On a Happy 10th

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On 28th August, 2008, the first post on my little corner of the world appeared. It was short, but as I look back, that first post causes me to smile. When I started, I had no idea that I would still be blogging 10 years later – but today, even though I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, I’m happy with what this space has become.

With a bit of encouragement from my friend Tim (who remains a faithful visitor) A Frank Angle started as a politics and sports blog. After all, 2008 was a presidential election year with John McCain and Barack Obama battling for the White House. Ah yes, the time of The Nincompoop. Late in 2008, I began expanding my tent that lead to the eclectic nature of this place.

Many frequent visitors have passed through my posts. Besides Tim, I’m guessing Debra in Pasadena, CA has been with me the longest. We laugh at how much we seem to have in common. Although I enjoy researching and writing, positive interactions with positive people has always inspired me. I greatly appreciate those types of encounters that many people have given me at my little corner of the world. That’s the way I am.

To those who take time to comment and engage – thank you.

To those here in more recent times – thank you.

To those who have passed through and have had a positive impact on me – thank you.

To those who have encouraged others to stop by – thank you.

To those who have stayed with me the longest – thank you.

To WordPress for making the world smaller – thank you.

To anyone I’ve forgotten – thank you!

I could go one, but people here understand how much I appreciate others – especially those supporting my belief that the majority of the world is good.

Here’s a by-the-numbers look the 10 years of A Frank Angle (based on several hours before this posting time).

2,087 posts (including this one)

77 categories

12,577 tags


2 Fresh Pressed posts

7 blog musicals covering 65 acts


4,915 most viewed post


705 average comments per month

95,121 Akismet protected spam comments

7% space used

7,350 followers (such a worthless stat)

For me, this is an excellent video to share on this day. Yes – two dancers – but it’s more than that. Keep in mind this may be a well-rehearsed Boogie-Woogie routine – however – many of these steps are lead-and-follow. More importantly, look how much fun they are having. Yes, I see maintaining my little corner of the world as fun. I see interacting with people here as fun – so thanks for the part each of you have played in my enjoyment.

PS: Happy birthday Shania and my paternal grandfather (125 today).

141 thoughts on “On a Happy 10th

  1. Wow, Frank!
    Them thar stats are mighty impressive, Frank.
    I’ve only been around for what, almost five years? Wow… almost five years!
    I would like to thank YOU for being you. For being the kind of guy who notices when someone is absent and takes the time to email them… for being there and for sharing what you share.
    The blogging world is a much nicer place with AFrankAngle in it…
    Lotsa love,
    Dale xoxo

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  2. Cincy,

    I’ve had the great good fortune to have known you in not one, but two of my blog incarnations now- From Cayman to Marc. I’m not sure exactly how long we’ve been blog neighbors, but I do know it has always been a blast. No matter the topic of conversation, I am always the better for it.
    And we, all of us, are the better for having come here. And for knowing you.

    Happy 10th!

    Peace, love and dance

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    • Marc,
      Pennsylvania!!! … Different parts of our country and the world is one of the things I love about blogging – let alone when the connection turns out to be a strong one over time!

      Many thanks for the kind words. I’m touched! … and to think you met someone here! No wonder we’re connected because we are conversationalists!

      I checked the records. Your first comment here was on 16 Sept 2012 … actually on a post celebrating #1000. My reply acknowledged El Guapo as our connection point! Cheers!!!

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  3. I can’t believe how many years passed…. Happy celebrations dear Frank, you know, I never miss the party especially if there is a dance….. 🙂 May more happy blogging days, and of course Happiness and Blessing for your life with your wife….

    Blogging, especially on this platform (World Press) really amazing…. I can’t change any other social media…etc. People, like you, and more of them my readers, my friends, are so nice, so nice…. I am so happy for this.

    I always visit your blog and always read, but not always write a comment, you know, but your writing/posts/subjects are amazing…. you make an important and impressive points always….

    and dance…. do you know dear Frank, your name always reminds me a couple dancing on the stage…

    Have a nice day and days, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,…. that you always made me happy with your share. Love, nia

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    • Nia,
      My favorite person from Turkey!!! Thanks for stopping by!

      In your comment, you summarized many of my thoughts about people that I’ve come to appreciate through blogging on WordPress. I’ve always appreciated your kindness and genuine nature …. and your love for dance always makes me smile!

      Your first comment here was on 19 February 2012. From your comment, it appears I found you and commented on your blog – so you stopped by. Cheers to our long connection! … and Cheers to kindness!

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    • Debra,
      Cheers to my favorite Australian who loves spending time in Italy – and even in the place that tugs at my heart! Many thanks for the stopping by for the small celebration. By the way, I made contact with Ann …. and yes, we are family! (Her husband and I are closely related through our grandparents.)

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  4. Well that video certainly made me smile – so impressed with their vim and vigour and ability! Congrats Frank on your 10 year mark – I’ve only got 51/2 under my belt, but I share your enthusiasm for the wonderful people we get to meet and interact with on this blogging platform. The coming and going is a bit like life isn’t it – time and tides, reasons and seasons.
    Cheers to your blog and all the good people of the world!

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    • Pauline,
      My favorite Kiwi! Thanks for representing New Zealand so well on this pages.

      Seems your first comment here was on 31 Dec 2013 – but for you, New Years Day 2014! So in terms of your blog life, we’ve known each other a long time!

      Connections through blogging have been very rewarding. I’m impressed that you travelled from NZ to the eastern US to meet blogging friends … and then they came to visit you. That carries a powerful message! Thanks for the kind words and for being a great example of goodness in the world.

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    • Carolyn,
      Welcome! I normally use “first-time commenter” in my response, but something is telling me we’ve connected before. Oh well – I may be wrong. I just very quickly glanced around your site, but nothing rings a bell —- but I noticed a connection!!!! (I’ll save that your my comment on your side!) Meanwhile, many thanks for stopping by on this special day. I like stats, but they don’t consume me. I mention them when a hit a milestone, so I though it would be interesting for this post … and they certainly aren’t for bragging.

      Glad yoy enjoyed the dance video. I discovered it not long ago, so I’ve been wanting to use it – and then the idea came to me for this post. Where are you located?

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      • Yes, Frank, I believe you’re right; you’ve commented on a post of mine, some time back. We have a mutual friend in Resa. I often see your comments on her posts. Indeed, I am here because of your last comment inviting her to visit ‘tomorrow’. I thought I’d pop over to check out ‘why’. Glad I did…
        Australia is my home. An Aussie through and through!

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  5. Congratulations on your ten years, Frank! (And the rest of your impressive stats.)
    I am so not a numbers person. I have no idea how many posts I’ve done or when I started. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the video of those dancers. It made me smile. It seemed that they–especially the woman–became more relaxed and joyful as they got into it.

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    • Merril,
      Cheers to you in new Jersey! Thank you for visiting on this special occasion. I see you first commented here on 15 January 2015 on a post about Selma (the movie). Not surprising given your history background. 🙂 It’s Ok not to be a numbers person. After all, you’ve got a mathematician in the house! (Sorry about replying to this comment so late as I must have skipped over it.) 😦 … Cheers to you enjoying the dancers!

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  6. I feel honored to be associated with the beginnings of your blog! It’s a treasure that continually adds to my knowledge and opens my mind to new ideas. As an example, this morning Afrankangle jump-started my day by having me ask a question (from watching the boogie woogie dance video): How far back in human history does dance go? This from Wikipedia caught my fancy:

    “In European culture, one of the earliest records of dancing is by Homer, whose Iliad describes chorea (χορεία khoreia). The early Greeks made the art of dancing into a system, expressive of all the different passions. For example, the dance of the Furies, so represented, would create complete terror among those who witnessed them. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, ranked dancing with poetry, and said that certain dancers, with rhythm applied to gesture, could express manners, passions, and actions. The most eminent Greek sculptors studied the attitude of the dancers for their art of imitating the passion.”

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  7. Congratulations on your 10th, Frank. I’ve lost track of when I started reading your blog, but it has been a good number of years ago. I continue to enjoy your eclectic collections of interesting reads and observations of human nature. You are an island of civility and good humor in the chaotic cyber ocean.

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    • Jim,
      Cheers to Missouri’s representative! Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by to celebrate. My records indicate your first comment was on 9 Sept 2013 – however I recall encountering you at Sekan’s Kansas Mediocrity and Mo’s Whatever Works.

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  8. Congratulations, Frank. You have been providing joy, humor, education, and political advice for ten years. I know I would not want to miss a post and my only regret is I didn’t get here sooner. Best wishes for the next ten cause you can bet I’ll be here as well. (I know not a big incentive to keep on keeping on.) 😀

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  9. 💥💥HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, FRANK 💥💥I’ve enjoyed all of the time I’ve spent here. I spend the most time, on the most interesting and fun blogs. Like I always say, blogging is enjoyment, not a job. So, cheers to you and all of us who have connected with you on WP. 🍷🍷🍷clink!
    BTW, the dance vid is fab, and Nellia and Dietmar are wonderful. I give them a 15 out of 10!!!!!
    Clink 🍷(1 for the road!)

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    • Marina!!!!
      Oh my my … I’m touched by the presence of my favorite Greek. If you only knew how much I smiled when I saw your comment. Not sure what brought us together but I’m glad it did. Your first comment here was on 12 Apr 2012 – a comment on a handbell post! Hoping all is well with you and your family. YAMAS! Clink!!!


  10. Happy 10th blogiversary, Frank! Cheers to you, to your positive approach, to all your wonderful followers, and to your staying power. So many bloggers quit after a while, some just disappearing. 🙂

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    • Robin,
      Cheers to a fellow Ohioan now in Maryland! As you well know, wonderful followers are one of the things that keep us going … and hey … I know your blogging years are more than mine! A toast to that!!!!

      I see you first commented on the post that is the most visited … and your comment was on 13 October 2011. So we’ve been connected a long time – and I’m thankful for that! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by for this occasion.

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  11. Congratulations on 10 years! I believe I found your blog through FASB’s blog and have enjoyed following your humor, insight and good attitude. It has been a pleasure! May you continue to post and share. The video was great – I watched it twice. Cheers!

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    • Jo,
      Texas is here again! FASB … wow – now there’s a voice from the past – and one who suddenly disappeared. I may have come over to your place from John Howell’s – but I’m not sure. Also not sure of the exact date of your first comment – possibly 2 June 2015. Thanks for the support!


        • LOL. Well, I’ve travelled a range. I started without a schedule … then to certain days … then to 6 days a week (for several years) … and have gradually settled in to 3-4 times a week. One of the unexpected downsides of everyday (and some even more than one per day) is that not only the affect on the owner, but people forget the reader’s perspective. I’ve learned that not flooding readers is important! … Cheers to your 6 years!!!! … that beats a lot of people!!!!!

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    • Shimon,
      Attending this occasion all the way from Israel touches me. I believe I found you through Nia – the good lady from Turkey …. and I see your first comment here was on 31 March 2012 … so we go way back! Thanks for the kind words and for visiting on this special occasion!


    • Patti,
      Thanks for representing California! I can’t recall how we came together – but I do remember shortly afterward you went on a long hiatus. But I see your first comment here was on 2 June 2011. Thanks for sticking with me and joining the celebration!


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  13. Congrats – and the Boogie Woogie Dance was the best ending to this special post.
    I once met a five-year old that knew all about it. It came up when we learned about Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie.
    Anyhow, congrats to you my blog friend.

    Ten years is a very special anniversary.

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  14. When I first started blogging, Frank, I truly had no idea what I was starting. I simply enjoyed researching a few topics and writing, and didn’t think anyone other than family and few friends would even read. As time went on, the family more or less fell off, as did many of my personal friends. LOL! But I gained friendships, such as yourself, and although I have trouble at times finding the time I once committed, I cannot even imagine “letting go” at this point. I enjoy our conversations entirely too much! I am always so pleased when I see you’ve put up a new post, and I do think we have a lot in common. And you’ve challenged my thinking in some areas, which I thoroughly value. Congratulations on a 10-year anniversary. I am really impressed with this, especially given the frequency with which you post! I’m so glad to be considered your “oldest” blogging friend. 🙂

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    • Debra,
      Cheers to the Good Lady from Pasadena stopping by on my big day. Completely agree with your assessment. I had a little experience with a burgers blog, but had no idea where this would go. A difference in our journeys is that (figuring they wouldn’t be interested) I didn’t reach out to family and friends. Nonetheless, our journey has much in common.

      Seems your first comment here was on 24 Feb 2012. As I look at the other dates, fortunately I stated “I’m guessing” about you. (Looks like two others in the comments were before you) … HOWEVER – besides my friend Tim, you have been the most consistent long-time visitor. So you still get an honor! 😀 … A mega thank you!


    • Stefy!
      The American in Rome!!!! Now there’s a difficult place to live! Glad you are up to the challenge.

      Many thanks for stopping by for this special post. I see your first comment was on 4 Jan 2014, so many thanks for your visits and comments!

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      • American? I am Italian Frank. An Italian Londoner. 😁Even I don’t often comment I always stop by. So congrats again! And, yes Rome has become avery difficult place to live. I might emigrate to the US one day if Trump allows me. 😉🙋

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        • Oh my my … how did I ever get that in my mind? I apologize – so thanks for the correction. In the spirit of the celebration of this post, I’m keep my Trump response to myself. FYI: I’m considering applying for Italian citizenship.

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  15. Wishing you a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Frank Every time I landed here on your blog my friend, I have really enjoyed your whit and your humour and content.. And Ten Years not many of us get to stay the course.. I cannot remember who met who or when.. But I am delighted our paths crossed..
    That was one amazing video and one amazing couple dancing it.. In awe of their energy and balance..
    Wishing you a wonderful week and many more happy years in blog-land.. 🙂 ❤ Sue


    • Sue,
      Hey hey hey … the UK is visiting! 🙂 The records can answer your question. You first commented on 24 November 2013 on a post where I interviewed Marina. She promoted it on her blog, so you came over to see. The rest is history! A toast to Marina!!!

      Many thanks for your kind words and being a person with genuine kindness.


    • Mouse! … one of Galveston’s finest!
      Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the dance. Another stretch is a good way to describe it because I have no clue how much long this will go. Seems your first comment here was on 15 May 2012 … so that is quite a stretch, too!

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  16. Truly an epic milestone. I’ll never forget your kindness, looking me up and giving me a call when I needed one. You’re one of a kind and I’m thankful for your having been in my life

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    • Mo!!!!!!

      Never fails that when I have a milestone, one of my Pioneers unexpected stops by. I’m touched! The power of connections through blogging is only understood by other bloggers. Long live the TSN memories! … and thanks for your kindness! … plus good luck to your Red Sox; especially since my Reds continue to flounder in the cellar. At least they should go a few steps lower in the draft.


    • Wendy,
      Many thanks. Rumor has it that most that most bloggers are done within three years …. and obviously within that are those who are less than 2 years or even a year. If that’s true, yes – a toast to longevity! Thanks for dropping by to celebrate.

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      • I believe it. Blogging consistently is quite a commitment and you have to really love it and be dedicated. You should write a post on tips to gain readers/followers. And any other tips you have. You have 10 years of experience to draw on!

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        • Believe it or not, I’ve done a good bit. “Blogs” in the categories has 40/41 posts in it.

          In 2015 I did a post about the Blogging Blues. The response was so good, that I organized the comments by readers (other bloggers) and passed along the information in a 5-post series.

          The link below is the last of the five. The other 4 are linked at the bottom of that post. Plus, the Blogging Blues post to started it all is linked early in the post. There are tons of good advice in those posts! Thanks for reminding me of this.


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  17. Frank! Sorry I’m so late to your party. I did want to drop in and say congrats–that is a milestone. Like you, I too believe most people are good and we are far more alike than we are different. Here’s to many more blogging years and I hope you and yours are wonderful.

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    • Brigitte!
      What a pleasant surprise. Your unexpected presence has brought a smile at this end. Thank you! Cheers to the goodness in people that we see.

      BTW – look at my blogroll, I don’t have your location. What’s your state?


  18. WOOT … WOOT … celebrations are in order for a job well-done, aFrank.
    CONGRATULATIONS … keep on – keeping on and doing what you’re doing.
    It seems to be working fine. You can’t improve on genious and that you are.
    Many, many more years of creative energy blogging …. CHEERS 🍷 🍷
    Isadora 😎

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  19. Congratulations on your achievement, Frank! The stats say it all. I am a recent visitor but I have enjoyed reading your posts and the videos you share, so full of joy. I was particularly pleased to have been introduced to Flora-Bama by you.

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    • Phillip,
      Hooray … another UK visitor! Thank you for the visit and kind words. I can say that I’ve enjoyed my trip around my little corner of the world. … and the fact that the Flora-Bama resonates with you makes me smile!!!!

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    • E R,
      Thank you for the kind words … and I’ve been consistent (although different formats). At one point I was posting 6 times a week with the collection being like a weekly magazine. That was fun – but exhausting for me and readers.

      Averaging blogger life used to be about 3 years, so there’s your first target. I’ve seen many come and go.

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    • Melanie,
      Another good person from England! Thanks for dropping by on this occasion. It’s been a fun 10, and I know I’ve outlasted the vast majority of bloggers. I guess that also means I’ve gotten to interact with many more good people of the world! … so thanks for being one of them.


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