Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 360

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We’ve been back on the road with 3-hour trips to northern Indiana to help an elderly aunt. No fun! Also, it’s the reason I’m being behind with comments here, a lack of presence elsewhere, and a mediocre OITS: v360.

I enjoy listening to the eulogies of famous people with a televised funeral – and the recent funeral of Barbara Bush was no exception.

Not long ago we saw Black Panther. Interesting movie – but more violence than I expected. Also on the arts front, soon we will see Treasure Island as a play. Do you have any movie recommendations that are currently in theaters?

My Cincinnati Reds are a bad baseball team. The expansion 1962 Mets were the worst time in my lifetime – winning 40 games. Through Wednesday, the current Reds team is on the pace to win 40 games.

I enjoyed researching the previous post about 1968. Those of us who lived it know how crazy it was.

My golf league will be starting soon. Given the horrible weather that has blessed Cincinnati, my golf clubs are still in our storage area. Yikes!

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The Ohio Primary takes place in a few weeks. Area Republican signs are loaded with descriptors as Conservative, Real Republican, and a few more. However, on a recent 3-hour trip to the north and into Indiana, I did not see any similar taglines. Oh yes, the benefit of living among the Trumpians.

The Cincinnati newspaper compared the reactions by representatives and senators to when President Obama’s ordered bombing of Syria (2013) to President Trump’s recent order to bomb Syria. Of course the majority were inconsistent!

It’s time to give President Trump credit for an accomplishment: A record number of people wishing W was back in the Oval Office.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides scoop on the James Comey memos.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Conversation at other end of table sounds way more interesting
Local history museum really digging deep to fill two 15-by-20 foot rooms
25-year-old moving into comfortable, rent-free arrangement in parents’ home worried he’s hit rock bottom
Dermatologists recommend regularly checking body for screaming demonic face bulging out of skin
New employee doesn’t understand that’s where Zack sits

Interesting Reads
Linking American racism and Hitler
Hummingbird love-charm trade
Women who secretly fought the Cold War
(Graphic & article) Where the ultra-rich live
(Graphic) Large subscription services
(Photos) A collection of holes

To send you into the weekend, enjoy this song from Gordon Lightfoot. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

29 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 360

  1. Good luck with your trip(s) to Indiana. I understand how that is both time-consuming and exhausting.
    The story about the British women who worked in the bunkers during the Cold War was interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    We may go to the movies this weekend, but you know we tend to see movies that no one has heard of. 😉

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  2. Frank, I’ve never been to Indiana but photos I’ve seen make it seem nice and tranquil, in some areas. Is it?

    For the record, I think Barbara Bush was a very elegant and classy lady and it seems everyone who ever knew her, respected her very much.

    I’ve not seen the Black Panther movie…I heard it was good but I don’t care for the big exploding, violent movies. I’ve heard there is some kind of message in it but again, not a big fan of extreme violence.

    We went to see The Quiet Place and it was a good, old-fashioned scary movie. Not any gory violence…kind of like the suspense you felt if you saw Stephen King’s Cugo movie. I loved the movie, 3 Billboards in Missouri and I enjoyed I, Tonya. I didn’t see I, Tonya as glamorizing her, just another side of the story and everyone has one and comes from a different perspective. It was entertaining and Allison Janey was great!

    I can’t comment about sports because when sports come on, it’s as if Charlie Brown’s teacher is talking…ha! Happy Friday.

    These days no headline surprises me.


  3. Your observations about Republican yard signs made me smile. I recently returned from 9 days in Texas where signs were similar. One in particular stuck out: “Texan, Conservative, Patriot” by a eye patch wearing Dan Crenshaw for U.S. Congress.

    Sorry about your aunt. Making those long drives back and forth is no fun, how well I know from personal experience. I hope she recovers soon. Here’s to a weekend of peace, good weather with a few smiles thrown in to help assuage bad baseball and life in Trumpville.


    • Monika,
      Oh my … the campaign sign in Texas made me laugh – sad to say.

      Thanks on the best wishes regarding dealing with our elderly aunt. Last summer and fall, we had numerous trips up there to prepare her house for sale – SUCCESS! … We had a huge mess on our hands, but got it done!

      Meanwhile, the combination of bad baseball and Trumpville is a tough one!

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      • The sign made me shake my head. I went to his website; this guy seems like the real deal. Sadly he represents all positions which make me shudder. I saw another one that profusely promoted its candidate as a true Second Amendment supporter-campaign signs in the Lone Star state are definitely ‘different.’ Congrats on accomplishing a huge feat preparing your Aunt’s house for sale. You’re a special relative.

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  4. Do you play Golf?… My dad is a fan and I recently went with him… I really enjoyed watching. The field was beautiful too.I have been wanting to watch Black Panther. Seems violent but a great movie, anyway- Wishing you a good weekend ahead, dear Frank. Love & best wishes 🙂

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  5. The graphic “Large subscription services” stopped me in my tracks.

    This year’s Cincinnati Reds baseball team is a mess, last night’s 15-9 come from behind win over the Minnesota Twins not withstanding.

    I dodged the “New employee doesn’t understand that’s where Zack sits” splat multiple times.

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  6. I love Gordon Lightfoot and he will be performing locally very soon. I have gone back and forth about purchasing tickets. Living in the entertainment capital of the world is exhausting. I continually need to talk myself out of overindulging! I haven’t been too tempted by any movies right now, however. I hope your weather improves and gives you some good golf time, Frank. With the care you’re giving your aunt, it sounds like golf would be an excellent benefit. But good for you to take the time to care for her. Not easy, I know! Hope you have a good week.

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    • Debra,
      Not only are you around many concerts, attending each isn’t very cheap these days … plus the multiplication factor of multiple tickets per concert and then times the number of concerts.

      The weather is breaking. Today was beautiful, but I worked at the course. Hope to play somewhere tomorrow to get sometime before Tuesday’s start of the league. I may even have to play before the league to get more repetitions.

      Thanks for the best wishes in our dealing with the elderly aunt. Not easy … and distance complicates matters. Not sure if I’ll have to hit the road this week.

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