On Beach Walk: No. 27

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I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me – like food or water.” (Ray Charles, musician)

I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

The sound of the surf fosters many descriptors as magical, soothing, refreshing, healing, and many more. For those hearing one of nature’s symphonies, musical another descriptor.

I think about music, but music is much more than we think.

I think about common notes as one, one and a half, two, three, four, one eighth, and one sixteenth arranged in potentially many random sequences.

I think about the musical notes of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and their designated accidentals of sharps and flats – let alone the number of times that pattern repeats for a different octave.

I think about all the random combinations those notes can be arranged into music – let alone when combined with the previous combination of numbers.

I think about music as a combination of 88 tones of piano keys and then some – notes of various lengths constructed together in desired chords – majors and minors of the key signature played at a particular tempo.

Music is not just for dedications, memories, emotions, relaxation, and/or entertainment – Music engages emotions, thoughts, memories, or paints a picture with the brush of sound.

Music is more than stanzas composed of phrases arranged in measures containing notes of various lengths and accentuations – Music is a message written in a unique language that must be translated by skilled people so listeners can interpret its intent.

Music is more than something we extract from the electronic device of choice – Music is an expression of a time, a place, a setting, an occasion, a story, a mood, or emotions.

Music is a combination of notes, phrases in a sequence to a key signature, time signature, and tempo – Music is more than a composer’s notes on a page for a musician because music is one of the universal languages.

Music is a variety of genres as Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, New Age, Country, Classical, Rap, and many more – with each subdivided into a host of musical niches – let alone the variations within from global cultures – and all are good for the mood, mind, and soul – but just in a different way for different people.

On the day I think about music and the countless joys that it has given me – even the musical earworms – walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

54 thoughts on “On Beach Walk: No. 27

  1. this is rich and even though i said have a nice week – I am back… (signing off and saw this)
    and the video was nice – but I really liked the depth on your music – and to me I always think of the silence that is part of music too – part of the beat and all…

    and side note – do you have an easy way to explain what it means to have a piece in C minor?

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  2. This was so enjoyable reading your thoughts on music Frank. You know how there are certain aromas that have the ability to transport us to another place and time in a split second – I have a soundtrack that has accompanied the many twists and turns of my life and hearing any of those tracks playing can immediately bring back certain memories. Music has the ability to calm and soothe and bring solace and peace. I cannot imagine life without it.

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  3. Beautiful post. You said it all with: “Music is a message written in a unique language”. Even within the language, there are dialects… but learning music is much like learning a language. Enjoyed this one, Frank.

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  4. I enjoyed this post – you conveyed the amazing complexity and variety of music, but also its simplicity, and the importance it holds in our lives in so many ways. I can’t imagine life without music. 🙂

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  5. Beautiful points made about humankind’s universal language. The one about the genres (paraphrased) “Music is a variety of genres . . . subdivided into a host of musical niches . . . with variations within from global cultures . . . all are good . . . but just in a different way for different people” sums up what led me to go into music professionally. Here’s a musical genre example (operatic tenor arias) which should appeal to your Italian heritage and provide background for your blog writing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKSwCMgeB-I

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    • Tim,
      Knowing your musical training and love for many forms of music, I anxiously awaited your comment – (note that I never mentioned it to you with any depth). Glad a few of my words struck the right chord.


  6. CIncy,

    Music . . . and more specifically a certain song, brings me back to that time and place, every time. I enjoyed this peaceful easy feeling of a beach walk very much Frank.

    Peace and piano keys

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  7. ‘Music is a message written in a unique language that must be translated by skilled people so listeners can interpret its intent.’ Each art has its own language, and I agree that it must be read and translated by those skilled in a particular art. I can look at a painting and think any number of simple things: it’s pretty, I like the squiggles there. But I must listen to Tim and other artists to improve my appreciation of the history and craft I’m seeing. Great post!

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  8. Here’s a funny coincidence, Frank. I listen to a lot of vinyl…some of my “old” stuff. And I just finished listening to an LP I had as a teenager that is sounds of the surf combined with soft music. It’s a very soothing album, needless to say. I love music and I love the ocean, so your thoughts are very meaningful. I know how special those beach walks are to you. I agree!

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    • Debra,
      I recall that you still listen to old vinyl. That’s awesome! I recall the albums that combined nature sounds and music … such a WOW at the time! Enjoy your next beach walk!


  9. I am way behind reading your posts, dear Frank. But you know me… gonna read a slew of them right, tout de suite!

    Love this. Music is the great assembler. You don’t have to understand the language of the song but it can still mean so much. Of course, when you DO understand the lyrics, they bring you to a whole ‘nother level….

    There are songs I hear that I associate with each person in my life. Funny how that happens… I am immediately transported to the place or event I associate the person and song with or, in some cases, just that person.

    Love your meanderings, both on foot and in that brain of yours.

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  10. The oceans, seas, and lakes really do make music. Surf, waves, birds, winds rustling beach plants all add up. I’ve always loved that. Music has been a bit part of my life, too.
    So, the only thing not singing beautifully in my life right now are my feet. It’s my fault. I over extended my city cement walk yesterday, in the wrong shoes. LOL! 😀

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