On a Beach Walk: No. 32

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Today is my birthday – February 17th – which is a good day to reflect on my life. I think about different people.

I think about my mother. A kind, gentle woman who came to America at age 26 with a 3-month old, knowing only my dad, and not knowing English. In time she learned the language well enough to converse with customers, visitors, friends, family, and neighbors.

I think about growing up in a small town in the rural Appalachian part of Ohio. Different times there then than today. I had wonderful friends in that isolated, small world. Good times with good people in a good place at a good time.

I think about my college days – a four-hour drive from home – a place that providing great times and a beginning for my career. The place that I established many long-term friendships. The place where I met my wife of 40+ years. Yes, we are called Falcon Flames.

I think of my teaching career – such an important, challenging, difficult, frustrating profession. My career was one of two halves – time when I thought I knew how to teach and times when I knew how to teach for learning. (past post?)

I think about my years in training development. Wish I could have done more of it – then again – I needed the last half of my teaching career to guide it.

I think about 40+ years of marriage – the ups and downs – the travels, hobbies, events, and friends – the love, support, growth, and challenges.

I think about all the people I’ve encountered in 65 years – family, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, professionals, fellow church members, medical professionals, my students, dancers, cruisers, and many more. I’m steadfast in my belief that the most important decision people make in their life is the people one chooses to be around.

I think about the new world of the cyber-connections I’ve made with fellow bloggers. Many wonderful people from most US states (if not all), and from all the world’s continents. You have confirmed my belief that the majority of the world is good.

I think about those who died during my journey. From Effie, a fellow third grader, and (of course) family and friends. Those from accidents, natural causes, illness, and violence – and now I am 6+ years older than my mother when she passed.

Reflecting is an important thing to do. My birthday is a good occasion for looking at life – and the beach is as good as place as any for it. After all, walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

25 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 32

  1. Wishing you a happy birthday, Frank. The date you mention is half a year a way… and I haven’t figured that one out. But I do believe that the most important aspect of an adult birthday is the soul searching… and that doesn’t have to be according to the calendar. The lives we’ve lived, the people that have been with us for the long haul… our teachers and our closest friends, our work and what we’ve learned from our lives… that is truly to celebrate a birthday. And I wish you long days and many years of continued learning and teaching, and celebrating being alive with those closest to you.

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    • Shimon,
      Your comment caused an extra smile. Thank you. Reflection is a powerful tool, and I know you are very reflective. As we get older, reflections are probably deeper and look into the past much more.

      About the date. February 17th is my birthday. I wrote this beach walk on that day 5 months ago. All the beach walks were written during my time on the coast over the winter. Nonetheless, I still accept birthday greetings – so thank you!


  2. You trying to see if we pay attention, Frank? Your birthday…. um…. was February 17.
    I have to agree with Marc…. the most important thing is the people we choose to surround ourselves with – whether in person or on the Internets…

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    • Dale,
      Oh no – just a time stamp on when I wrote this post. Keep in mind that I wrote this posts during my winter at the beach … then edit them, and put them into the queue for posting. Because of the reflection about life, it was appropriate to include the date – but yes – most of the time I don’t.
      You may recall the most I did about walking the beach at sunrise on the same day. Cheers to the good people of the world that we choose to be around!


  3. Your mother must have been very special to be remembered with such fondness and to have made that journey of immigration and made a new life in a new country. Regardless of when your birth day is, any day is a good day to contemplate keeping company with the right kind of people 🙂 And we might become more appreciative of it with every passing day too. Happy beach walking Frank!

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    • Pauline,
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes – my mother was kind, but that transition to the US must have been difficult. On a related note, the walk on this day also led to the post I did on Mother’s Day about her … plus the walk I did at sunrise on my birthday – so that was one productive day (in terms of posts).

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  4. And a very good birthday that was back on February 17 – glad I was there! Meanwhile I’ve got one coming up here at the end of next week. On that day your post will have me thinking about my JH-HS years when I had the good/dumb luck to surround myself with friends who didn’t lead me into trouble.


  5. As we get older, I think perhaps we reflect more on the past–especially on milestone occasions.
    It must have been difficult for you mother, but I hope at times exciting,too, and worth it all in the end. I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandparents, and what it must have been like for them to immigrate. Just the other day, I was thinking about what an accomplishment it was that my one grandfather, who arrived here as a young man, learned to read and write English.

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    • Merril,
      Reflections seem to be more profound as we get older – and with less urgency dur younger reflections. Thanks for sharing about your grandparents as immigrants. Once again, as we get older we understand more about their journey and the difficulties they must have encountered,

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  6. I find that the older I get the more I value taking the time for reflecting on life, Frank. A beach walk is a wonderful environment for those musings. Just two weeks ago we had a family reunion of more than 50 of us and our location this year was the beach. I always refer to it as my “happy place” and it is, but this time I think I spent more time in reflection as well. I was very aware of those in the family no longer physically present with us. Reflection on the kind of questions and life review you enjoyed on your beach walk I believe help us to better live in the present. We tune in to how everything shifts and changes, and savoring each day seems more important. Once again I enjoyed your beach walk!

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    • Debra,
      Knowing your appreciation for beach walks and the quiet time that brings, I appreciate not only your thoughts on this walk – but all the walks. After all, you seem to have a sense of what I’m thinking!


  7. Dear aFrank,
    A lovely reflection on a day that’s all yours to own. I wrote a reflective post for my birthday(July) but circumstances and health didn’t permit my posting. You’ve inspired me to go find that draft and edit, edit, edit for publishing. : )
    You have many wonderful memories. You kife has truly been blessed. AND … you look marvelous!!! MOW … you must say I look marvelous too when I post. LOLOL
    Happiest Belated Birthday Greetings … May you life be filled with many wonderful joys, good health and LOVE !!!!
    Isadora 😎

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    • Isadora,
      Glad to know that this post inspires you to finish the reflection you started. As you know, there is so much to share in life – and post like this one captures of few of those moments. Many thanks for the belated best wishes!!!


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