On a Snit about a Fear

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I interrupt my regularly scheduled post for a timely message. Some may say a bit of a snit. Allow me to scream first.

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Although I am far from the Democratic Left, President Trump’s frequent cry of “Socialism” and Republicans yelling “Socialism” as a response to the Progressive message of the Green New Deal has gotten under my skin more than the agenda itself.

My response is an important question to the GOP and their minions: When are you going to campaign against government-run taxpayer-funded Socialstic programs?

Eliminating (not reforming) Social Security
Eliminating unemployment benefits
Eliminating food stamps
Eliminate government housing
Stop housing assistance
Stop funding public roads & schools
Eliminate disability payments
Eliminate benefits for government employees
Eliminate Medicare
Eliminate Medicaid
Eliminate financial assistance for foster care, adoption child care & development
Eliminate food and health programs for children through schools
Eliminate health insurance assistance
Eliminate assisting communities with local services
Eliminate educational loans & grants for schools & students
Eliminate funding for museums & libraries
Eliminate subsidies for business
Eliminate public-funded transportation
Eliminate farm subsidies
Abolish the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)
Abolish the Small Business Administration (SBA)
Abolish the Veterans’ Administration (VA)

… and I’m sure there are many more examples.

I know you won’t answer the question, so I’ll answer it for you. You won’t because you are gutless hypocrites who can’t practice want they preach for you are the party of fear and anger who preys on ignorance. No wonder I left the party.

71 thoughts on “On a Snit about a Fear

  1. I propose that a requirement for each candidate participating in the 2020 election presidential debates, be to have to go down the list in your post and preface each one with “I am in favor of . . . “ or “I am not in favor of . . . “ The moment a candidate adds or subtracts any of the words from those TWO choices, an afrankangle “Cone Of Silence” will descend from the ceiling to render the candidate’s further responses/remarks – inaudible.

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    • Tim,
      As you know, the candidates would never agree to my debate format – which is the reason why it should happen. … and 2020 is shaping up to be perfect for my independent nature. Current odds of me voting Democratic reside at 20%.

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  2. I’m glad I just finished my yoga and meditation practices before reading this (so that my blood pressure doesn’t go through the roof). Well put, Frank. Their feamongering goes on and on, with the latest suggestion that any kind of campaign reform, including campaign finance reform, is infringing on free speech. I believe they have ads coming out about soon, hoping to keep the base cringing in fear. The other side will, of course, come out with their own ads to bring fear to their base, and we’ll all be awash in fear if we allow it.

    Susan Colllins received $1.8 million in donations right after confirming Kavanaugh (said to be the most she’s ever raised in one quarter). Does that sound good politics or is it bribery? The idea of Election Day being a federal holiday is a “power grab” to the GOP rather than the opportunity for everyone to practice their privilege and right to vote. They (some on both sides!) don’t want dark money donors exposed, Facebook and Twitter exposed, or ethics rules beefed up. I wonder why?

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    • Robin,
      The idea of the big money in politics is crazy – just crazy! Glad you got your yoga and meditation in this morning. … But now you have have to return for round 2 to re-establish that tone because I ruined it for your day! 😉

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    • Jonolan,
      Correct – Not only I am no longer a Republican, I know the party and its members are not interested in me beyond my vote and money. Then again, neither is the Democratic party, nor any other party. After all, as an authentic independent, I think on my own without the influence of the party Kool-Aid.

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    • Jim,
      To be devil’s advocate of my own list, they party won’t go in that direction because that would cost them too many votes. Then again, I like the way you stated it – about their efforts leading to their own destruction. As you noticed, it seems one Republican commented.

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  3. It is totally backwards world…definitely going backwards
    Extremists on both sides: deaf, dumb and blind – and determined to turn the rest of us into serfs one way/philosophy or another other.
    Some of the programs you listed were the states’ responsibilities and maybe it’s time to send those reins back to them – better to fit regional needs and with only one gov. agency, the state, involved, maybe keep a closer eyes to make sure funds are getting to where they need to go and used appropriately. The bigger the bureaucracy, the more people with their personal agendas stirring the mess, the more salaries, the more chance for stuff to get misdirected or complicated or screwed totally unrecognizably up.

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    • Mouse,
      Definite mess and one side isn’t to blame because they both have their hands all of it. However, if a Socialism/Socialist cry is to serve as a reason for one side being against something, that does not mean shift the responsibility to the state – that means the program not existing. Plain and simple!

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      • Quite correct all are responsible – and for multiple administrations. (Term limits anyone?) Sometime taking away the toys allows things to get cleaned up, organized and workable again.
        Nothing is simple any more…pure? depends HAHA.
        Happy Valentines – may sun, friends and family warm your day


    • I’ve now had a chance to read the early post cited and the comments here and there, I need to add my thoughts. As an ‘immigrant’ (though now a long time naturalized citizen of the US) from a country that is generally perceived as socialistic where trains run on time, national healthcare is delivered to everyone, etc., this country would do well to adopt many of those same tenets. It’s heartbreaking when I read comments from people who (a) know little to nothing about socialism and (b) project unsubstantiated fears like they’re some sort of interchangeable Lincoln logs with our form of government. The scary part is those folks walk amongst us and use any opportunity to vilify anything they disagree with regularly. Truly sad. Oh, and you nailed it on the older post…he is no leader of any kind.

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      • Monika,
        You’re experiences are important – so thanks for sharing them. Too many feelings (not yours) are based on misinformation – misconceptions – while naturally lead to the wrong conclusions. The situation is sad – very sad – and in my opinion, no hope in sight.

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  4. When I think about Trump and his cronies and how they approach the American people, I think of these few lines from Michael Douglas from the movie, The American President.

    “I’ve known Bob Rumson for years. And I’ve been operating under the assumption that the reason Bob devotes so much time and energy to shouting at the rain was that he simply didn’t get it. Well, I was wrong. Bob’s problem isn’t that he doesn’t get it. Bob’s problem is that he can’t sell it! We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things, and two things only—making you afraid of it, and telling you who’s to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections. You gather a group of middle age, middle class, middle income voters who remember with longing an easier time, and you talk to them about family, and American values and character.”

    Making you afraid of it and telling you who to blame. That’s how you win elections in this country these days. Quite honestly, both parties can hold that stick. They’re both pathetic.

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    • George,
      Amen – both parties do hold that stick – and you have hit a broad reason way the truly independent voter is not a happy camper – and that each party is also guilty in seeking this group of voters for votes and money – but not policy. Thank you, George!

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  5. I’m sorry you feel the need to vent, Frank. The reason I’m sorry is you still harbor expectations that the politicians are in place to do good. Neither side of the aisle has demonstrated to me any value for quite some time. The Narcissist- in -Chief just serves as a reminder that the voter gets exactly what the voter deserves and in the context of what is really important he doesn’t matter. The system is broken and I’m quite sure electing new representatives and senators won’t help a bit. We all need to turn to more uplifting subjects and drive these rascals out of our minds.

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    • John,
      While I this vent wants to smack Republicans, by no means to I look to the Dems for answers. After all, the are moving in the direction away further from me. Yes, not only true for electing The Bloviator, we voters get exactly want we deserve. Congress has a very low approval rating, so why is the incumbency re-election rate so high? Easy – we hate Congress, but not ours! Everyone else is the problem!!! All that lines up into the pathetic mess that we have today. I agree – no people won’t solve the problem either because they too would following the mantra of the ones before them – Serve my party and my re-election first.

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  6. We’ve had a lot of fear selling here too in UK politics, hence the impending Brexit. Feeling pretty tired of it all at the moment and wondering where the real politicians have gone.

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  7. Well, well, well, that was one great yell! I can enjoy a good rant every once in awhile, and I enjoyed this one, a lot. I love the way you set it up, and delivered.
    So, from my Canadian armchair, I switch to a Canadian channel. I see the politics of fear and blame running amok here, too. It’s an election year in Canada, and the rats have come out to chew on Trudeau. Can’t they deliver any positive messages? Okay Trudeau’s far from perfect, but he’s good enough to garner the hate & wrath of trump.

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