On Trip Tidbits: More Budapest

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As my dedicated post indicated, Budapest is a fabulous city to visit – let alone the tidbits about the contradictions at Liberty Square and the memorial of the shoes. However, this post is truly a collection of tidbits with murals at a bathhouse, a sculpture, and a sign.


Outstanding murals and a statue in the lobby of a bathhouse.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A touch of artistry from a gallery.


These statues are a bit large.


Now this is an interesting store sign.


Hope you enjoyed this tidbits from Budapest. Any favorites?


45 thoughts on “On Trip Tidbits: More Budapest

  1. What a city Budapest is! I didn’t get to any bath places while there. They have interesting signs all over the sign. My friend Barry(the same one I met in Paris) went there a month or so after I did and came across a place called Mr. Funk. Inside, he took a pic of a sign that said, “Do you wanna funk with me?” How I did not see this in the city is beyond me, especially given my last name tied to it. LOL. It’s a doughnut shop there.


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