On a Beach Walk: No. 34

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Silence on this day as most of the birds – the herons, sandpipers, sanderlings, and pelicans are silent. Even seagulls frequently gather to stand in silence – but it seems they also enjoy hearing their own squawk.

I’m away from the sounds of the street – no cars, no trucks, no motorcycles interrupting nature’s natural sounds. The low tide stimulates my auditory sense with a variety of pleasures.

People sounds at the beach are minimal. It’s the off-season, so there are fewer people than during the region’s prime time (summer) – and present are primarily seniors. Other than friendly hellos as people pass, my ears don’t detect a human presence on the beach.

The rolling sounds of waves approaching the shore stereophonically pass by. An occasional thunderous clap serves as a warning of a high probability of a splash.

Today is a luck day as I notice my favorite beach sound – the steady, gentle splash of water gliding across shallow sand on its way to the beach. The sea seems to be speaking to me – Hush – Be quiet and enjoy – Shhhhhhhh – Listen and enjoy.

I hear the wind interacting with my ears. It’s easy to detect – from what appears as a light touch to a persistent whistle or even a roar. Then the wind’s auditory message changes as I turn to face the opposite direction.

I hear the regular rhythm of my feet on the sand with each step. It resembles a bass drum keeping the steady beat on a glorious sound of a marching band playing a classic march. I loved my band days.

My feet splashing through the water seemingly muddles the steady beat, but it’s still present.

I stop to stand and look out to sea. I listen. I hear the light popping of tiny foam bubbles caressing my feet.

Sounds are my thoughts on this day. One can hear so much when they take time to listen. Meanwhile, walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

38 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 34

  1. Frank,

    What a perfectly beautiful description of the silent communication that exists between nature and man. Well, ‘silent’ in that there are no words, because words do in fact get in the way. More and more it seems.
    But this, it is how I dream of the shore. It talks to me. I listen. Simple as that.


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  2. Frank frank frank
    This needs to be in a podcast
    What you wrote is like meditation material – or that quiet yet potent inspirational wording –
    And ahhh
    The beach sounds you wordsmithed about remind me as to why we have yet to move home to Colorado
    When I moved there in 1993 the first minute in I felt most at home and it has been my fav place to reside – and when we moved away in 2000 – it was short term (mother had kidney failure so we moved to east coast be closer to family) but we also weee landlocked and needed OCEAN!
    And your post reminded me to
    Not take this sea access for granted
    And then to have the S&G song to end with – I am also logging off for night so it is like the perfect segway to wind down

    Many thanks and hope your week ahead is a good one

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  3. Ah, my kind of beach walk Frank! Just hearing and seeing and smelling the salt air – and anything else that offers itself. Siddy of course is all about the olfactory delights and his nose is never still. Just being and breathing, I often try to keep my thoughts away and just enjoy being out there – then it is truly refreshing for the soul! And thank you, that is still one of favourite songs ever, isn’t it wonderfully timeless!

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    • Pauline,
      Glad I was able to take you along with one of your favorite walks. I can see Siddy’s nose taking in all the scents was you try to lose yourself in the moments beach walks provide. It took me awhile to come up with a song for this walk, but once this one came to mind, I knew it was the one!

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  4. ” hear the light popping of tiny foam bubbles caressing my feet.”
    Wonder if that was the inspiration for so many using plastic moving wrap bubbles to pop to relieve stress…a plastic approach to a vague universal memory of something natural – something real….(wonder if that sound of tiny explosiveness and relief is somehow hardwired to human brains….hmmm) HAHAHA
    Happy walking Frank! (We’ll miss Carrie – saw her note? Wishing the best that direction)

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  5. Hi aFrank,
    My feelings exactly when I’m on my sandy beach. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing a terrible environmental issue here in the Southwest Florida area. Red tide and green algae bloom is causing hundreds of fish, turtles, dolphins and other mariner life to die. They are picking them up with shovels. Respiratory constrictions begins the minute you step out of your car. It is affecting tourism. People are canceling visits here. The businesses; especially, on the beaches, are suffering. I’ve missed going to my peaceful place for relaxation. Hope this clears up soon. Thanks for spring your Beach Walk and my favs Simon & Garfunkel.
    Isadora 😎

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      • Yes, I did enjoy the walk on the beach.
        Yesterday, they announced that the govenor is going to implment some solutions. Let’s hope they work. I went to the beach on Monday. The dead fish have been picked up. The waters looked a little less brown … mostly closer to the beach. AND … birds were flying which means they can probably eat some of the fish. All we can do is HOPE … 🙏🏻


  6. I’ve just returned from a week at the NJ shore, where I woke up before everyone else in the family and walked the beach in pure perfect solitude from 6:45 until 8 a.m. No one else but me, the shorebirds, a few seagulls, and a the soft luring surf rolling in and out, in and out, reminding me of the consistency of life, and death; of moving, and stopping; of being, and being nothing. Your description in this post is just perfect, Frank. Seaside Namaste.

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  7. A fab beach walk Frank. A great post all around. Now, my ears are refreshed, as well as myfeet. 😀 Super enjoyed the S&G video you posted. Thank you!


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