Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 389

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Queen headlines this weekend’s concert series. Concert time is Saturday at 1:00 AM (Eastern US).

Fiona turned 2 this week! Here’s a click with a story and a photo gallery. Need more? Here’s a collection of videos.

We recently saw Vice at the theater. Some points: 1) Christian Bale was outstanding, 2) I was never a fan of Dick Cheney or any of the neo-Conservatives, 3) I’m not a fan of hyper-partisan movies, and 4) Oscar for Best Picture? Someone had to be kidding.

I’ve finally got around to listening to Podcasts. I greatly enjoy the Ted Radio Hour. CBS journalists Mo Rocca just released his first in a series called Mobituaries. The first episode was about Vaughn Meader. Does anyone remember him? He was the famous for his President Kennedy impressions. Does the First Family Album ring a bell?

Back to podcasts. The two series listed above are 1-hour segments. Any recommendations of podcasts that are 15 minutes or less?

Remember Mr. Blackwell’s best and worst dressed lists? He died in 2008, but Roger Stone (yes – that Roger Stone – the advisor to President Trump) picked up Blackwell’s mantle. I heard an interesting interview with him about his lists – so here they are.

Congratulations to the latest inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame: Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Mike Mussina, and Edgar Martinez. Cheers to Martinez finally getting his due, and a worthy tip of the cap to Mariano Rivera for being the first player ever to receive 100% of the votes on the first ballot. A worthy honor to a top-shelf player.

Super Bowl LIII is set. Two very entertaining games last weekend, but too bad the officials made a blatant error in one game, plus I don’t like the NFL’s overtime rule that determined the second game. Personally, I hope the Rams win.

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I not only don’t I understand comments like these, I’m even more surprised that people use them and others believe them.

  • “Stalin was a socialist who wanted healthcare for all, then went on to kill 80,000 people.” (Friend on Facebook)
  • “We have a society in which there are an awful lot of people who have no idea that Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung all came to power promising the same kinds of things that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is promising. And it led to mass murder, it led to dictatorship, it led to genocide. These promises are old promises and they invariably lead to bad things.” (Ben Stein)

For goofy statements like the above, I have a simple response: Although I may not agree with the Left, I am glad they have their heads in the cloud because it is a response to the Right who have their heads up their ass – and I’m glad to be grounded with my eyes open and my brain thinking.

With all the bluster about the upcoming State of the Union, I could care less because I won’t be watching or listening.

Interesting how President Trump offered a DACA deal to the Democrats, and then the Supreme Court steps on Trump’s previous DACA actions. Oh how the stories around this administration get weirder and weirder.

White House Counsel Rudy Giuliani is competing with President Trump for best entertainment to those who know better. Earlier this week The Onion has this great headline: Giuliani: ‘Let’s Just Start Everything Over’ … and this Stephen Colbert about Rudy intro made me laugh. (It’s less than a minute.)

To lead you into The Onion, this headline and accompanying image may be one of the best ever. Click here to see.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Man beginning to worry that best meals already behind him
Trump dismisses Trump as a distraction
Doctor weirded out by patient providing every lucid detail of medical history
Woman rushes to hide fragile objects, cover up sharp corners on tables before boyfriend comes over
Queen Elizabeth watches as oxen pull apart farmer who failed to provide yearly tithe of grain
Weird kid opts to sit perfectly still, let universe decide his fate after teacher instructs class to pair up

Interesting Reads

Rural states and clean energy
Ten cultural items turning 30
Tough economic times at Amsterdam brothels
Major news from the world of frog dating
Quinoa whiskey
(Photos) The architect exiled by Nazis
(Chart) Coal use by country

To send you into the weekend, here’s a song that I stumble across the other day that I hadn’t heard in a long time. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

58 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 389

  1. Looking forward to this weekend’s concert – there will be LOTS of tunes, I don’t doubt it.
    Go RAMS!! And I agree… wrong teams are playing this year.
    I haven’t yet gotten into Podcasts…can’t seem to insert them into my day. Maybe one day.
    I hear this song and I can’t help but think of “A Knight’s Tale” with the lovely and late, Heath Ledger… 😉

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  2. My wife is a big Bowie can. I never really developed a taste for him.

    Twice as long as your 15 min limit, Welcome To Nightfalls is a delightfully bent serial fiction podcast, sorry of a Cthulhu meets The Addams Family.

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  3. I need to see ‘Vice’ but I don’t want to see ‘Vice.’ Same as on many evenings when I don’t want to watch the PBS News Hour but I need to watch the PBS News Hour.

    Your thoughtful response to the goofy comments makes me wary of having my head halfway in the clouds and halfway up my ass.

    I don’t care who wins Super Bowl LIII as long as the Patriots lose.

    Next time we talk I want to ask you some questions about the ‘Coal Use By Country’ graphic to see if I get it?

    The Onions were all too disturbing for any one to land a splat.

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  4. Cincy,

    The political goof gumbo is everywhere on FB and other sites, which is why I cut the cord with ’em for the most part. I won’t, I just won’t.

    Believe it or not, I ain’t down with Mo’s perfect score in the HOF voting. There was something important (I think) about no player being unanimous. I took it as no player being bigger than the game. But that aside, happy for the entries and YES to Edgar, who was a scientist at the plate.

    I won’t watch the SOU.

    Hope the Rams win, but not believing it until I see it.

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    • Marc,
      I realize the Facebook gumbo, but we have a name associated with it that we know. Then again, that doesn’t prevent the person from being blindly stupid.

      The perfect score was well-earned. That also means the idiots who would not vote for the obvious on first ballot are thankfully gone — well, or they were drugged or drunk when they completed the ballot.

      Cheers to not watch the SOTU … however, we know it’s going to be HUGE!

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      • Well Frank, it’s like this. Technology ain’t the problem, but the incivility and ignorance of some peeps is. A big problem. And the ability of a person to sit behind a screen and feel like the Kings and Queens of Siam . . no repercussions, is problematic. Most of us use social media for good. It sucks that we have a minority of the population who want to disassemble everything.

        He was deserving. And maybe there WAS a point to having him be the first. Seeing as how you never heard a bad thing about him, on or off the field. And as far as those drugged or drunk voters, I’m sure we’ve had a couple . . .

        It’s going SO HUGE! Huger than his hands!


  5. Oooh, a little Freddy. Love that! I’m putting the Super Bowl in the same category as the SOTU. Not watching it. Instead I’ll be enjoying some real entertainment, the Puppy and Kitten Bowl on Animal Planet. The caliber of competitor is more charming.

    These anti-AOC people need to have their blood pressure checked; at this rate they won’t make it to 2020. Happy weekend-see you at the concert!

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  6. I tried to read the article about rural states and clean energy but it kind of made me angry. As you know, I am a treehugger. We are badly in need of solutions to changing over from fossil fuel to something cleaner and greener. However, those who have done the studies agree (look up Google’s initiative regarding wind and solar or what Bill Gates has said about it) that wind and solar are not enough. Furthermore, I live in one of those rural areas that wind and solar companies are trying to exploit. Because that’s what they do. They come to poor areas (the county I live in is the poorest county in Maryland), say that they’ll create jobs by installing wind and solar, pick areas where the poorest of the poor live, put up solar panels without adhering to zoning laws, don’t pay the contractors they hired (who are from out of state), create ONE job (a night watchman while the panels are being installed, then fire him once the shoddy installation is completed), get sued by all the contractors they didn’t pay, ruin the roads bringing stuff in and get sued for that, then declare bankruptcy (taking a lesson from the Big Baby). It should be noted, as well, that the companies who front this stuff (in our area, at least) are based in Italy and Germany. Worse yet, wind and solar are intermittantly available which means coal power still has to be used to balance things out and to fill in the gap. Wind and solar costs more (which I wouldn’t mind if it made a difference) which also hurts the very poor.

    The money, by the way, for the wind and solar comes from our tax dollars and the increased rates we pay for the shoddy installations. The state of Maryland (and the federal government) passes mandates regarding clean energy so these companies come in, take those tax dollars and run.

    But I did enjoy the Onion headlines, as always. 🙂


  7. I like all of your comments this time, something not unusual. I know you believe you are an “independent” voter, Frank, but you are sounding more like a Democrat these days. Maybe it’s that the GOP seems to be drifting so far to the bizarre right that it just seems that way. (I think Lindsey Graham may have brain fungus.)

    My favorite podcasts are from Stuff You Should Know. I consider myself reasonably well educated and informed, but I learn interesting things there. There are some that are about 15 minutes long, the titles of which are preceded by “Short Stuff:”.

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    • Jim,
      Many thanks for the podcast recommendation. Sounds like something I will enjoy. “Sounding like a Democrat” made me laugh. Oh yes – I’m very anti-Trump … and yes, so much of the GOP has drifted away from the center – so that’s not me either. As I look to 2020, I foresee about a 1-of-3 chances of voting for the Democratic nominee. No matter how heated the primaries are, I will not participate in the either party’s process.


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