Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 375

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Pronouns: The Musical is continue its trek this weekend featuring songs with We in the title. Curtain time is Saturday at 1:00 am (Eastern US).

Even though I was out-of-town at a family event during the last act, cheers to all for demonstrating the show must go on. Special thanks to Dale for hosting!

Attendance for the musical has surprised me! Thanks to all participants!!!

Beach Walks resume this weekend (Sunday, after 9 pm Eastern US).

College football started last weekend and the NFL starts this weekend. I enjoy football, but my interest level has declined in recent years.

This week was the final week of the regular season of golf league. I entered the week will a good chance of making the playoffs to defend my championship. I played well, but my opponent had his best round in 20 years. I played good enough, and because there is no defense in golf, all I could do is congratulate him on his great round.

On Thursday, Cincinnati made the national news for the wrong reason – an unnecessary random shooting. Just more evidence that one never knows the whereabouts of someone unhinged. Unfortunately, it can happen anywhere.

Next week we hope to visit the Chocolate exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

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I believe Bob Woodward’s latest book (Fear) about the Trump Administration will NOT alter public perception.

The New York Times publishing an anonymous op-ed in their Opinions section is both intriguing and strange. I enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel’s thoughts, especially his speculation about the writer’s identify. For that, click here – and for what I described, start at 2:30. It’s worth the look.

Speculation continues about Joe Biden’s possible 2020 candidacy. I could vote for him – but I’m also afraid he could follow John McCain’s footsteps in losing my vote with his running mate selection.

I had to laugh at this statement by former President Obama about John McCain. “After all, what better way to get a last laugh to make George and I say nice things about him to a national audience.”

This article from Pew Research says it all: Democrats and Republicans agree that they can’t agree on the basic facts.

Newspapers are struggling. Pittsburgh may be the largest city in the US without a daily newspaper. More and more people are selecting a news source that delivers news they want to hear. Outside money continues to flood into local elections. I question if this famous quote is still valid: “All politics is local.” (Tip O’Neill)

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides a guide to Twitch: a top site for live-streaming video games.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Button-up shirt goes on life-changing odyssey around dry cleaner’s garment conveyor
Societal collapse narrowly averted after man honks horn at car paused at green light
Nation baffled by childless woman who doesn’t even have high-powered career
Trail of ants better be leading toward something delicious
Free toothpick transforms schlubby restaurant-goer into aloof bad boy
Evolution definitively proven as scientists capture first-ever footage of chimpanzee transforming into human (Click here for the image)

Interesting Reads

10 rivalries that shaped world history
Venezuela, crisis, and families
Feminist icon in 17th Century India
The tennis grunt
Clipper ships and world trade
Linking mouse poop and traveling to Mars
(Photos) Celebrating British diversity

Even though Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, I’m continuing the summer theme to send you into the weekend. Enjoy this classic. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

23 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 375

  1. I liked that remark by President Obama, too. I agree about the NYT Op-ed–both intriguing and strange. It confirms what many people already thought was going on, but the person who wrote the piece supported dt’s candidacy and believes in the trumpty-dumpty agenda. Things are just getting scarier.


  2. Cincy,

    Anything associated with Trump is bizarre. The Woodward book didn’t come about in a vacuum, and while it won’t move the needle much, it’s going to be on my reading list just because. As for this anonymous source out of the White House? Like I said, bizarre.
    Last night was opening night for the NFL and I totally forgot. Because Thursday Night football is a horrible idea. And based on the highlights I watched this morning, the quality of play is putrid. As with most things NFL, it’s a money grab.

    Have a great Friday!

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    • Marc,
      My summary of Trump is down to two points: 1) He’s a pathetic person and even worse leader. 2) He brings problems on himself because remaining quiet or even measured is not in his DNA.

      Meanwhile, the NFL is a money grab – and getting more so.

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      • Trump is proof of something I like to say from time to time. There are many bosses, but few leaders.
        The Thursday night games are a really bad idea. It does a disservice to the players who need that week to recuperate. And the idea of moving to an eighteen game season is just plain wrong.


  3. “We” songs should be loads of fun. As for the Woodward book, nothing all that surprising (it pretty much confirms daily interactions with WH peeps and reporters over the past 18+ months as well as much from the Michael Wolfe book out earlier) but Woodward has a certain level of journalistic integrity so maybe, just maybe heretofore reluctant supporters will regain their sanity. It feels somewhat like a collective moment of intelligence may be entering the nation’s bloodstream. Hope springs eternal, right? Now if only Congress would drink from that same well.

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  4. My interest in football has also declined based upon coming to grips with my complicity with the ancient Romans.

    The “Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut Once in a While” saying accounts for your golfing loss.

    The New York Times anonymous op-ed in their Opinions section gives me hope.

    After seeing that I was #536 on my public library’s hold list, I purchased Bob Woodward’s “Fear.”

    I support the Cincinnati Enquirer because local democracy dies in darkness.

    A splat from “Free toothpick transforms schlubby restaurant-goer into aloof bad boy.”

    I promise to get to the reads.

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    • Tim,
      Thanks for the variety of feedback. In terms of the golf loss, my opponent (a sub and nice guy) was very apologetic for knocking me out … not once, but at least twice. I quickly corrected him by praising his round. I did my part, but just got outplayed. I would have needed even or under par to breakeven! … and that’s OK because all of us love the rounds that our much better than we normally do.

      I won’t read Woodward’s book because I don’t think there is much to gain. Cheers to a splat!


  5. Loved the Jimmy Kimmel video. As an Australian, Frank, I feel the need to ‘tread softly’ in regards your political arena; it is likened to ‘family squabbles’ – better to leave the opinions to the family members. You are also not alone in the current turmoil; we also have our internal political troubles. It is certainly a ‘wait and see’ situation for many countries worldwide. I must add; I really enjoyed the former President: Obama. I found him measured of character, and a good man.
    I’ve never been terribly interested in football, in fact any of the major sports. I even find my interest in tennis and cricket (my favorite two) has been waning the past few years. This brings me to your sporting love of golf. Well done; second place is no mean achievement and, there’s always next year to regain your coveted position.
    Andy Williams is a favourite going back to my youth. I remember watching his TV show during the 60s; so many good memories. Moon River is still very special..


  6. Thank you for sharing Andy Williams and this beautiful song. I haven’t heard it in a long time and i do love it! This week in politics has been almost sitcom worthy. I told a friend yesterday that I feel guilty that despite the very serious implications I see piling up, I find myself laughing with each new turn. Perhaps it’s true gallows humor or just my own psychological trigger for survival. 🙂
    I took the time to read your link on Venezuelan families. I try to follow international stories that expand my understanding of what life is like in countries with so much oppression and so little opportunity. That we can sit around our dinner tables and throw barbs at each other and gripe and complain as we do is a testimony to how well we are doing on balance. The article made me weep. Sometimes that adds perspective to what we’re experiencing and I am not as overwrought.

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    • Debra,
      Your point about the Venezuelan article and our troubles/actions is well taken. Situations from other parts of the world should act as a gut-check for us regardless of political stripes.

      “Gallows humor” is a great description of the news we get out of Washington not only daily – but multiple times per day. Yet, I remain calm, measured, and confident that the day of reckoning will come. Glad you enjoyed Andy W!


  7. The (failing?) NYT column is something new and I think it will stand the test of time in history books. Printing an anonymous letter is usually taboo. The editor of my own local newspaper, whom I highly respect, was prompted to say that she couldn’t imagine a circumstance in which she would break that rule. What Anonymous wrote shouldn’t be news to anyone paying attention these days, what with leaks-a-bunch consistently telling the same story. So, what did the author hope to accomplish? Also, if the cabal thinks they’re filtering out the bad stuff, I don’t think they’re doing much of a job of it.

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    • Jim,
      Thanks for your feedback. Both Woodward’s Fear and the NYT Op-ed don’t get me going because (as you similarly stated), it’s not news to anyone paying attention. The Mueller report (whenever it happens) will be much more important – so I calmly wait.


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