On Blog Break May 2018

It’s time for my seasonal blog break. I’m anticipating 3-6 weeks. During that time, I expect a blend of absence and occasional appearances. Before I go, a few random thoughts in the Opinions in the Shorts style.

During my absence, I encourage readers to visit a blog you may not know. You have my right sidebar here for starters and the Blogroll page on the tabs. Tell them I sent you.

ArtWorks announced that Fiona, Cincinnati’s darling hippo, is going to have her own mural. They are also letting the public vote on the design. See the choices here – and yes – you can vote!

For those interested in odd records, this link is about 20 Guinness World Records tied to Cincinnati.

Cheers to the Costco Optical Department for continuing to provide great value for those needing corrective eyewear.

I’m enjoying the hype for the upcoming royal wedding – especially the reports from England about the people and the places. I wonder how much training the bride has done about royal protocol.

Faith Saile did this great report on CBS News comparing American English and British English. It’s worth the 2+ minutes.

Given the hubbub about the Iran nuclear deal, I enjoyed this article to brings issues to light.

Regarding the possibility of the US-North Korea summit, instead of meeting in Singapore, I favor a game of cornhole at the DMZ border. A target on each side of the border is perfect!

Yes – there is a possibility of Donald Trump winning re-election in 2020. I’m raising the possibility from 15% to 35%.

Washington Post’s conservative columnist George Will has never been a President Trump fan – I would say he is more of an antagonist. In this recent column about Vice President Mike Pence, Mr. Will’s closing paragraph was priceless.

There will be negligible legislating by the next Congress, so ballots cast this November will be most important as validations or repudiations of the harmonizing voices of Trump, Pence, Arpaio and the like. Trump is what he is, a floundering, inarticulate jumble of gnawing insecurities and not-at-all compensating vanities, which is pathetic. Pence is what he has chosen to be, which is horrifying.

Embed from Getty Images


Here are a few leftover peels from The Onion I have lying around.
Fitbit releases new tracking collar that gets tighter every second you are inactive
Napkinless man with grease-covered fingers realizes he’s trapped in a prison of his own creation
Grandma getting to point she looks like every other grandma
Alcoholic parent easy to shop for
Scientists create artificial placenta that tastes just as delicious as real one
Breakfast in bed served to mom who just eaten out

Interesting Reads
The early days of Israel
The adaptive jaguar
Can Artificial Intelligence doom humans?
Sacred spaces and the 21st century
The dominant lens company
(Pictures) The neon blue tide

To send you into my blog break, enjoy this short song from the electric sounds of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Remember to visit other blogs on my list! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

69 thoughts on “On Blog Break May 2018

  1. The AI article is fascinating. I’ve been thinking about robots in my latest blog. I think their rise would make us question what makes us human and what our purpose is. We need to think hard about whether it’s the future we want or need. Have a good break. 🙂

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  2. So many goodies to chomp on here! Love how articulate Will is, we should all rise to his vocabulary! Oh, the Onion’s headlines make great writing prompts for those with writer’s block, lol.
    Enjoy your break!

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  3. Gone again?! Where? Take me with you! Enjoy!!

    Really loved the quote by G. Will. I never agree with him, but on this point I agree 100%. I think we’re headed for even scarier times if Pence is elected President. Sigh!

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    • E-Tom,
      Oh yes – blog breaks are good – so I’m settling on 2-4 per year. After all, it helps keep me fresh. George Will is a smart guy with a huge vocabulary. There are moments when he frustrates me – even to the point where I won’t read him – but other times he hits the nail on the head.

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  4. No splats in the leftover Onion peels, but what a feast of reads to tide me over during your upcoming Pause Break. The big find was the ADST website which will necessitate setting my morning alarm clock a half hour earlier to scour its (especially now) essential content. From the ABOUT:

    The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training is dedicated to capturing, preserving, and sharing the experiences of America’s diplomats to enrich the professional knowledge of practitioners and strengthen public appreciation of diplomacy’s contribution to America’s national interests by:

    Recording the oral histories of diplomatic practitioners
    Facilitating the preparation and publication of books and memoirs
    Contributing to diplomatic case studies and educational materials
    Supporting the work of the Foreign Service Institute

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  5. OH YEAH …. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy had me up on my feet, aFrank.
    I’m raring to go. Thanks for the jumpin’ jive energy. 😄
    Salsa dancin’ this past Saturday. My hubby, bless his heart, attempted the Cha-Cha lesson for my Mother’s Day gift. One hour lesson and 4 hours of fun after. He still needs a little work but is getting there. Sunday we will be learning the Tango. Oh my …. 😳
    YUP … I’ve got the wedding on my calendar. I must see. I believe MM has been studying her soon-to-be responsibilities. I hope all goes well. Everyone deserves happiness especially a Prince and Princess. 💑
    Have a great R & R … will catch up when you land.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Isadora,
      Woo hooo … glad that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy got your feet moving … and their music is very energetic!

      Great to hear that the two of your are expanding your dancing! Awesome news … just enjoy it!

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  6. Arrrgh – glad I ran by while you’re still close by. Knew it was about pause time for several bloggers – I’ve slipped back to fewer post weekly – just lots going on.
    Enjoy your break and we’ll stay tuned to more hilarity and wonders when you return!
    Hasta later

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  7. Enjoy your break Frank. By the way I have visited the beach twice in the past month, and was ready to blog, of course mentioning you as my influence, but apparently I have fractured my wrist on the weekend. A cast is on, more tests on Friday are coming.


  8. Catherine,
    Wow … talk about good news/bad news! Great that you took a few beach walks, and I’m humbled by the thought of serving as an inspiration for you. Find a way to record some notes about your walk so you can write about it later! Consider verbalizing thoughts into a recorder. Meanwhile, do the best you can and hang in there!


    • Phillip,
      I imagine the Royal Wedding is a bit overwhelming at your end. Meanwhile, the political situation here is a bit more than odd. Meanwhile, the blog break has begun!


  9. Cincy,

    You get back here sooner than later, mister. And enjoy the time away. Much.

    And man . . that is a twenty percent hike in Trump’s chances. No likey.

    As for the cornhole idea. . . be careful what you wish for . .

    And really, I can’t follow that up with anything worthwhile. So . . enjoy the break good man.

    Peace and baseball (better baseball . . much better baseball)

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  10. Breaks are good (except for bad breaks).
    Your suggestion about reading the report of Faith Saile comparing American English and British English reminds me of the quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw (among others) that “England and America are two countries divided by a common language.”

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  11. I am so glad to hear that Fiona will have her own mural! That’s really great and something to look forward to…and enjoy your blog break! I hope you have some nice things planned for the spaces between! 🙂

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  12. Enjoy your time off, Frank. My reworking of the Onion headlines: “Mom gets to point alcoholic scientists to grandma who gets grease-covered collar trapped in a second breakfast that releases every delicious fitbit.”

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