On 66

This post bumped a weekend concert and more tidbits from Eastern Europe. So hey – it must be special!

In Language

gjashtëdhjetë e gjashtë (Albanian), šedesát šest (Czech), animnapu’t anim (Filipino), sessantasei (Italian), hatvanhat (Hungarian), sitta u sittin (Maltese), tse mashome a tšeletseng a metso e tšeletseng (Sesotho), oltmish olti (Uzbek), Mae chwe deg chwech (Welsh), LXVI (Roman)

In Mathematics

66 – an even integer, a sphenic number, a triangular number, a hexagonal number, a semi-meandric number, a semiperfect number, being a multiple of a perfect number, an Erdős–Woods number

In Science

M-66 – Messier object Spiral Galaxy in the constellation Leo

NCG-66 – (New General Catalogue) a spiral galaxy in the constellation Cetus

66 – the atomic number of the element dysprosium (Dy), whose neutrally charged atom contains 66 protons and 66 elections

66 – Chromosome number of the Gray Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)

In Computing

66 (more specifically 66.667) megahertz (MHz) is a common divisor of processor speed

In Geography

Photo from pexels.com

Route 66 – One of the most famous highways in the US going from Chicago to Los Angeles

I-66: – A US interstate connecting Washington, DC and I-81 near Middletown, Virginia

66 Parallel North – Crosses Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, United States, Canada, and Iceland

66 Parallel South – Crosses Antarctica

66 Meridian East – Crosses Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

66 Meridian West – Crosses Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Antarctica

In Business

Phillips 66 – a brand of gasoline and service station in the United States

Rum 66 – aged Bajan rum

Pier Sixty Six Hotel & Marina (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Sixty Six Pictures – an independent film production company in the UK

Sixty Six Brix – a catering company that specializes in frosted maple taffy (Toronto, ON)

Sixty Six Theater Company – a not-for-profit company (West Hollywood, CA)

66 N – a clothing manufacturer in Iceland

In Religion

66 – The total number of chapters in the Bible book of Isaiah

66 – The number of verses in Chapter 3 of the book of Lamentations in the Old Testament

66 – The total number of books in the Protestant edition of the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) combined

Papyrus 66 – near complete codex of Gospel of John

66 – In Abjad numerals, the numeric value of the Name Of Allah

In Sports

From allfreevectors.com

66 – The number of the laps of the Spanish Grand Prix

66 Circle Option – the Pittsburgh Steelers play that resulting in the Immaculate Reception (click to see)

66 kg (145 pounds) – upper limit of featherweight boxing division

#66 – Retired Sports Jersey Numbers

  • MLB: Don Zimmer (Rays)
  • NBA: None
  • NFL: Bulldog Turner (Bears), Ray Nitschke (Packers)
  • NHL: Mario Lemieux (Penguins)

NASCAR #66: 732 races, driven by 103 different drivers, 1 win (Larry Frank, 1962)

In Entertainment

In Film

66th Academy Awards – Held in 1994 honoring films released in 1993. Major winners Schindler’s List (Steven Spielberg, director & winner), Tom Hanks (Philadelphia), and Holly Hunter (The Piano)

Sixty Six – a 2006 British movie about a bar mitzvah in London on the day of the 1966 World Cup final starring Eddie Marsan and Helena Bonham Carter

Order 66 – In the Star Wars movie series, a prepared order to the clone troopers to kill the Jedi commanding them

In Television & Radio

Route 66 – a popular US television series on CBS from 1960 to 1964

66 WNBC radio – a popular New York radio station, which became WFAN on 1 July 1987

In Music

Image from vector-images.com

Route 66 – Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, Bing Crosby, James Mayer, Brian Setzer, Harry James, Rolling Stones … but my favorite is this one

Opus 66 – Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty and Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu

(Albums) Sixty Six Steps (Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon); Sixty Six to Timbuktu (Robert Plant); Combo 66 (John Scofield)

OMG 66 – song title by Lil B

66 – The number of songs on Bruce Springsteen box set released 1998

Le 66 – a one-act opérette by Jacques Offenbach and Pitaud de Forges and Laurencin

The Sixty-Six, the New Jersey-based rock band founded by Scott Liss

66 ft. – a song by Lil Yachty featuring Trippie Redd from Yachty’s studio album Lil Boat 2

In Literature

Sixty-Six (novel), a novel by film director Barry Levinson

The 66 Laws of the Illuminati: The Secrets of Success (House of Illuminati); A Shade of Vampire 66 (Bella Forest)

In History

Year 66 BC
  • a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar known as the Year of the Consulship of Lepidus and Tullus
  • known less frequently, year 688 Ab urbe condita
Year 66 AD
  • A common year starting on Wednesday
  • Emperor Nero ruling Rome
  • The Jewish Revolt against the Roman Empire begins
  • The Sicarii capture the fortress of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea.


Alpha 66 – an anti-Castro terrorist group in Miami

Flight 66 – Eastern Airline flight from New Orleans crashing on approach to NYC-JFK on 24 June 1975

66 in (167.6 cm) – average height of Neanderthal males

66th Congress – served 1919-1921, the last 2 years of the Woodrow Wilson administration

Died at age 66: Davy Jones, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, Hubert Humphrey, Marie Curie, Carlo Ponzi, John Steinbeck, Lizzie Borden, James Thurber, Dudley Moore, Indira Gandhi

66 – The international direct dialing (IDD) code for Thailand

66 block – used to organize telephone lines In telecommunications

Sixty-six – a German card game

Solo 66 – a card game involving 5 players competing for tricks

Series 66 Exam – qualifies people as investment adviser representatives or securities agents

Cell 66 – In the video game Fullmetal Alchemist, elusive villain Barry the Chopper imprisoned cell number 66, which later becomes his alias when battling the brothers at Laboratory Five

66 – the age I become today. Happy Birthday to me. Yep, on the 46th day of 1953 (for the record, a Tuesday), yours truly came into being

Happy 66th Birthday Frank from Mini-Me


I can’t believe it! Look who has stopped to sing a song she wrote about me!


119 thoughts on “On 66

  1. Congratulations for living 16 more years than the average male (who survived until 20) in Paris during the 18th Century.

    For #66 my favorite is the Route 66 TV Show Season 1 Opening and Closing Credits and Theme Song composed by Nelson Riddle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZEJ5Oc-B9w

    This evening my wife and I look forward to going to Music Hall to see the Cincinnati Ballet Company’s production of Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ – Opus 66, accompanied by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Teach,

    Happy 66 to a real mensch.

    You share a special number with the famous highway to the west coast, a bajan rum and the great Mario! Not to mention, you have never once . . and I mean not even once, been accused of sarcasm!

    Great going birthday boy!


    Liked by 1 person

    🍷A Toast for you, Frank!🍷- Cheers! 💃🏽🕺& dancing!
    Love the Route 66 version that’s your fave!
    So happy Shania came through!
    Ah heck, one more clink! 🍷

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear Frank!!!!!! Yamas and Yamas again
    and cheers to a BEAUTIFUL life!
    And here’s the No1 song playing when you were born: Teresa Brewer “Till I Waltz Again With You” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZkTC0YmfVY and in the UK, No1 song was: Perry Como “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhN8l2Qxprk which was No1 in the US January 1953.
    …and 66 is such a lovely number!!!!! 😉
    Yamas again!!! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marina,
      You have a way of making me smile … so many thanks. That Perry Como skit and song has to be from his TV show! Believe it or not, I almost used Teresa Brewer’s song on this post! Interesting how waltz is in the title of a song in 4/4. Yamas!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Well, a very happy birthday, Frank. And how nice of Shania to stop by for this special occasion! Again, your amazing list is full of references I wouldn’t have known. I will be leaving “66” behind in mid-March and moving on to “67.” Putin and I share a birth year. LOL! Isn’t that special!

    Best wishes in the year to come, my friend!


  6. Happy Birthday! I wondered if this might be the case as I started this delightful sensory overload on 66. Loved your favorite version of the song “Route 66.” I get to this age in a couple years. So, as I frequently say to my older sisters, “Ha. You will always be older than me. Love that. But Happy Birthday!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patti,
      Many thanks. You’ve been around long enough to know my pursuit to gather endless drivel for celebrations! 😉 … and compared to the other versions of Route 66, Asleep at the Wheel has them all beat.


      • Yep. Actually, I often don’t see posts put up between 8:30 PM and 6 AM. I follow about 500 people and scrolling through the Reader in the morning, unless I am looking for something specific, I give up after a while and don’t make these early morning posts very often. So it wasn’t that I skipped it because I didn’t know why it was posted, I skipped it because I didn’t make it back that far 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Dear aFrank,
    Well, I was off to see the video you posted and realized I had one more post of yours that I hadn’t opened. YIKES … I wouldn’t want to miss this post. 😳
    First – that baby photo is a treasure. I think your Mom must have been a very special person. She has you dressed in the most adorable clothes. Your blessed with a medallion – gold – I’m sure she thought you were a treasure. Those shoes … priceless. : ) OK … so you didn’t have much hair but still a sweet child even without it. A fabulous special photo … !!!
    I’m super impressed with all the data on #66. if I recall you said you were a teacher. You must have been a great one. I wouldn’t have been bored in your class. LOL
    Ssoooo … I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday with a song: Two actually –
    1st – this is a song you may want to play everyday. Great cardio … you know the years are adding up. No sense in neglecting your health. 😄

    Let’s Dance …

    May each moment of your life in the coming year be full of joy,
    happiness, good health and abundant LOVE …!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY … Isadora 😎

    2nd – I couldn’t find a Puerto Rican birthday song so this one will have to do. Hope it puts a smile on your face. Feliz Cumpleano !!!

    Happy Birthday Song …


  8. Happy belated 66th Birthday my friend! I love all the references to 66 here. I always like these numbers posts you do. I’ll add one here for 66:

    When I first moved to Kernersville, NC(where I eventually graduated high school at) from Oklahoma as a kid, the first place I lived at was off Highway 66 there. It’s a highway that more or less links Horneytown to Johnstown, but obviously not as known since it’s less than 50 miles long.

    Liked by 1 person

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