On Beach Walk: No. 26

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

From the balcony, the sound of the waves is less rhythmic than when walking along the shoreline. Yet I still hear a stereo effect of moving from one ear to the next. The sound is like constant hum containing fluctuations as I hear an accumulation of many simultaneous actions. Yet, the sound of the ocean from the balcony across the beach is soothing.

As I walk near the water’s edge, the sound is different. The waves are still constant and repetitive – however, each day is different. From the calm days to the stormy waves of anger, the waters speak in different tones as if they were different languages.

We commonly refer the sound of the waves as a roar – but it’s not the same roar as a lion or tiger. While both are sounds of power and might, the lion follows the roar with silence – but the sea does not.

The waves coming ashore roar – but it is not the same as the roar of a crowd at a sporting event. While both provide a constant as background, the crowd’s excitement is not a predictable rhythm.

The waves coming ashore roar – but it is not the same as the roars of laughter caused by a comedian. Those are sounds of joy and approval – but not even close to the consistency of the sea – which can also bring joy.

The waves coming ashore roar – but it is not the same as the roar of a jet engine. Yes, the jet engines starts as a loudness then fades away as it moves down the runway – but it is more gradual than the roar of the sea. Sometimes when I walk I hear the jet’s roar across the sky, then look upward to find it. Other times the sea mimics the flight, and then I look upward to find nothing.

The waves coming ashore roar – but maybe the roar of thunder is the best analogy. Thunder rolls across the sky just like the roar of the waves roll across the beach. Thunder loudly claps to announce its nearby presences just like the waves. The wave’s thunder clap also announces that water is coming my way – sometimes splashing me – yet also touching my feet.

The roar of the waters of the beach are relaxing, serene, and reliable. They carry a sense of freedom that makes walking good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

51 thoughts on “On Beach Walk: No. 26

  1. You’ve given me an idea. Next time I’m at the beach I’m going to record the sounds of the ocean during beach walks I take at different times of the day. Back home I’ll play the recording (in real time) as I walk, read, ponder the state of the world, or stare out the window.

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  2. I like to think the waves sound is the sound of forever, because they never rest. Like ever! Even Cal Ripken took a day off eventually. . .

    Seriously peaceful easy walk along the beach with you, Frank, love ’em.

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  3. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a walk on a beach today. With a breeze in my face, it’d be such a welcome pastime. Instead there will be a sirocco wind with single digit humidity greeting me today and the rest of the week. I am quite envious of your beach walks, my friend.

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  4. Dear Frank I enjoyed this lovely write and video .I love the ocean so much though I am fearful of it’s power. I love to walk along the shore too, I also find it a n amazing sleep aide, I liken it to a storm in the middle of the night. It’s wonderful to read you again.

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  5. “The roar of the waters of the beach are relaxing, serene, and reliable.” I really love this sentence, with particular notice of the word “reliable.” I wouldn’t have come up with that as a description, but it’s so true! One reason we gravitate to the beach is because we can indeed rely on certain conditions and we anticipate the reward! Lovely, Frank!

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    • Debra,
      Thanks for letting me know your favorite line. As a California Beach Girl, your comment is special to the one many miles of driving from the beach. Enjoy your next walk to the beach!


  6. Another lovely beach walk, Frank. Love the comparisons to the various roars in life…
    Is there anything more soothing than the roll of the waves? Whether from an ocean, a river, a lake… each has it’s own particular sound…

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