On a Beach Walk: No. 39 (Blogging)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

I see the vast water representing bloggers. Communities as WordPress and Blogger are two hosting communities – but not the only ones.

Bloggers are across the world – just another example of the world becoming smaller and more connected. I don’t know how many people from different countries have touched my little corner of the world – but I do know that I enjoy those who interact and return – especially those who have stuck with me for many years.

Each blogger writes for different reasons – marketing, personalizing, pontificating, advocating, educating, sharing, interacting, simply writing, and more. Poems, short stories, sports, politics, photography, travel, satire, music, events, hobbies, diaries, entertainment, fitness, wellness, cooking, religion, philosophy, humor, art, and more because blog pages allow readers to decide the topics they want to engage.

Each blogger wants something different. Some want interactions, others want friends, laughs, respect, community, a voice, and/or even just followers.

Bloggers are like the rest people in our life: they came and go – there are givers and the selfish – the jokers and the philosophers – the learners and the teachers – the encourages and the downers – the inspirational and the passive – the emotional and the practical – the extroverts and the introverts – and many more – even the users and abusers. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that (as a whole) bloggers have made the world a better place. After all, we are the everyday people helping the world go around.

This is the last walk of the season. It’s been fun – so thanks for walking along. This series started in 2017 with 15 posts – but 2018 increased to 24. Our plans are to return to the beach again in 2019, which serves as my writing time for this eclectic collection of personal thoughts. Hopefully my future includes more walks to share on my little corner of the world. After all, walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

62 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 39 (Blogging)

  1. Hi there – when i am on my next blog hiatus (and I sneak in to read blog posts I have bookmarked) I will go back and read some more from 2018. I look forward to it.
    What a nice closing post for the beach walks, Frank. The ending song synced so well and loved these parts especially:

    see the vast water representing bloggers


    bloggers have made the world a better place

    I agree and you are so right on how we are all in blogosphere for different reasons (which changes for many of us we grow and evolve)

    have a great night – and tossing you a towel to dry those feet (or remove any residual sand) ha

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  2. I couldn’t agree more, Frank. Bloggers are just like a typical group of friends; all unique with their own perspectives, joys and troubles. And just like a typical group of friends, there are those with whom we are in sync, and those whose sync is less. However, none the less, I have found my time here on WP (almost 7 years) to be one that has offered me education, interaction, and friends from places I’d never have met; except for this little comment box that accommodates my words and thoughts.
    I’m a late follower to your blog; this is only my second walk along the beach with you. However, I’ve found it to be – good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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    • Carolyn,
      I imagine that the results from blogging don’t match the initial expectations. Not sure I can even recall my initial expectations. Nonetheless, glad that Resa served as the link between us, and thanks for giving me a chance. After all, we discovered our ballroom connection!!!! Feel free to dive into the beach walk archives anytime!

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  3. What a lovely topic to end this season of beach walks Frank. You are so right, this blogging world opens us up in so many ways – and I’m sure that like me, many have found their initial reasons for blogging have altered, morphed, changed, deepened and expanded simply because of all the wonderful people who amble along on our walks with us. The world sure is full of good and interesting folk!

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    • Pauline,
      Thanks for the kind thoughts …. and for being one of the beacons of kindness. As I glance through the comments, I see California, Virginia, Florida, and more states … let alone New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Turkey, and Israel … (and probably more). It touches me while also supporting my believe in humanity. 🙂


  4. bloggers have made the world a better place…
    exactly dear Frank. My humble life, far from the city, İstanbul, in a small village, is being filled by my beautiful friends’ world, on this small screen…. Small screen but opening to a great voyage and pages of books… art, music, philosophy,…etc. as you said, this should be 21st library for all of us… Thank you for this amazing posts/walking on the beach, I wonder now what will be next…

    Have a nice new week and Monday, Love, nia

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  5. I’m not on Facebook, so to find out what all the worries are about, I decided to read the article in this week’s The New Yorker Magazine titled “Ghost In The Machine: Can Mark Zuckerberg fix Facebook before it breaks democracy? The article and the subject are complex, so I’ll hold back commenting. No such hesitations however with blogging. Ten years of reading Afrankangle has put me firmly in the camp of those who consider bloggers to walk shoulder to shoulder with journalists as foundations to the concept of a Free Press. Does everyone agree with me? Obviously not, as Darkness is the endgame of those now working to discredit everything reported by the print media. Same thing happened in 1448 when Johann Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press spread information across Europe, prompting opposition from those with a vested interest in putting the brakes on the Protestant Reformation.

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    • Tim,
      As I’ve mentioned before, your words of encouragement helped establish my little corner of the world. Social media is such a broad term, of which both blogging and Facebook are part of – but social media is not limited to them either. I’m reminded of the Russell Crowe movie, “State of Play” … As we are in the world of so much being instant, there still remains room for quality, in-depth thinking that takes time to put together. Thanks for being part of my little corner of the world.


  6. I agree with Tim about today’s technology being a step in man’s development much like Gutenberg’s moving type. And I’m afraid that no matter how many will take to the keyboard, the messages that will really offer something new and meaningful will be but a small minority. But I enjoyed your optimistic view of things, and believe it’s a reflection of your own personality and the good you embrace. It was nice joining you on a few of your walks, and if I am still here when next vacation comes along, I hope to continue listening to your thoughts.

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    • Shimon,
      Glad you enjoyed Tim’s perspective. Not surprising because he’s a thinker. I believe in the positive side of humanity, although that doesn’t mean I believe in all of humanity. Goodness is a powerful force. Meanwhile, I look forward to future walks on the beach so I can transpose thoughts into printed words.


  7. I agree with your comparison of bloggers and water. Very thoughtful. I live a block from the water on a bluff so I can walk along the bluff; to put my feet in sand I would have to drive about three miles. Living by the water makes me connected to the entire world somehow…a ship could carry me anywhere. May you have many beach walks in 2019! We like walking with you!

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  8. Your thoughts about blogging were fun to read–it’s interesting to think about why we came here, to blogland, and why we’ve stayed. I’ve stayed partly because of the friends I’ve made, and I count you as one of them!

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    • Kerry,
      Absolutely right! For me (and you), it’s the people … it’s the people we’ve connected to … and not us – it’s them! Thanks for the kind words … and cheers to the good people!


  9. I’ve enjoyed your beach walks, Frank, and hope there are many more to come. 🙂

    I like your thoughts on blogging and bloggers. Water is a great metaphor for both. When I started blogging, it was in a closed (private) community and I wrote under a pseudonym. Moving to Blogger and then WordPress, I found a whole new world of community and friends, including you. So glad I did. It’s what has kept me going, even after those long, dry stretches when I don’t feel like blogging.

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    • Robin,
      I recall that your blogging history is longer than mine – so cheers to your longevity. I can’t recall how we connected, but I remember we both grew up in Ohio River towns not really that far apart. 🙂 Thanks for being a positive light!


  10. Dear Frank,
    As your “eclectic collection of personal thoughts” that flourish on the beach grows, it seems an entire philosophy. Hope your feet stay happy until your 2019 walks!
    Yes, blogging is pretty great, and I’m very glad we have met!

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  11. Frank,

    I love how you used the vastness of the ocean as a representation of the blogging world. What seems so deep and mysterious is quite welcoming once you dive in, indeed!
    And yes, it does take all kinds to make man (and woman)kind. We need not be exceedingly comfortable around large groups (As I raise my hand) in order to find a place where we fit in.
    Beautiful finale to your season of walks!


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