Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 387

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After an outstanding kickoff to the new musical event, the aFa Weekend Concert Series continues this weekend. This time, individual Beatles in their careers outside of the Fab Four. Think of them as ex-Beatles. The Producer recommends staying away from songs they continued to sing (such as Yesterday, which Paul McCartney still performs). Concert starts Saturday at 1:00 AM (Eastern US).

At the concert opener, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the songs. Truly a concert – so I encourage others to do the same – and coming back on Sunday is even better because there are more songs.

The Oreos post provide two wonder discoveries: 1) For those who separate then eat the icing first, and 2) deep-fried Oreos.

Because I have a lot on my plate next week, I won’t post after the concert – but will return for next week’s OITS.

Even though professional football players put themselves in negative light when their actions involve the police, I’ve always believed that these talented knuckleheads are the minority. Here’s a wonderful story about an NFL quarterback.

The Omnimax theater at the Cincinnati Museum Center recently reopened after the museum’s extensive renovation. We’ve enjoyed many wonderful films there through the years, and we anxious to see the effect of digital projection onto a large, domed, wrap-around screen. Volcanos: Fires of Creation treated us. Thumbs up! For a theater near you, click here – and here’s the trailer.

Although elected officials, this story caught my eye while serving as a bridge into the politics section. This past November, Harris County Texas voters elected 19 African-American women to judge positions. Here’s the video story from CBS.

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No. I didn’t watch President Trump’s primetime address. After all, the man has a well-documented history of lying, exaggerating, misinforming, misusing facts, and blaming while accepting no responsibility – all for the purpose of intentionally misleading the public for his benefits. Reports indicate that the address was more of the same.

Sadly, what if a true national emergency existed – would be suddenly become believable? For me, no!

No – I won’t be watching the State of the Union later this month.

Instead of a “no wall” message, Democrats are missing a ripe opportunity to promote other aspects of improving border security. Simply saying “there is a better way” (Speaker Pelosi) is not enough. Get into the specifics of what to do and sell it to the people.

Shame, shame, shame on Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). The newly elected representative made an ass of herself with her inflaming words about impeaching President Trump. Although many of us know the man is pathetic, her words do nothing more but inflame the situation and incite his supporters. During a time when the majority of Americans want and need civility and problem solvers, she says that – and then doubles down? Well done, Rep Tlaib. It didn’t take long to make it to my partisan-hack list.

Another shame to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who didn’t publicly condemn Rep. Tlaib. Congratulations ladies for acting in a manner that supports re-electing President Trump.

Newly elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wants to raise the marginal income tax rate on top earners to 70%. Although tax rate would not affect me, I shake my head at the new representative. A suggestion to her and the other newly elected – carry the big stick of quiet as you learn the system.

To me, I see parallels between the actions of some of the newly elected House Democrats and the Tea Party wave. With that in mind, Speaker Pelosi has a difficult managing task – just like John Boehner had.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Key in but won’t turn
Man finally able to forgive self after terrible mistake he made 2 seconds ago
Report: Students who take Latin have better chance of summoning demon later in life
High school history textbook concludes with little blurb about last 40 years
Man stuck in dead-end body
Everyone at Consumer Electronics Show forced to share single surge protector
System for telling clean clothes in suitcase apart from dirty clothes falls apart on second day of trip

My Combo: Consumer Electronics Show concludes key in surge protector made clothes clean in 2 seconds

Interesting Reads

Artificial Intelligence and the future
Moderate policy in the age of political extremes
82nd Airborne at Normandy
New World, Old World, and chocolate
The concrete blocks that once protected Britain
The Sopranos Effect
(Infographic) History of life
(Images) National Geographic Photo Contest – People’s Choice Winners

To send you into the weekend, here’s another one by Herman’s Hermits. After all, their appearance last week created interesting reactions.. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

51 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 387

    • Sylvia,
      Glad you saw the Hush song because you gave me the idea. Sorry about missing the comment on the concert post. It came yesterday, and I was running around. By the way, you can have the computer scan the page for a keyword to see if the song is there. For instance, search for Days … The search will identify places on the page to be checked. Hope that makes sense.

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      • I read a lot of history. It was 90% for most millionaires over a certain amount. During Ike’s time, we built interstate highways, new airports, a good portion of repaired railroads and we also managed to upgrade our military. It never hurt the rich. Do we accomplish any of that now?

        As far as AOC goes, you know what Bob Dylan said. And, before she ever uttered the words about raising the income tax on the rich she talked to a number of well thought of economists. That’s how she knew she was on solid ground.

        Our government needs a little disruption.

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        • Don’t put words in my mouth. I said a number of well thought of economists, not well known. Big difference.

          That said, after reading more comments looking for this one, I understand now how our country got the way it is. Most of you old dudes are scared to death of young people. I’m a year or two younger than you, but I’m not scared.

          Lay off social media, indeed. That is, like it or not, where people can speak unfiltered. And, yes that MFr in the oval office should be impeached.

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        • In terms of economists, I still like that Harry Truman wanted a one-handed economist.

          I’m not scared of the young folks. Experience is a valuable commodity – and much of that does come with age – although we have a president with age and no experience – and that shows! Then again, his age doesn’t mean wisdom.


        • And yet, Harry’s administration was riddled with corruption and scandal.

          Of course experience matters. I preach about that on Storyteller when it comes to photography.

          But, youth moves things, changes things. Think about it in terms of something you enjoy. Music. The Beatles. Most of their very best work was done by the time they were in their middle 20s. The edge came off. They got too tricky. They became jaded. The surviving Beatles have been chasing lightning in a bottle for years. Ringo mostly just tours with his All Star Band. Sir Paul makes new music. Sometimes it’s good. His newest album is very good. But, it’s not Beatles great. His tour shows are a mix of old, middle and new. Most of it is old. Beatles old.

          So too with politicians. So,let AOC run with her passion before she gets jaded. Most of what she wants are things we both want. As far as calling Trump a MFr, forget it. That’s non issue. Worry about what she does for us.


  1. “Instead of a “no wall” message, Democrats are missing a ripe opportunity to promote other aspects of improving border security. Simply saying “there is a better way” (Speaker Pelosi) is not enough. Get into the specifics of what to do and sell it to the people.”
    You are so correct here. I lament the democrat’s lack of vision. It is what made Hilary a candidate. My party needs to wake up NOW! There is a need for border security, just not trumpsters fascist plan. I worry the democrats don’t even have a credible plan.

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    • Cindy,
      Thanks. I’m going take a different slant. I get glimpses in clips, so I think they have a plan and a willingness to increase security. Then again, I see your concern. If that don’t have a plan, they better get one. Because I think they do, they ought to sell it then supplement it with the no-wall message. Bottom line – this situation is sad and pathetic on many levels.

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  2. Cincy,

    I love Herman’s Hermits!

    The video you provided in the link didn’t open for me, it said the video wasn’t available. I assume it was about the Colts QB? Who happens to have a heck of a chance of upsetting the apple cart this weekend, by the way.

    I don’t understand how all these peeps are trying to beat Trump at his own game. Be the adults in the room people! We need the adults in the room, LOL.

    My plan for the Dolphins? Hire Hue Jackson. Compile a bunch of high draft picks for the next two years and then draft the Lawrence kid out of Clemson. Easy? Meet peasy.

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    • Marc,
      Glad you enjoyed Herman’s Hermits. After two consecutive weeks of them, I imagine I’ll go in a different direction next week.

      Agree – Dems should stop trying to play his game – so take it to him!

      Regarding your Dolphins plan, keep in mind that Hue didn’t get the draft picks – that was their GM. However – how about Marvin to the Fins?

      In terms of the video link, who knows. Because I think you saw the Luck video, I’ve got the feeling it was about Oreos – possibly deep fried.

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      • There is never too much Herman’s Hermits, but that’s me.

        Trump is an indefatigable force of nature. Like a tornado, and with every bit as much destructive power. It is shameless what he is now doing with FEMA and his iron clad insistence on getting the money (from us!) for his imbecilic wall. The Democrats should be raising examples . . DAILY, of what people are going through during this shutdown thanks to Trump. I’m at a loss as to how they are playing his game.

        If Marvin has some fire left, I would take him in a heart beat. He turned the Bengals around and I’ve no doubt he would do the same for us.

        Ahhh. And speaking of Luck, I might have a mention of him coming soon, thanks to you.

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  3. The two freshman legislators cast an ugly pall on the institution. I wish the Tea Party Lefties would listen more and talk less. And for gawd’s sake lay off the social media! Ugh. It’s bad enough the cretin in chief can’t stand not being the center of attention but the newly elected woman shouldn’t strive to act like the male knuckledraggers in Congress. Hopefully Nancy won’t have problems with the progressive caucus like Boehner had with the Freedom Caucus. Looking forward to the weekend concert.

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  4. Love the article on the Sopranos. I didn’t realize it was their 20 anniversary (has it been that long?), and when I stumbled upon back-to-back programming of the show the other day while I was exercising. I couldn’t figure out why I was depressed after watching a couple hours. Then I realized I saw in him what I see in Trump, only Trump lacks Tony’s small cache of being able to seek self-awareness, his small amount of humility, and his grasp of loyalty. The article is correct. The Sopranos paved way for the admiration of the brute who gets the money, the beautiful women, gets his way, and has all the riches he heart desires. You mix those lusts with a reality show mentality and you get an American population easily duped. It was entertaining until it wasn’t…

    As to the freshman Democrats, I think you’re being to hard on them. They’ll get it together. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) did apologize and she took responsibility for her actions. (I got a feeling Nancy had a chat with her behind the scenes.) She was excited (as I would have been) and got caught up in the moment. Judge her if she keeps doing it, but give her a pass for this classic rookie mistake. O’Casio-Cortez needs a mentor–ASAP. She’s young and full of herself. She is also not well-educated on how government works and what it is. But she has promise. I would counsel her to shut up and lock herself away for 6 months and read EVERYTHING she can on the subjects she needs (not knowing the 3 branches of government is unacceptable). They all need to shut up and discover what it is they don’t know and how to work as a team. But Nancy can’t come across like the mother hen or they will become completely unruly and turn on her because they are like teenagers.

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    • Eleanor,
      Glad that you enjoyed The Sopranos … but binge watching the series probably isn’t a good idea. 😉

      Freshman members of Congress (on both sides) would do themselves good to blend in, watch, learn, and carefully pick the occasion to kick. Yes, Speaker Pelosi can’t be the mother hen, and yes, I’m imagine her words off-camera to the ladies was different than her on-camera comments. Because you mentioned the need for mentors, and the fact you are in that area – you go girl!

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  5. Thanks for the heads-up on the reopening of the Omnimax theater at the Cincinnati Museum Center. I can’t wait to see an IMAX film there and also the restored murals in the museum rotunda.

    Good for you for calling out ANYTHING that you see EVEN SLIGHTLY enhancing the chances of Donald Trump being re-elected President. Keep it up!

    TIMES ARE A-CHANGING in Harris County, Texas where 19 African-American women were elected judges in the 2018 elections!

    Speaking of judges – I judge the “National Geographic Photo Contest – People’s Choice Winners” to be my all-time favorite photo ensemble.

    A splat from “High school history textbook concludes with little blurb about last 40 years.”

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    • Tim,
      The museum murals were cleaned, so they are very vibrant. I suggest going on a weekday; plus avoid MLK and Presidents Day weekends. Volcanoes is a worthy movie – however, and unfortunately so, you missed both the Chocolate and Guitar exhibits. On the plus side, cheers to a splat.


      • My wife and I will definitely go to see the volcano film (on a weekday) to find out what we’ll be getting into when in 2020 we tour the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on The Big Island to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.


  6. Generally, a good collection of “interesting reads.” Thanks, Frank. 2 exceptions: 1. The infographic A History of Life was hard to read and misleading because of its extremely varying scales. 2. Moderate Policy/Political Extremes was dense economic musing, too long and erudite. Less useful than would be a treatise on “how to get rid of a narcissistic moron we mistakenly elected.”

    Got a nice wallpaper for my desktop from the National Geographic pics. Again, thanks.

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  7. I didn’t watch the speech the other night and there’s no way I’m putting myself through the SOTU. I still subscribe to the thought just “Wake me when this is over.” In the meantime I’m immersed in some fabulous novels and we are occasionally binge-watching series that allow me to absorb more fantasy than reality. 😳

    I enjoyed the article on the Soprano Effect. I never watched the series but it seemed at the time like everyone I knew was hooked. Good article!


  8. I think that AOC’s suggestion of raising the top rate to 70% is one of the most sensible things she said – she did say a few eyebrow-raising things, so the bar is not that high. We’ve had the top rate over 70% for nearly half the 20th century – from about 1935 up to the early 1980’s. That was the time of faster economic growth than we’ve had after 1980’s, so the high tax rates are not nearly as detrimental to the economic growth as some would like us to believe. I may not think that we want to raise the top rate to 70%, but the top tax rate of 37%, and especially the top capital gains rate of 20% are way too low.

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