On Yellowstone

Above the surface, Yellowstone National Park is …

Still …


Colorful …


Tranquil …


and majestic.


Below the surface, Yellowstone is …

Restless …


Powerful …


and continually forming …


Yellowstone is home to over 10,000 thermal features – more than the rest of the world combined.

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Yellowstone is home to simple organisms living in the hot springs that formed the foundation of life today.


Yellowstone is home to melting snow and ice that roar in the spring and percolate the ground into the heat below.


Yellowstone National Park – a place for us to behold a snapshot of natural history and a snippet of our land’s past history.


Yellowstone National Park – a place where the grandness above serves as an illusion of the turbulence below the surface.


Yellowstone National Park – an active volcano with a 45-mile-wide caldera and an active interior – leaving us wondering when ye shall blow and change everything.


Yellowstone National Park – a place for awe and wonder – romance and inspiration – peace and rage – this is spectacular Yellowstone in a nutshell.


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52 thoughts on “On Yellowstone

  1. Some beautiful pictures, and a lot of unexpected facts… and others… Thanks for sharing, Frank. How nice that you had such a vacation. I saw a few places when I was in America, but never made it there… though I did hear about it. National Parks are surely a great treasure.

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    • Shimon,
      The parks are so different for each other. Given the abundance of underground activity, Yellowstone may be the most unique. You would love it! Thanks for sharing a bit of your American experiences.


  2. A spectacular place for sure. I was there in the summer and enjoyed it immensely in spite of the crowds and traffic jams plus a kidney stone attack that luckily I got over quickly. I would like to return in autumn, this time on a tour.

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    • Tim,
      Not surprised that you have been there .. and agree, autumn will add another layer of beauty … but I would suggest going before the snow! 😉 … PS: See the Hear Ye page/tab above the banner/header.


    • Otto,
      Love your choice of words – special, paradoxes, contrast, and beautiful. Perfect! I tried to keep the words in this post simple in order to concentrate on the images and the place. Thanks for adding words that I wish I would have used. 🙂

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    • Patti,
      Thank you for your kind words and support. When I was at the thinking stage of this post, I was at a lose for words. Then I thought of some of the key words in a film I saw about Yellowstone – and that got me going. This place is unique and magical – and yes – full of contrast!


  3. Incredible photographs, aFrank. A very informative post. I’ve picked up some things I didn’t know such as the 10,000 thermal features. It must be a phenomenal experience to see melting snow created a variety of dramatic sounds. Your photos and info have tempted me to add Yellowstone to my Bucket list. Thanks for the tour.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Isadora,
      Thank you for the kind words. Yellowstone is definitely a bucket-list place. Wonderful … simply wonderful. Before going, I knew it had thermal features – but the number that we saw surprised me. Then again, being that is a large volcano, it’s expected. I hope you get to visit this gem.

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    • Merril,
      Your description of this post as a photo essay made me smile because I wanted to limit the words. Yellowstone is simply spectacular. In some ways I provides what another planet may feel like. It’s a huge park – so it has so much more to take in that what we had during our two days. Glad you enjoyed this post – and I encourage you to visit this wonderful place.

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