On Trip Tidbits: More Budapest

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As my dedicated post indicated, Budapest is a fabulous city to visit – let alone the tidbits about the contradictions at Liberty Square and the memorial of the shoes. However, this post is truly a collection of tidbits with murals at a bathhouse, a sculpture, and a sign.


Outstanding murals and a statue in the lobby of a bathhouse.

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A touch of artistry from a gallery.


These statues are a bit large.


Now this is an interesting store sign.


Hope you enjoyed this tidbits from Budapest. Any favorites?

54 thoughts on “On Trip Tidbits: More Budapest

  1. What a city Budapest is! I didn’t get to any bath places while there. They have interesting signs all over the sign. My friend Barry(the same one I met in Paris) went there a month or so after I did and came across a place called Mr. Funk. Inside, he took a pic of a sign that said, “Do you wanna funk with me?” How I did not see this in the city is beyond me, especially given my last name tied to it. LOL. It’s a doughnut shop there.


  2. Hi aFrank,
    I was a bit slow at getting the words on the last photo. 😳
    LOVE …LOVE … LOVE … the sculpture holding the face. Outstanding !!!
    Why did they have bathhouses? I don’t have any knowlegde about the subject.
    Were you on a Europeon cruise? I think I missed your mentioning it.
    Just mentioning the memorial of the shoes jolted my emotions again.
    WOW … I can just imagine the feelings that would well-up in person.
    I enjoyed the tour. Thanks … Happy Monday!!!
    Isadora 😎

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    • Isadora,
      In the fall, we toured Eastern/Central Europe – not on a cruise – but part of a Rick Steves tour. It was wonderful. Here’s a link to the entire category of the trip – https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/category/travel/eastern-europe/

      Hungarian love their thermal baths – yes, very much in the Turkish tradition. After all, the Turks ruled the area for a long time.

      The sculpture holding the face? – yes, that obviously caught me eye as well.

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      • I didn’t know about the Rick Steves tours. I must look into that. We are thinking about a European cruise for the fall. I should be a lot healthier by then. I’m still researching. I’d really like Greece or Italy. We’re trying the Holland America line again in April. Tried that line in 2007. It’s going to be the Rotterdam. Looking forward to touring the pyramids in Guatemala. Couldn’t resist the price. A suite for the price of a balcony. Woo – Hoo !!! Ok I’m off to read the travel Eastern Europe post.
        Isadora 😎

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