On a Yearly Transition

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As the waves come ashore to wash away 2018, the year officially moves into our memory bank. A year that marked 10 years in my little corner of the world here on WordPress. A good year of writing, memories, and interactions with many good people.

A year featuring of 158 posts (I think) included 24 more beach walks, a tour to notable US national parks, and an outstanding tour in Eastern Europe. A year when Pronouns awakened the sleeping giant known as blog musicals. Some of my favorite topics to post included religious liberty, common good, buying food in Venezuela, a teacher’s day, a 4-part series about the US as a Christian nation, 1968, containers, my career of 2 halves, lead & follow, ballroom connections, and several attempts at fiction. Remember any of those?

If all goes well, 2019 means more beach walks, more travel, another musical, and the introduction of the aFa Weekend Concert Series (which starting this coming weekend). For the inaugural event, it doesn’t get any bigger than The Beatles.

Sometime in 2019 will deliver the 400th weekly edition of Opinions in the Shorts. New posts in final preparation include Oreos, shopping carts, race music, samba, water, shadows, dark, a look at me during my college days, and a toast to 66. 2019 could deliver visit #400,000.

As we say farewell to 2018 while greeting 2019 with open arms, Happy New Year to you … and may goodness continue to shine! Enjoy The Tenors.

67 thoughts on “On a Yearly Transition

  1. A lovely version of the classic, dear Frank.
    Thank you for a wonderful year of shares and I look forward to the coming one!
    Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Right Angle and may 2019 bring you fabulous music to dance to, delicious food and wine to toast with, love and laughter to keep your soul happy!
    Dale xoxo

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    • Pauline,
      I know 10 years is well beyond the average – and it’s been a lot of fun. At this point, I foresee making it to the 11th anniversary. Happy New Year to you … heck … you’ve already celebrated and are probably sleeping as I’ve still got 4+ hours to go … so we will be dancing soon!


    • Marc,
      Happy New Year! Clarity and goodness are good thoughts for 2019. I’m still trying to recover for being a road warrior between these two annual holidays. Could be the first-ever Jan. 1st without watching one play of college football. All the games except Kentucky-Penn State are on ESPN – which I no longer have. Currently tuned into the annual NHL Winter Classic. Heck, went to a sports bar yesterday to watch Bearcats – Va. Tech game.

      Still absorbing the post-Marvin era. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of confidence in ownership for a good hire. I fear the return of the lost decade (90s).

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  2. Frank, taking a tour of WordPress to start the New Year, and happy to see you are still covering life from all “angles!” Hoping to visit more often in 2019. Perhaps a post or two from myself…we shall see. Marvin Lewis is no longer the Bengals HC…I hope and pray Cincy (Brown) will spend some money and get a quality, excellent replacement. The Eagles have the Bears to thank to some extent for getting them into the playoffs…but it may be a “be careful what you wish for” scenario playing them this weekend. All the best to you and yours in 2019 – sounds like there’s a lot of good stuff coming our way via your site.

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    • Bruce!!!

      Happy New Year, and glad to see you out and about.

      After 16 years, no Marvin era seems surreal. The team needed a change, but always bad to see a high-quality person go. Personally, I don’t have much confidence in the Brown family, so my expectations are low. The family had a chance to do a major reset, and chose not to. I’ll still be a fan, but (as I said) don’t expect much. Good luck to your Eagles!

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  3. Happy New Year, Frank, and congrats on 10 years blogging. I’ve had a lot of fun & met a lot of neat people here, and now with the weekend concert series, it’s going to be more fun than ever!
    The Tenors were very moving with their performance of Auld Lang Syne.

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  4. At this time of inner reflection, I thank my lucky stars to have stumbled across your blog (thanks again to Marc at Sorryless for the recommendation!). Much like Billy Crystal in “When Harry Met Sally,” I never have understood the meaning of the words to the vaulted New Year’s Eve song but with the Tenors, who cares. It’s just amazing to hear-no understanding need be necessary. May 2019 be full of joy, loads of smiles and great trips.

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  5. Your statistics and consistency is really impressive to me, Frank. It takes a lot of time to maintain a blog as efficiently as you do, and I always look forward to reading what you’re sharing. I have good intentions for the new year…let’s see how it goes! LOL!

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    • Debra,
      Thanks for the kind words. We’ve come along way together. For me, blog rhythm is important. Meanwhile, I can’t imagine how I kept up the 6-days a week pace for several years. Happy 2019 to you!


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