally with direction People are drawn to its’ flow and ebb – the persistent motion that can move the toughest obstacle – create the most elegant sculptures – and yet gently caress the smallest child’s toes testing the beach sands the first time.
    Nothing like water to get a mind wandering.

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    • Mouse,
      We can describe the movement of water in so many ways – especially at the beach. Metaphors and analogies are abundant, so I tried to use a few that had meaning to me. … and many thanks for adding your twist!

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  3. Frank,

    I do love swimming in any body of water, really. Going for a good swim when I’m at the shore is my favorite, if only because it feels like I’m swimming on another planet once I’ve made my way out deep enough. All is quiet and serene, and everything makes sense.

    Lovely walk as per usual.


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  4. Some of my favorite spots include fresh water estuaries that meet the ocean and you find that cool mix of fresh and salt water pools. Our waterways are truly magnificent. I enjoy your beach walks, Frank. You have such appreciation for all aspects of what you discover at the ocean’s edge.

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  5. Yes, whether it flows left or right, water flows around the planet. The planet is round. Therefore all water connects over the circle. We have something to learn from water, as it refreshes our feet?

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