Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 382

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Pronouns 2: The Musical continues with Act 3: Our(s). Yes, Our and Ours are acceptable. Curtain rises as Saturday at 1:00 AM (Eastern US). Meanwhile, I smile at the interactions between bloggers during the musical.

Earlier this week we saw the movie Green Book. We loved it … many thumbs up! Here’s the trailer.

This line from comedian Ricky Gervais made me laugh: “Being dead is like being stupid – it’s only painful to others.”

This week we watched a handful of Seinfeld episodes. Now that’s original comedy. When we were on a tour in Manhattan many years ago, the narrator said Seinfeld wasn’t a comedy show – but a documentary of life in Manhattan.

Until recently, I did not realize that WW 2 leaders Roosevelt (FDR), Hitler, and Mussolini all died within a span of 18 days.

A salute to Shimon! The kind thinker in Jerusalem started blogging in May 2011 – and our first encounter here was in March 2012. In this recent post he announced that it was probably his last blog post and he wanted to thank people. First of all, I appreciate when a blogger states their intentions to stop blogging (as opposed to walking away). Relationships are an important aspect of blogging, and I wish more would remember that. More importantly, Shimon is an example of why I believe the majority of the world is good. Shimon, thank you for being you. A toast of bourbon to you! Shalom.

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As of Friday (30 Nov), 34 days until the Democrats can officially start supporting President Trump’s re-election by over-playing their hand.

Not surprised President Trump rejected recent the Climate Change report done as a group effort by 13 government agencies. After all, everyone knows that he knows more about climate change than the researchers – and the agencies have a political agenda, whereas he doesn’t. Mr. President, I challenge you to put your words into action by defunding the research arm of all 13 agencies.

I’m still amazed that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has been able to contain information about the investigation. We know so little – so the reason why many speculate. Meanwhile, I patiently wonder and wait.

The large caravan of Central Americans wanting to come into the US is interesting. I recently wonder “Why?” this group exists – and I come up with this list of four most-plausible possibilities.

  • The standard immigration story of people seeking freedom with hopes of a better live
  • A plot by liberal donor(s) to embarrass President Trump and Republicans
  • A plot by conservative donor(s) to embolden President Trump
  • The Russians creating chaos
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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides important dental hygiene tips.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Brutalized toothbrush wishes owner would just let it die
Study finds only 20% of seminary graduates go on to become God
Pistachio-eating man achieves “Flow” state
Kinky couple has mirror in bathroom
Disgusting, unusable shopping cart has single sprig of parsley in it
Metropolitan museum acquires another vase

Interesting Reads

The economically dying areas
Perceptions about food risks
Captain Cook and the Hawaiian Islands
Thoughts about edible insects
Still fighting for Monkey Laws
A place where 500 people speak 9 different languages
(Photos) Unique caskets

To send you into the weekend, here’s a wonderful song from many years ago – and one for Resa who loves them, and Pauline who doesn’t know them. These Eyes (Guess Who). In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

34 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 382

  1. I agree, about the importance of announcing intentions to close or step away from a blog. One of my dearest blogging friends — also professionally accomplished and an active WP moderator on the forums — simply disappeared from the site, and no one knew what had happened. Eventually, after long searching, we discovered that she had died, after living in her car for some time. It was terrible, learning her fate, but the not knowing was even worse. I’ve made arrangements with a friend to post to my blog if I get struck by the proverbial bus. You never know.

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    • Shore, (I think it’s Linda … is that correct?)

      Oh wow … perfect (but sad) story about your blogging friend. Thanks for sharing! As I think of those who stepped away, most just vanished. Although I don’t think the majority had the same fate as your friend, but I still wondered – therefore never knew. For me, whenever the time comes, I hope to step away with a final post. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. It is something I have thought of, too. I’ll have to nominate someone to do my last post should I succumb to forces outside of my capabilities…
    Thanks for the video!


  3. You raise an interesting point about the stopping of blogging Frank. I have had people disappear quite often. I wonder if stopping blogging for some is just something that comes on slowly – you don’t post, don’t post and then realise so long has gone past, why bother…..

    I had a blogging friend with whom I had an off-line friendship. When she was diagnosed with cancer I tried to persuade her to let her community know, but she understandably didn’t want to do that. I asked her how I would know and she gave me her sisters email address. Eventually she put one brief sentence at the bottom of one of her final posts, which at least allowed those who read carefully to express their feelings to her. We emailed everyday and when she fell silent I continued to email for another few days before contacting her sister. It then fell to me to put a notice on my friends blog, in the comments section and a post on my blog announcing her death. It was sad, but it was also really special to be the recipient of the outpouring of love and respect for a very special woman. When people without close families pass, there is often no way of on-line friends knowing. It is something to think about. I think about writing a post on the subject now and again – just to start the thought process going.

    I know that song from very long ago, but still don’t recall the group. Maybe that was the only one of their songs that made it here. Or maybe I just wasn’t listening to them. Too long ago to know now 😀

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  4. There have been some bloggers I’ve followed who disappeared. One in particular–I wonder what happened to him.
    I have also seen some who have announced they’re going to stop blogging.
    Mueller has kept information close, but it seems like things could be happening soon. He seems very careful and methodical.
    I’m sure you know the caravans are not a new phenomenon, though this one that doesn’t seem to be so much in the news anymore is the largest. People are fleeing dangerous situations in Central America and banding together for protection.

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    • Merril,
      Some say we know a lot from Mueller because of the numerous indictments – but I content that knowledge is a small compared to the undisclosed facts.

      A question for you – Should bloggers who intentionally stop blogging let others know?

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      • I hate to say “should.” I suspect the person I was thinking about might have had some type of issues. I’d say, if you’ve built a following, and you decide to stop, it’s the polite thing to do, if you can. Obviously, people have illnesses, accidents–or die. Some people, like you, also announce breaks.
        As for Mueller–yes, of course, there is much still to be disclosed.

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  5. 34 days from now I’m thinking AFA should start a graphic timeline showing the actions the Democratic Party majority in the U.S. House of Representatives takes over the next two years to (1) support President Trump’s re-election by over-playing their hand, (2) stands back and allows the rule of law to do its job in determining the fate of President Trump.

    I tremble that all four of your scenarios are plausible for what’s behind the large caravan of Central Americans wanting to come into the US. I rejoice that in 34 days the U.S. House of Representatives will be unable to put into action any President Trump directives to defund the 13 government agencies responsible for the Climate Change report which “he doesn’t believe in.”

    “Vedddy Interesting” the 38 percent number from the read ‘Still fighting for Monkey Laws’ representing the number of Americans believing that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years.

    Cleaning up from the splat, I want to read the study that finds only 20% of seminary graduates going on to become God.

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    • Tim,
      No need to start a timeline because I would be one of the few who would appreciate it. Meanwhile, Dems would be smart to let things playout – but I have little confidence in their ability to do that.

      Glad to know that the splat was good enough to achieve clean-up status.


  6. Hey Frank! Not sure anyone intentionally means to ruffle any feathers by “walking away” from blogging. There could be any number of variables and/or life matters as to why someone does or doesn’t bid “adieu.” During my experience the blogging community is a nice, non-judgmental type of place, so I say if someone decides to leave without fanfare, s/he must have their reasons and I don’t believe decorum has anything to do with it. Who I am to judge? Your friend sounds awesome and for him, it obviously was the right thing for him to say goodbye to blogging. I’m in total agreement with you–the world is more good than bad.

    On another note, I’ve not seen the movie you’re talking about though it sounds great and from the trailer, it looks like one to catch. We did go see Bohemian Rhapsody and it was awesome. Happy weekend to you and yours!

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    • Brigette,
      I agree that the blogging community is non-judgmental. Well, at least beyond the standpoint of that initial assessment each of us take about the blog. I don’t know how many times I’ve wondered, “Whatever happened to ___?” Yes – there are numerous reasons behind the walking away – but I still think loyalists deserve to know that’s it. I recall a person who not only did her final post – but then took the blog down about a week later. Sad? yes … but I understand it and appreciated the finality.

      Thumbs up to Boehemian Rhapsody!


  7. I took a break from my blog from November 2 to today. I felt great, but getting back to the discipline this week took some intentional suffering. When I do quit for good, I’ll consider posting a big sign that says ‘I Quit!’

    You’ve inspired me to start writing my congress folk about not over-playing the Democrats’ hand. Sadly, I’m afraid you are right and we will scream ‘Rebellion!’ and stumble into all the wrong frays. (Thankfully, Pelosi gave Fudge something for her plate, and Fudge decided not to challenge Dems to change horses in the middle of the stream.) When will we Dems come together? Rhetorical question.

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    • Greta,
      Blog breaks are good.. So if getting back to writing was difficult, that means the break wasn’t long enough.

      A partisan writing to a fellow partisan may do some good. Good luck. Meanwhile, I will sit back and watch … plus most likely shake my head.


  8. Cincy,

    Of course, every blogger is different. Some- such as myself- prefer the idea of walking off into the sunset and having peeps be like “Whatever happened to that SOB?”. But that’s just me. I kinda look at life as being one great big satirical scene. 🙂

    As for Trump . . you mean, he’s still President? What happened? Quint wanted too much money to go fishing for him?

    How ’bout them Cowboys! My Super Bowl pick is still possible, barely, but still . . possible.

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      • Only thing about Prescott, he’s got to tighten up his game. Two fumbles in one game, no bueno. But I like the kid a lot and I hope he can do something this season.
        I’ll definitely have a Last Post at the O.K Corall post. Heck, I had a link to Sorryless from Cayman’s old digs, and I was pleasantly surprised at the peeps who followed me over.


  9. It almost makes you wonder if Mueller has some deal with the networks who speculate ad nauseum 24/7 about what the heck is going on with the investigation? Kudos to him for keeping a handle on it all. Just cheesed I to hear every newscaster’s inner stupid thoughts about it.

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  10. Hi Frank , happy Friday ! It’s disconcertimg when one of our regular blogs goes dark. My friend that I had been blogging with for Five years suddenly asked me to come into his blog as a co author. Three months later no contact. I called his father in Germany to find that he had passed away. Apparently he was ill but not wanting it known . It was devastating , I am still keeping his blog alive along with another close friend of his. I would prefer to walk off into the sunset myself. I have resolved to only watch the evening news to avoid all the agitation in that front. Have a lovely weekend.

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    • Holly,
      Thanks for sharing about your friend. Yes – definitely sad. I can understand the privacy that people chose about personal illness – I see both ways. On the other hand, one can sign off the blog in their own way and out of respect to the loyal readers.

      In terms of news, I watch much less than I used to. Enjoy your weekend!


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