On Rovinj (Croatia)

Rovinj – (pronounced RO-veen) – or Rovigno in Italian – a Croatian city of about 14,000 located on the northern Adriatic coast.

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Off Rovinj’s coast is a 19-island archipelago. Actually, our hotel was on one the islands – well, the hotel is the only thing on the island – but we had access to a ferry trip to/from the mainland. Directly behind the hotel was a smaller island for sunning and walking. A walkway connected the two. Yes, a difficult place to stay.

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The Venetians settle Rovinj, which remained part of the Venetian Republic for 500 years. Although in Croatia, walking the town has a strong feel of being in Italy – that is given the narrow, winding pedestrian streets, hidden courtyards, and comfortable feel. Most of the streets lead to/from the church at the top. Some of the homes along the water define waterfront property.

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With a seaside setting and with culinary Italian roots, how is this setting for lunch? Yes, I had pasta.


Both evenings here, Rovinj treated us to super-outstanding sunsets.

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Our time in Rovinj was our vacation from vacation. Rovinj offers a beautiful setting and a chance to sit back and relax. To close this post about this seaside resort, here’s a 3-minute video from Rick Steves.

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34 thoughts on “On Rovinj (Croatia)

  1. Is there anything more stunning than that gorgeous blue Adriatic Ocean? I totally loved Croatia (I stopped in Split) and its people. There’s such an amazing history to get engrossed in too. Another fine post on the beauty of travel. Literally and figuratively. Well done.

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  2. I’ve heard Croatia is beautiful, and this is looks perfect. It does remind me of Venice.
    BTW, my daughter mentioned a documentary of a survivor who goes back to Auschwitz. She shows it to her students. Once I get the link from her, I’ll share it with you, if you want. (I kind of laughed at her words, “This is my favorite Holocaust documentary.” She said she watches a lot of them to find ones she can show her 8th grade students.)

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    • Merril,
      Rovinj is very Italian – and a wonderful place for R&R. This is the fourth place I’ve visited in Croatia, and all have been outstanding. I also know several people who vacationed in Croatia for a week or more and loved it!

      Thanks for sharing the Auschwitz info – and I look forward to the link!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Sorry to say that I know very little of the history of Croatia and the Balkan Peninsula in general. I need to correct that and also check out what you’re saying about the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

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    • Debra,
      Rovinj was simple – yet so exciting in its own way. Providing two spectacular sunsets in two nights were oh-wow moments. The second one (from the elevated position) was difficult to capture without a good camera. And yes – that setting for a meal was wonderful! Thanks for coming along.

      Liked by 1 person

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