Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 366

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As heat has been blasting much of the US, fires are torching the western US. Interestingly, fires were commonly mentioned during our recent tour of western national parks.

For relief from the heat, we went to the movie theater to see Ocean 8. Interesting and in the same spirit as the other Ocean movies. Enjoyable – but not a must-see film – so waiting for it from Redbox, a streaming service, or pay-per-view is a good idea.

Interesting how July 4th events use the colors of the American flag for their event: Red White, & Blue Ash; Red Rhythm & Blues, Red White and Boom, and Rye Wine & Boom. Any interesting ones in your area?

We enjoyed a July 4th concert by the Cincinnati Pops. Besides a Broadway singer with a local connection, the concert also featured the US Army Chorus (composed of about 25 men).

I’m unhappy with my golf game because I can’t find the consistency that has been me for many years.

The current resurgence of the Cincinnati Reds is not easy to explain. Although still in last place of their division, they non longer have the worst record in the National League – let alone all of baseball.

As opposed to private lessons, learning a dance from group classes is a good way to develop many bad habits, which are difficult to break.

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The odds are good that I will disagree with President Trump’s upcoming justice nomination for the Supreme Court. Then again, I would also disagree if the numbers and situation were reversed favoring the Democrats. After all, I’m all about the High Court being for everyone@

Finally – EPA Director Scott Pruitt is gone!

Many weeks I suggested House Democrats dump Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as their leader, the latest reports of that possibility causes me to smile

Reflecting on the Fourth of July is a good time to synthesize how the use of the term “patriot” has sadly changed over time.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides tips for being a savvy news consumer.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Clay Pot Shards From Dwelling Of Earliest Known Klutz
Asshole occupying two cemetery plots
Man silently eating personal pan pizza alone in corner of airport unaware this will be best part of 7-day vacation
Woman Takes Break From Dating To Focus On Everything About Herself No One Could Ever Love
Area man just wants a haircut without all the frou-frou
App knows it’s gone next time man needs space for photos

Interesting Reads
How America got its name
Changing your mind
Discovering King Tut’s tomb
The changing world of genetics and DNA
A view of George Clinton’s funk music
(Photos) Scottish birds of prey

To send you into the weekend and continuing the summer theme, enjoy this duo from the past. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

28 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 366

  1. Ah, summer breeze. Love it–and the song/video. I agree with you that I will probably not agree with Trump’s pick for the SCOTUS. Even setting aside the political leanings, so often his appointees are not qualified.


    • Patti,
      Glad you enjoyed the song/video. The worry about one potential pick. Although a judge on the US Court of Appeals since Sept 2017, that’s the only judge experience. This appointment would also increase Catholic dominance on the court – let alone the philosophical thought.


  2. Are those veggie dogs in that girl’s mouth? LOL! I actually thought you were going to say something about the famous Hot Dog Eating Contest you guys have. Anyway, she looks bored with the whole deal, and just sticking her tongues out! 😀 The weekend is on deck. Have a good one!

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  3. Concerning your bafflement over the rise of the Reds: “In baseball you don’t know nothin'” – Yogi Berra

    “Consistency if the hobgoblin of the mid-low handicap golfer.” – Henry David Thoreau (ed. Tim with inspiration from Paul Daugherty)

    The ending of the Changing Your Mind read: “We might rationalise the things that are hard to change, but once a critical mass gets behind a cause, people stop rationalising the status quo, feel they can make a difference because others are with them and begin campaigning for change,” leaves me with hope for our country.

    No splats.

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  4. Cincy,

    Interesting thoughts, as per usual.

    The Reds were never as awful as their start out of the gate would have led us to believe. Plus, Riggleman can manage . . he’s always been underrated as a skipper. He isn’t ‘top tier’ but he is definitely a man with a plan. When my teams is out of contention (See Miami Dolphins), I always try to find something to hold to. Promising young players, etc.

    Trump changed the rules as per a Supreme Court justice’s nomination to 51-49, didn’t he? THAT is what I am most dubious about. No bueno.

    And yes, ‘patriot’ has been used and abused as a term. Its meaning has morphed into a No Fear knockoff of the original intent. Having interviewed veterans of WW2, Korea and Vietnam and witnessing their humility and grace, I am thankful I know what a patriot is supposed to look and sound like.



  5. Excellent choice of music, Frank. And we so needed a breeze all last week (yeah, yeah, I know, I’m late to this party…)
    Today was a perfect 75 with zero humidity. NOW you’re talking, Mama Nature! ‘Course, the temps are supposed to start rising starting tomorrow….

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  6. The temps have been shocking the last couple of days. Yesterday we hit 114 degrees, and in my lifetime I’ve never experienced that before. It was a bit worrisome! I am celebrating Scott Pruitt’s resignation while not being at all happy with his successor. I think I’ve just about made peace with the idea that I won’t have any “happy days” with Washington for a few years yet. Fingers crossed that I have a few good years left in met yet to experience some reversals of policies I find troubling. 🙂 Some excellent “good reads” this week. Thank you!

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