On Beach Walk: 24

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

As an early riser, I wanted to start today with a morning beach walk all by myself to see the sunrise with the sand and water touching my feet. A different start to the day, but the day is special – February 17th – my birthday.

Natural biorhythms awakened me 30 minutes ahead of the sun’s appearance. I looked out the window to the disappointment of a light fog – but I still went to the beach because it was my day.

Down nine flights of stairs, through the lobby, and across the sand straight to the water’s edge. Looking left then right, the lit pre-dawn sky allowed me to notice the beach was all mine. Nobody in sight. Birds weren’t even in the sky.


I walked to the east with an eye on the horizon for the approaching event with the calm water rolling across my feet. I ponder about my life – people, places, events, highs and lows – all are thoughts worthy of separate walks.

A small wave ahead of me washes a small crab toward the shore. I see it fighting to return to the sea – and then the backwash helps deliver its wish and not for me to see again.

Looking ahead I note a Great Blue Heron as joined me and stands alone staring across the water. Probably hoping for a morning meal, or at least waiting for a fisherman to arrive.

It’s time – the sun starts rising – but the clouds block its appearance – so I continue walking to the east until I see the sun.


The seagulls are now soaring in the sky above the water – but I haven’t seen any sandpipers, pelicans, or my favorites – the frantic sanderlings.

I look ahead – there it is – the sun appearing out of a cloud. My day has started! I enjoy the moment, smile, and then reverse course.


People are now in sight. I encounter my first person of my day. She smiled and said “Good Morning” as we pass.

A flock of seagulls are now gathered on the beach. Without flying away, the squawk as I pass as if they were singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I smiled, and then they immediately stopped.

The heron still stands and stares – but this may be may favorite picture of our time on the coast.


A good way to start my day – and already over 4000 steps – but the rest of the day is unknown. After all, that’s what life is.

No matter the time of day or the day of the week, walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

55 thoughts on “On Beach Walk: 24

  1. This is lovely, filled with beautiful images , those you have verbalized and amazing photographs. Few things are more beautiful than the great Blue Heron, what a delight it must of been to find him there. A beautiful birthday present. Thank you for sharing one of my favorite songs by Nora Jones. So perfect for this gem.

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  2. i honestly can’t think of a more spectacular way to start a birthday, Frank. The setting of the beautiful beach, the heron’s visit, and the opportunity to think about all that may come in the year ahead. Your photos are just wonderful. Even the heavy cloud cover is magical at the beach!

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  3. Well, a very belated happy birthday to you Frank <3. And isn't that just the best birthday present to give yourself. Surely nothing can go wrong when a new year is started off with an early morning walk on the beach!! That photo is pretty amazing too!

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  4. Sounds like a fine way to start the day. It must be a pleasure to live so close to the sea. Wonder if you hear the waves in your home… or the fog horn. I remember once spending a vacation at the sea shore, and the constant fog horn was like music to my ears. There is something very calming too, about absorbing the presence of a vast body of water. Enjoy.

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    • Shimon,
      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, this beach is about 14 hours of driving time for me. Cincinnati is very inland. However, this year we spent 6 weeks (mid-Jan through Feb) on the shore to minimize the effect of winter! It’s during that time I create this Beach Walk series. Life there is very calming in many ways!


    • Demure,
      Many thanks for the birthday wishes. The entire beach series has been fun to do. I actually drafted each post while there, then tweak them before publishing them here. More to come!


      • Cool – Can’t wait! And by the way, about that heron photo, my wife thinks it would go great with our (her) renovation color scheme, and I like the Van Gogh-like diagonal perspective lines along with the multiple off-center focal points.


    • Jo,
      LOL … but going down 9 flights is much easier than going up – something that I never tried! Thanks for coming along, and glad my words and images made you feel like you were there!


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  6. Ohhh … Norah Jones – how I loved her once. Now, not so much. She sounds tired. AND … I get tired. She lost her edge somewhere. I hope she gets it back. : O
    I love going to the beach and seeing no one there. Then, as people appear, it’s like magic. One by one they take their little piece of sand and make it their own.
    The water comes up to greet you and you are happy to be free of worries.
    Yes, a morning walk on the beach is mystical and magical all at once. I hope it created the perfect moment for you to enjoy on your birthday. I believe I missed it … Happy Happy and Many Many more …!!!
    Cheers 🍷🍷
    Isadora 😎

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    • Isadora,
      This walk set the stage for my day! I stayed busy and the evening include a dinner with 7 of us going out. Meanwhile, I frequently watched sunrise from the balcony, but I greatly enjoyed going to the beach on this day. I may have to do that more often next year! Thanks for the wishes!!!!

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